This Artist Designed a Home That Feels Like An 'Art Gallery Full of Plants'

Shyama Golden for In the Weeds With Plant People

The Spruce / Meghal Janardan

Step inside Shyama Golden’s LA apartment that she shares with 50 plants and you’ll instantly see her personality is everywhere. From her baby plant that she potted inside of a baby head to her stunning collection of huge, statement-making plants, you can totally feel her vibe, and it’s a good one. 

In This Episode

Shyama is an artist who is inspired by her plants. Her living room is an art gallery/plant showroom and both compliment each other. You can see that her work is influenced by her collection. She uses tons of patterns, greens, and botanical themes, and her work is fantastic


Inside This Artist's 50+ LA Plant Collection

What She Values Most in Plants

Shyama loves her plants for more than their beauty. “What I value most about owning plants is just that they’re this living thing that’s constantly changing and growing. It’s very satisfying to watch them grow, especially when you’ve had them for a long time.” We’re sure most of you plant lovers can relate to that. You can tell that Shyama is attracted to plants with beautiful patterns and interesting leaves, like the Lemon Lime Maranta which also has super velvety leaves. 

Her Tip for Decorating With Plants

She makes an excellent point when speaking about adding plants to your decor. She says that she doesn’t like to have a lot of tiny plants, “I feel like that doesn’t give you a lot of impact for the amount of work you have to put in.” Instead she uses larger plants to create a focal point and then surrounds them with a few smaller ones to make a statement. And boy does she. She’s got a towering Alocasia Regal Shield (which is also her favorite) that has the most gorgeous leaves and her most unique plant the False Aralia that looks like delicate lace.

Her Plant Lookalike and Her Moodiest Plant

Her most underrated plant is her Rubber Tree, and she jokingly says she looks the most like her Spanish Moss because it hangs like her hair (as she stands under it and wears it like a wig). All jokes aside, Shyama is definitely in tune with her plants, and their moods. She says that Peace Lilies can be super moody and often droop heavily when they’re thirsty. 

Her Watering Routine

And like any good plant parent, Shyama has adopted her own watering schedule," checking the plants all of the time because I use them as a way to procrastinate from other things I’m supposed to be doing.” We feel seen.

Her Green Bedroom and Some Advice

We move to the bedroom and are immediately surrounded by even more green. The walls are green and of course, the plants are green. She even has a plant curtain in her south-facing window. Shyama leaves us with a few inspiring words about plants. “They do help me to kind of pause in my day and be in the moment.” So why not take a moment to pause and enjoy a tour of Shyama’s beautiful apartment.