20 Ideas for Adding a Hammock to a Room

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Hammocks aren't just for the outdoors. If you dream of lazy summer days lounging on a hammock in the backyard, note that you can easily recreate this feeling of bliss indoors so that you can lay back and relax, no matter the season. Placing a hammock or hanging chair in your living room is a great way to make your home feel a little more relaxed and fun. Plus, family members of all ages will enjoy this type of seating.

If you aren't sure just where a hammock or hanging chair might go in your space, check out the following inspiration images, which we're sure will get the wheels in your head turning.

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    Reclaim a Corner


    @butternutposh / Instagram

    If you're not sure how to decorate a corner nook in your home, why not hang up a hammock? This sunny spot makes for an excellent area to relax and unwind after a long day or to sip coffee on the weekends. Just add green friends for even more ambiance. A plant stand like this one can double as a side table, if you need a place to set down your mug as you lounge.

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    Skip the Sofa


    @tierradellagarto / Instagram

    Sure, a living room sofa is great, but a living room hammock? Well, that's even better! If you have the space for a hammock, it can make for a relaxing place to lay back and read or watch TV without having to face your neighbors or even change out of your pajamas.

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    Look to the Ceiling

    hanging chair

    @mybazaarbeauty / Instagram

    Wrought iron beams make it easy to introduce a hanging chair into this sitting room. Hanging chairs come in a variety of styles—this woven one is particularly fitting for eclectic or boho style spaces like this one. If your space features unique architectural elements, why not make the most of them?

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    Try This Chic Accent Chair Replacement

    hanging egg chair

    @just.a.val / Instagram

    Why not add a hanging egg chair to your living room in lieu of a traditional accent chair? Seating like this is fun and whimsical—and trust us, we can bet everyone who comes over will be fighting for a chance to sit in this fabulous spot. This neutral chair is timeless and cool.

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    Add Style to Your Patio


    @littleavonhouse / Instagram

    Of course, egg chairs are right at home on the patio, too. Hanging one up and create the perfect little reading perch outdoors to enjoy during warm weather months.

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    Layer Some Sheepskin


    @spielherz_ / Instagram

    For an extra layer of coziness, place a faux sheepskin blanket inside your hammock. We can just picture curling up here with a cup of cocoa on chilly winter days.

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    Don't Forget the Pillows

    hanging chair

    @meliclar / Instagram

    Jazz up your hanging chair with some fun accent pillows for a little extra personality. This one looks vibrant and welcoming.

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    Think Wicker

    hanging chairs

    @csicsaylilla / Instagram

    A wicker hanging chair adds lots of textural interest to this living room. Again, sheepskin layered on top of the seat makes this an extra inviting surface on which to curl up.

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    Add an Ottoman

    hanging chair

    @twistedsoprano / Instagram

    Placing a fuzzy ottoman beneath your hanging chair gives your feet a place to rest if you plan on sitting in the seat for quite some time. The funkier in style, the better.

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    Jazz up Your Office

    hanging chair

    JK Interior Living

    We get it, sometimes working from home can start to feel a bit restless! Rather than sitting at your desk all day long, why not pop over to a nearby hanging chair and take one of your calls from there to break up your routine a bit?

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    Make it Temporary


    @mollyollyollumfree / Instagram

    A hammock can easily be assembled and disassembled as needed, so if you need to clear space when having people over, simply remove it from its hooks. In the meantime, though, we won't blame you if you plan to lay there all day long.

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    Make it a Duo

    hanging chairs

    @woodlandsstylehouse / Instagram

    Two hanging chairs are better than one. Set up a duo of swings in a child's room or playroom and we can guarantee everyone will be begging for an invite. A duo of hanging chairs would also look chic in a waiting room or in another type of commercial space like a bar or restaurant.

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    Introduce Stylish Seating


    @vineandvintage / Instagram

    Why set up two sofas in your living room when you can hang up a hammock? Increase your seating potential while making the area a bit more fun at the same time.

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    Hang Some Plants


    @boho.michiganmama / Instagram

    Placing a hanging plant or two above your hammock will make you feel like you're relaxing outdoors... without having to deal with sunburn, bugs, or unexpected rain showers, that is.

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    Add Sophistication to Your Sleep Space

    hanging chair

    Twelve15 Design Studio

    It's always smart to place an accent chair in your bedroom if the space is large enough so that you can lounge in your space without having to sit on your bed. A hanging chair adds extra intrigue to any sleep space and may be less likely to turn into a dumping ground for dirty clothes... win-win.

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    Cook With Company

    hanging chair

    @curiosity_thrilled_the_cath / Instagram

    Placing a hanging chair near your kitchen makes it easy for kids to station themselves nearby as you cook. It also makes for a pretty ideal spot to sit and have an after school snack.

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    Relax by the Fire


    @antoniadreaming / Instagram

    This hammock placement gives a whole new meaning to curling up by the fireplace, and we're here for it.

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    Transform a Hallway

    hanging chair

    @jessalaviellis / Instagram

    Turn a hallway into a super cool hangout by outfitting it with all of your favorite things—a brightly painted accent wall, plenty of plants, an area rug, and a super fun hanging chair.

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    Embrace Those Bay Windows

    hanging chair

    @nudeandthenovice / Instagram

    If you're lucky enough to have a room with a bay window, this makes for a great place to install a hanging chair. This black woven one complements the other furniture pieces in this living room wonderfully.

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    Opt for Greenery

    hanging chair

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Hanging vines and adding some geometric wall details nearby your hanging chair will help you embrace the boho style look even more fully. There's something so relaxing about adding touches of green to a space.