How Can I Improve My Retail Store with Feng Shui?

feng shui retail
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Question: The retail store in which I work is full of beautiful things. I have applied feng shui principles to the store and feel that it is in fairly good shape. The one problem is, that customers walk in the front door, look around in a dazed manner then walk right out of the back door without really stopping to take a good look. What feng shui treatment would you suggest to slow someone down a bit on their path through the store?

Answer: First, congratulations on applying feng shui in your retail store! If you take care of it consistently, meaning keep the quality of feng shui energy in your space  fresh and flowing, you will definitely enjoy good results! You can also go deeper and apply feng shui for specific areas, such as attracting more wealth, or more recognition for your business; for this work you will need to know the bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your store.

Let me direct you to some quick tips on how to take care of the energy of any space, and then I will answer your question.

Now let me address your specific concern. From your question I assume that there are 3 feng shui retail points in need of attention:


1. You store has too many attractive items with no breathing room in between them or clarity as to their selection.

Feng shui tips: Create some breathing room and open space between the areas of interest, this will help avoid the "dazed look" you mentioned. People usually look this way when there is too much merchandise presented in a monotonous way. Spread out the beautiful items, or pair them in unexpected ways. In other words, jazz up the store!

2. Your store has a rushed, direct flow of feng shui energy from the main door to the back door, which leads to losing energy and potential sales.

Feng shui tips: You need to draw the customers in as they enter the store. Do that with strong focal points, clarity of the selections you offer, freshness of energy, etc. Do not have the back door strongly visible as you enter the store. If you have direct door alignment, meaning a straight line from the main door to the back door, arrange your displays in angled, or circular motion in order to remedy the direct line of energy.

3. There are no clear and fluid pathways for customers to explore the store.

Feng shui tips: Imagine your store as a park, or a little country of its own and develop/create more than one pathway to explore your store. Create unexpected moments, fresh combinations, colorful islands of interest, etc. In other words, satisfy your customers' sense of curiosity, but without creating more guessing work for them. Clarity, enough breathing room and beauty, some fun and surprise - these elements always work well in retail.

Last, but not least, do not hesitate to ask a customer, or a friend, to give you honest feedback as to why they would (or would not) spend more time in your store. Stay attuned to your customers' emotional needs and be willing to change your store as often as it takes until you no longer get that dazed look you mentioned.

Read this feng shui in retail article with basic feng shui tips for improving a retail space.

Good luck with transforming your retail store!