Meet a NYC Drag Queen Who Has Over 200 Plants

MissLeidy The Plant Lady drops puns and plant knowledge, and we are here for it

MissLeidy the Plant Lady poses for In the Weeds With Plant People

The Spruce / Meghal Janardan

If you’re looking for a house tour filled with a lot of personality, look no further. MissLeidy The Plant Lady kicks off her tour by letting us know “I don’t want nothing basic in my house.” And her plants are anything but basic. Room after room is filled with unique plant after plant and taking a peek into this Brooklyn apartment filled to the brim (in a good way) with 200 plants. 

In This Episode

The first plant we get a close look at is the Dracaena trifasciata 'Bantel's Sensation' which has stunning foliage—some patterned and some stripey. Next up MissLeidy tells us that the plant she looks like the most is the Calathea Makoyana (and it’s one of the lushest calathea we’ve seen). She's lays out all the ways they are similar: “Because one, she’s gorgeous. Two, she’s perfect. Three, she’s impeccable. Should I keep going, or do you get the gist?” 


Inside This 200+ Brooklyn Plant Collection

Her sense of humor nearly steals the show from her plants, especially when she tells us, “Get rid of your kids. Get rid of your wife. Get rid of your granny. Because I’m bringing in some palms, baby.” Basically she just loves plants and doesn’t care how much space they take up.

How She Started Collecting Plants

When she first moved to New York MissLeidy lived in a warehouse apartment with no windows (every plant lover's nightmare), then she decided to move to a tiny apartment that had a little window. From there she added one plant and then 10 days and 40 more plants later, her love for greenery was confirmed. Her biggest inspiration when it comes to plants were her grandparents. “They came from Cuba and the way they decorated their house growing up was very lush, green, tropical vibes. Very reminiscent of La Habana Vieja.”

Her Gorgeous Plant Collection

Moving through her apartment we come to her weirdest plant, the Rhipsalis pilocarpa, a rare cactus that likes moisture and humidity, she says. Then we come to her most treasured plant, a Philodendron Plowmanii. The leaves are gorgeous and MissLeidy even calls the plant a diva. We get to take a glimpse at her first plant which was a Monstera Adansonii and has gorgeous leaves with stunning holes in them. 

Then we head to her bedroom which is filled with an amazing propagation station. She’s also got her favorite and most prized plants in there. Her rarest plant is the Philodendron El Choco Red. “The reason they call it el choco is because it has these brown chocolate backsides, or a little reddish. When I found this, I was freakin hot!” We also get to see her Thaumatophyllum Spruceanum which looks like it would be found in a fantasy world. 

Why Plants Are So Important to Her

MissLeidy leaves us with some great words about the value of plants: “Some days I wake up and I’m in a funk. I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m feeling down. But, I brought these green babies into my space so I have the responsibility to take care of them. And in hindsight they help me, while I help them.” So, what are you waiting for? Check out this epic plant tour now.