10 Incredible Kitchen Islands With Seating

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    Welcome Home

    Kitchen Island with Seating
    Kitchen Island with Seating. Getty / Caiaimage/Martin Barraud

    Guests and relatives and everyone alike will feel right at home when they socialize with you in your spacious kitchen.  And the one thing that draws them--and keeps them--will be your kitchen island with seating for all.

    Multiple configurations abound, and with enough time and imagination you'll find just the perfect set-up to make your kitchen the one that everyone will remember.

    One secret to effective island seating arrangement is to remember to leave 32 inches behind diners (to pull chairs in or out) and 15 inches on each side between diners for elbow room.

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    Multi-Purpose Space

    Kitchen Island With Seating
    Hamilton Arctic White. Copyright All Wood Cabinetry

    Or is it a dining space with added workspace?  However you look at it, kitchen islands with seating give your workspace and dining space and overall increased utility. Instead of shuttling plates back and forth from dining room to kitchen, it's a simple matter to slide them right on over to the diner--just a few feet away.

    One downside, of course, is that you cut into your kitchen workspace. In the case of this featured kitchen island, its only work functions are as a general food prep area--leaving much room for dining. It's a sink-island, the classic way to free up plenty of room for eating.

    This kitchen is from All Wood Cabinetry, and the design is Hamilton Arctic White.  All Wood Cabinetry features mainly traditional-style wood cabinetry (yes, it's all wood, too), and is Costco's supplier for cabinets. Everything from All Wood Cabinetry is U.S.A.-made.

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    Just Enough Room for What You Want

    Kitchen Islands With Seating
    Haven Biscuit Glaze. Copyright All Wood Cabinetry

    Who said that your kitchen island seating had to accommodate the entire Brady Bunch? Sometimes it's enough just to have enough space for one person:

    Namely, you. With a cup of coffee and a cookbook, as you put together that evening's meal.

    Or it can be space enough for a friend to chat with you as you cook.  From All Wood Cabinetry, this design is called Haven Biscuit Glaze.


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    Seating for Those "Kitchen Supervisors" in Your Life

    Kitchen Island Two Chairs
    Westport Cinnamon. Copyright All Wood Cabinetry

    This kitchen island has seating for two people in an unusual L-shaped arrangement.  The company is All Wood Cabinetry and the design is Westport Cinnamon.


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    Always Room For One More

    Kitchen Island With Seat
    Lancaster Toffee Glaze. Copyright All Wood Cabinetry

    The point of this kitchen island isn't seating; it's more like an afterthought.

    The only concession made for island seating is the roughly 8" cantilevered (extended) counter at one end, so you can slip a diner's knees under. But it still does the trick.  From Costco cabinet supplier All Wood Cabinetry, this is Lancaster Toffee Glaze.


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    Dual Level Eating/Workspace

    Kitchen Island Seating Bi-Level
    Kitchen Island Seating Bi-Level. Copyright Kraftmaid

    As mentioned before, one problem with kitchen islands with seating is that dining space can "eat up" workspace. Or vice-versa.

    With with this dual level kitchen island, the dining space is clearly delineated from the prep area.  This is a very dependable and serviceable design from Kraftmaid:  Square Raised Panel in Cream-Colored Thermfoil.


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    Enough Seating for All

    Kitchen Island Seating Chairs
    Copyright Kraftmaid

    Of all the kitchen islands with seating we have profiled, this has the most of all. Four--count 'em--four chairs for the entire family.

    This island arrangement is definitely for an "entertaining kitchen."  From Kraftmaid, this is a Canvas finish, with Square Raised Panels on Solid Maple.


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    Contemporary Kitchen Islands With Seating

    Kitchen Seating Modern
    Copyright KraftMaid

    One of the more contemporary kitchen islands with seating featured in this gallery: modern adjustable acrylic seats, a cantilevered counter, and plenty of storage (including wine storage) on the right side of the island.  From Kraftmaid, design is Biscotti finish. Square Recessed Panel on Veneer Maple.


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    French Country Kitchen Seating

    Seats Kitchen Islands
    Copyright KraftMaid

    The feeling of the French countryside with this kitchen island seating arrangement. Note the columns on both sides of the seats which enclose the space and add highlights of grandeur.

    A very sophisticated island seating design from Kraftmaid.  Design is Biscotti with Cocoa Glaze on Square Raised Panel. Solid Maple wood construction.


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    Simple Kitchen Island--Or Table--With Seating

    Simple Kitchen Island With Seating
    Copyright KraftMaid

    A very simple arrangement: a kitchen table from Kraftmaid has two stools. It doesn't get more basic than this.  Finish: Biscotti with Coconut Glaze. Square Recessed Panel on Solid Maple.

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    Kitchen Islands With Seating: Cherry and Glass Doors

    Kitchen Island and Chairs
    Copyright KraftMaid

    This kitchen island from Kraftmaid has plenty of seating options.  The style is Honey Glaze finish on Square Recessed Panel design cabinetry. Wood is solid cherry construction.

    Glass inset doors complete the picture of this free-and-easy kitchen island.