Quiet Indoor Party Games for Kids

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Looking for simple yet fun, indoor party games for kids? These easy circle activities are great, quiet games to play when you're ready to calm the kids down just before cutting the cake or heading home.


Guess Who's It

  1. Have the children sit in a circle. Choose one person to be the "guesser" and have them leave the circle and hide in another room or behind a wall so they can't see the circle.
  2. Silently choose someone to be "it." Do this by pointing at them so that the "guesser" can't hear who you have chosen. The other children in the circle, however, need to see who you picked.
  3. "It" then begins making a quiet hand or foot motion. He could pat his head, flap his legs like butterfly wings, or tap his feet on the floor, for example. As soon as "it" begins making a movement, the rest of the circle should imitate him. Every five seconds or so, he should change the movement to something different.
  4. Have the "guesser" come back to the circle. She has two chances to guess who "it" is.
  5. If the "guesser" can't figure out who is leading the group, the person who was "it" becomes the next "guesser." If she makes the right choice, she gets to pick someone else to be the "guesser" now.
  6. Repeat until the kids start to lose interest in the game or once everyone has had a chance to be both "guesser" and "it."

Photographic Memory Game

  1. Have the kids sit in a circle.
  2. Pass a photograph around the circle. Allow each player 30 seconds to study the image before passing it to the next child.
  3. Take the photo away and hand each child and pen and piece of paper.
  4. Give the players one minute to list as many details as they can remember from the photo.
  5. When time is up, the player who has the most items listed that are actually in the picture wins the game. 

Mystery Bag

  1. Pick ten common objects from around the house.
  2. Have the kids sit in a circle.
  3. Give them each a piece of paper numbered from one to ten. 
  4. Place the items, one at a time, in a cloth bag (you can also use a pillowcase or a sock)
  5. Each time you place an item in the bag, pass the bag around the circle.
  6. Players may feel the bag but not open it to look or place their hands inside.
  7. As they feel each item, have them write down their best guess as to what it is next to the number in the order in which it was passed. 
  8. When all ten items have been passed, have players share their lists as you reveal the identity of each object. 
  9. The player with the most correct guesses wins. 


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