Imperial (or Whiskey) Fizz Recipe

Classic Imperial Fizz Cocktail Recipe
Your whiskey highball just got better. Add lemon, sugar, and top it with soda. Refreshing!. Jeremy Hudson/Photodisc/Getty Images
  • 3 mins
  • Prep: 3 mins,
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: 1 Cocktail
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The fizz family of cocktails uses soda and sugar for the "fizz" feel and sound. They differ from one another by the base spirit and the occasionally added flavors. In the case of the Imperial Fizz, the spirit of choice is whiskey.

Sometimes called a Whiskey Fizz, this easy highball is the perfect way to transform your favorite whiskey into a tall, refreshing drink for summer or anytime when you want to add a little sparkle to your drinks. It is very similar to the classic Highball, and simply adds a little sweet and sour to the mix to give it more depth.

Traditionally, the whiskey used in this recipe has been blended. However, there are many great whiskeys available and almost any of them work great in this transparent drink.

What You'll Need

How to Make It

  1. Pour the whiskey, lemon juice and sugar into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice.
  4. Fill with the soda.
  5. Stir well.