Play Indoor Hopscotch on Rainy or Snowy Days

A picture of a child playing indoor hopscotch
Play indoor hopscotch regardless of the weather outside. Photo © Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images

Can't play outside today? Try a game of indoor hopscotch. In just a few minutes, the kids can be hopping on the floor instead of bouncing off the walls.

All you need to create your hopscotch board is some creativity. Some ideas for your own hopscotch board include:

  • Cardboard box pieces on a rug to prevent skidding. Decorate with markers or crayons.
  • Interlocking play mat pieces with pre-printed numbers.
  • Painter's tape or masking tape to mark off your board.

To use painter's tape or masking tape as your hopscotch board, simply lay out your design and mark it off with tape. Painter's tape is more colorful but masking tape sticks better without ruining your carpet or hardwood floors. Other tape could leave your flooring sticky.

Use the tape to lay out your hopscotch design on the floor. Another advantage of using painter's tape or masking tape is that you can tear the tape instead of having to use scissors.

Think outside the box for your hopscotch design. Instead of creating a hopscotch board that's only made out of squares, use stars, triangles, diamonds and other shapes.

Once your hopscotch board is in place, it's time to put the numbers inside. Use short strips of tape to make block numbers for each area where the kids will jump.

Now you need a hopscotch marker to toss into the board's spaces.

Make your own bean bags or look around the house for a small toy. You want to choose something that's lightweight and preferably flat so it won't bounce too much when tossed.

You're ready to play! And when you're finished, simply rip up the painter's tape or put away your cardboard box pieces to put your game away.

The next time you want to play indoor hopscotch, grab your supplies and hopscotch marker. Your hopscotch board design can be different every time.