Meet the LA Creative With Over 120 Plants in Her Sunny Space

She has some of the most interesting plant display ideas we’ve ever seen

Trinity Shi for In the Weeds With Plant People

The Spruce / Meghal Janardan

In The Weeds With Plant People is a fast-paced interview style series in which plant parents welcome us into their homes and give us a firsthand look at how they live with and care for their many many houseplants.

This week we’re headed to Los Angeles to explore another indoor oasis. Trinity Shi takes us around her beautiful home which houses over 120 plants and her adorable cat Llaves. Any serious plant parent would be jealous of her living room which is flooded with light due to having both south- and west-facing windows. Her plants love this room and two pretty spectacular Monstera Deliciosa, called the Hulk and Bruce Banner, are just two of them that call this space home. 


Inside This 120+ Los Angeles Plant Collection

Also enjoying the large windows is her most treasured plant, a colossal Monstera Albo, which she grew from a two-leaf cutting. Two and a half years later it’s standing tall, and Trinity has even placed it on a lazy susan so she can easily rotate it in the sun.

When it comes to choosing plants everyone has a different system. Trinity likes to look at the foliage, the shape of the leaf, and the patterns of them. She says she is also very tactile and loves to feel the leaves, too.

In her bedroom we see some of her smaller plants on her plant shelf. Just like the living room, the bedroom has a south-facing window. Here she has several hanging plants creating a green curtain. It’s also home to her most expensive plant, a Variegated Monstera Adansonii. The cost of this plant can range from $2,000 to $3,000 per leaf, but Trinity said she didn’t pay that much. The gorgeous plant has milky white leaves and is really something to look at. 

Next up we get to look at her most unique plant, an Aglaonema Tricolor, which has the most amazing camouflage leaves. Another unique plant is her Philodendron Pink Princess which has a nice mix of green and pink leaves and an all pink one. Trinity says if she was one of her plants she would be her Monstera Aurea, “I think a lot of people think a rare plant would be really intimidating and hard to take care of, but this is actually one of my easiest plants. You just have to give it room to thrive.” 

With a plant collection so big, Trinity only talks to her plants that are doing poorly. She gives them some words of encouragement so they can start to promote more growth and flourish. And having a large plant collection can also spark fear in the eyes of any plant parent. Trinity is no different. She’s afraid of her plants getting a pest infestation, which would be hard to get rid of with so many plants. 

Trinity started growing her indoor jungle about three years ago when she first moved into her home. She wanted to add a bit of privacy and touches of serenity. Well, she has succeeded. The house is a beautiful, calming oasis.