This Ohio Plant Parent Lives With Over 200 Plants (and a Few Ducks!)

Brian Hood for In the Weeds With Plant People

The Spruce / Meghal Janardan

We’ve seen a lot of crazy indoor jungles filled with lots of lush, beautiful, green plants in our In the Weeds series. But Brian Hood’s Columbus, Ohio, home is covered by some pretty stunning plants (over 200 of them)—and his pet ducks.

In This Episode


Inside This 200+ Ohio Plant Collection

Big Plants

We’re first greeted by Brian in his living room, which is the spot where he keeps all of his towering plants—ones he says can't fit anywhere else. Brian looks for plants that provide a lot of impact. And there are many that provide impact in this room. There’s the Philodendron Thaumatophyllum with huge leaves (don’t ever ask Brian for a cutting of this one—it's not happening, he says) and his Opuntia Cactus which he actually found on the side of the road as a tiny plant. “She’s huge and a little bit evil, but it’s okay because she’s awesome!”

When looking to buy new plants he goes to nurseries and looks around and if the plant catches his eye he grabs it. Speaking of eye-catching plants, Brian shares one with us. His Sedum, which has the coolest curving stalks isn’t doing too well because his duck, Daisy, has been snacking on the tips. 

Plant-Filled Bedroom

Next up on the tour we venture into Brian’s bedroom which looks more like a conservatory or an actual jungle than a place where someone sleeps. “I definitely sacrifice walking space. People are always wondering how I fit all my plants, and I don’t know at this point. I honestly think they walk into my room and place themselves," he said.


While in this room we see his most treasured plants, “you’re actually going to have to grab a machete to see it," he joked. The plant is a gorgeous Monstera Deliciosa. And while we’re on the subject of Monsteras, Brian’s most expensive plant (a cutting can cost a whopping $550 for one node) is a Monstera Albo Variegata. Lucky for him, another plant person gave him a cutting.

The Plant That Most Resembles Him

As we move on we come across the plant that Brian believes looks most like him, the Ficus Elastica Tineke. “During the summer she gets some gorgeous pink leaves and she’s just so colorful. And during the winter she’s a little pale. And also, same," he said. The plant he loves the most is a beautiful Alocasia Regal Shield with the most amazing textured leaves. 

Moody Plants

And then we get to see his moody plants, his Calatheas, Marantas, and Stromanthe. “They will tell you if they’re unhappy," he said. Brian is a delight to watch and listen to and as he’s concluding his plant tour he tells us, “I’ll definitely give my plants if they’re looking a little mmm, I always let them know that there’s a compost pile in the backyard. I think tough love definitely works on them."