Indoor - Outdoor Playsets and Toys

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    Indoor - Outdoor Playsets and Toys

    Child Jumping
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    For many families, it can be challenging to match the same amount of physical activity children receive outdoors, inside. There are many toys that promote exercise, but cost, size, and weather can all become barriers to participating in fun, physical play. However, it is important to provide children with ways in which to move their bodies, not only to build their muscle strength, but it teaches them about being in shape, and also provides creative ways for them to help improve their attention...MORE and focus when used in short increments of time. Here are several outdoor play sets and activities that can be utilized indoors, which allows families to maximize space and money but providing an active experience to their children and siblings of multiple age ranges.

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    La Siesta JOKI Swing

    La Siesta Joki Indoor Outdoor Swing
    La Siesta

    The La Siesta Joki Nemo outdoor nest swing can be hung from attachments outside on a swing set or from a safe tree limb or beam. Even more exciting the swing, which can double as a fun hideout, can support a child up to 175 lbs. The unique, soft Hamatec fabric looks and feels like cotton, but is actually a weatherproof fabric that dries quickly if wet.  There is also a removable cushion for added comfort. Swings in general have amazing benefits for children and adults, as they provide fun places...MORE to read, complete homework, enjoy the outdoors and de-stress. The JOKI swing is also very cost-effective, as the swing and the hardware required can be purchased for under $150. While a swing such as this not only enhances a swing set, I don't know any child who wouldn't want one as an accessory for an indoor play area or reading nook inside their bedroom or play area.

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    Jungle JumpaRoo

    Jungle Jumparoo
    Jungle Jumparoo

    Many outdoor playsets like swing sets and bouncy houses, are not only cumbersome but extremely costly. For toddlers who are beginning to outgrow their portable bouncy houses or growing families with multiple siblings, the Jungle JumpaRoo is a 6 1/2 foot metal outdoor playset. Children ages 2 and up can repeatedly jump and bounce on an inflated inner tube. By removing the inflated inner tube and unscrewing the base, the Jungle JumpaRoo can also fit through a standard doorway and be moved indoors...MORE during inclement weather. Additional features include a rotating trapeze bar and a sprinkler, which can be purchased for use. The Jungle JumpaRoo does not have a weight limit and is able to accommodate several children at the same time.

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    Galt Mini- Trampoline

    kids mini trampoline

    Large outdoor trampolines worry many parents, as they can be unsafe and frequently expose children to head injuries and other accidents. However, there are smaller, individual, mini-trampolines. The handlebars can easily be folded or removed, and the trampoline can also be used indoors and outdoors. Many mini-trampolines are able to support children up to and over 75 lbs.

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    NERF Rebelle Bows and Blasters

    NERF Rebelle Agent Bow

    An excellent source of physical play includes blaster toys for boys and girls. Using any combination of NERF Rebelle bows and automatic NERF blasters. Kids can aim at each other or at targets.

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    Zing FireTek Zeon Bow

    Zing Zeon Bow
    Zing Toys

    The Zing toys Zeon Bows will allow kids to launch light-up mini Zart arrows (suction cup darts) through the sky at night up to 35 feet for a fun activity to play at night at the beach, in the yard or in a campground. For kids who want to play inside, the mini-zara arrows include a soft-foam suction cup that attaches to flat walls and releases automatically within several seconds.

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    Ride-On Toys and Scooters

    Kinderfeets Kids Balance Bike

    Bikes that children can hop on and off easily, that don't include pedals, are called ride-on toys. Many ride-on toys are plastic and appear to younger toddlers. However, if within the home there is a large basement, kitchen, living area or open space, preschool children (ages 3-6), will also enjoy using their balance bikes, scooters, and ride-on toys indoors as well. Many bikes and ride-on toys have smooth caster wheels which can move easily across hard wood floors and indoor surfaces.