This Robot Vacuum Is Such a Timesaver—Even When It Comes to Pet Hair

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ILIFE robot vacuum review

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Vacuuming is the one household chore I used to dread. I live in a 1930s-era home in Austin, Texas, with two pets, both of whom shed a lot despite being brushed. While I can handle the pet hair, vacuuming is a daily necessity, even a multiple times a day to-do if you're one who prefers a spotless space. (I for sure do.)

Over the years, I've had many vacuums. I've had a Dyson, as well as others meant specifically for pet hair. While, those were decent, especially at cleaning when I had an apartment with carpet, they'd often quickly get tangled with pet hair, were heavy, frustrating to have to stick near to an outlet to operate, and I'd get worn out traipsing through my house carrying a vacuum when I wanted to be doing other things. I knew there had to be a better solution.

So when I moved to my current home, I decided to look into robot vacuums. The popular iRobot Roomba, which I always thought was too expensive to justify, was an option but now with many more robot vacuums on the market, I knew I'd find the right fit for my budget and cleaning needs. With a quick Amazon search, I found the ILIFE V3s Pro, which is advertised to efficiently clean pet hair, and better yet, it came in at under $200.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner



The ILIFE vacuum is now my favorite cleaning tool. It has become a staple in my routine, is fairly quiet, and sweeps up all of the pet hair (even off my low-pile vintage rug) with ease. I'll admit I was a little worried about the quality since the price was reasonable, but with plenty of positive Amazon reviews, I figured it was worth a shot, especially if it could reduce my chore-time stress.

What I Like About the ILIFE V3

The ILIFE V3s is easy to set up. In order to use, it only requires plugging it into a wall charging port, which comes with the vacuum purchase. Simply place the vacuum's metal connectors on the port and it will beep and turn green when properly connected. From there, you'll get about 90 minutes of cleaning time. I find it takes a few charges to clean my whole space.

While aesthetics weren't a big factor in my vacuum purchasing process, the ILIFE has a sleek profile, white exterior, and small circumference. It has a large roller brush so pet hair won't tangle, spinning brushes, will map your home, and even has obstacle-dropping, infrared censors to prevent falling on stairs. And when it comes to emptying, its large basket and dust filter are simple to clean.

I've had the vacuum for more than a year now and have been overall impressed with how it's run. There are a few things I don't love though. It's pretty slow to clean, so if you want a whole-home clean in under one hour, it may not be your best option.

How Does the ILIFE V3 Work?

When it came to cleaning across multiple surfaces (low-pile carpet, wood, tile, and laminate), it did a great job, picking up both dirt and pet hair with ease as it moves in a meandering fashion. While it may run in an interesting manner, it always picks up more than expected. However, large particles such as dog food will fall out as it transitions surfaces say from a rug to hardwood floors—a bit of a problem, since my dog is notorious for dumping over her food bowl.

Another con is that this vacuum isn't great on higher pile carpets such as wool rugs. It still picked up hair and dirt, but did a considerably better job on the lower pile rugs. That said, I'm still so glad I purchased it.

When it comes to vacuuming under furniture, it moves with ease around chairs, under couches, and under tables. If a piece of furniture is detected, it changes course and with time comes to understand your home's layout, making cleaning that much more effective. Yet, when it came to changing rooms, the vacuum did have difficulty getting over level changes. Eventually, it was able to move but will sometimes require help.

Just like its general ease with cleaning and wallet-friendly price, maintenance and care of the ILIFE V3s is simple. I typically wipe it down with water and a paper towel every few days, make sure that the sensors aren't blocked by dirt when I go to charge it, and remove any extra hair from the basket. I went ahead and purchased new dust filters, but regularly changing them isn't necessary.

Final Verdict

When I started looking for a robot vacuum, finding one that worked for a multi-pet household, allowed me to multitask with other chores (hello, laundry and dishes), and wouldn't be a pest to use was my top priority. I'd definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone wanting a solid robot vacuum for a decent price.