Get Inspired by These 20 Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

Go Swimming in a Snowstorm? These Pools Make It Possible

Elegant indoor pool lined with tan marbled columns

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The biggest perk of having an indoor swimming pool is that you can enjoy it at any hour throughout the year: if you want to swim at 2 a.m., you can turn on the lights and enjoy an early-morning workout. While it's snowing outside. Other pros to consider:

  • You can swim in a temperature-controlled environment
  • No wind, rain, hail, snow, or other weather events to keep you from your daily swim
  • It's more private than outdoors
  • You don't have to worry about leaves, pods, and plant debris clogging your system
  • You can swim any time of day or night
  • Can be easier to clean and maintain 
  • Flooring and decking can match or be similar to materials in the rest of the house, providing a sense of continuity
  • It's a great place for a spool or swim spa, which are smaller than most pools but still provide aquatic exercise

Nor surprisingly, most indoor residential pools can be found in colder climates. That doesn't mean they are sequestered in a dark room, out of touch with nature. Some smart designers create an open, conservatory-like structure for an indoor pool, with lots of overhead and side windows that allow natural light and views to be part of the experience.

We've researched 20 beautiful pools that will make you want to turn the den or that spare bedroom into a new "pool room". And we don't mean billiards.

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    Hearst Castle's Roman Indoor Pool

    Hearst Castle's Roman Indoor Pool
    George Rose / Getty Images

    Some of the most admired and spectacular pools in the world are those at Hearst Castle, which was designed by architect Julia Morgan for newspaper mogul Henry Randolph Hearst along California's central coast between 1919 and 1947. The 165-room home was donated to the California State Park system in the 1950s and is a National Historic Landmark and a California State Historical Monument.

    The indoor pool at Hearst Castle may be one of the most stunning indoor pools you will ever see. Compared to an ancient Roman bath, the Roman Indoor Pool is surfaced floor-to-ceiling with gold-infused blue glass mosaic tiles. Eight copies of ancient Greek and Roman statues grace the indoor pool area.

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    Indoor/Outdoor Midcentury Pool at Loewy House

    Indoor/Outdoor Midcentury Pool at Loewy House
    Peter Stackpole / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images

    This iconic swimming pool is the centerpiece of a mid-century masterpiece designed by architect Albert Frey in 1948 for industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Located in the hills above Palm Springs, the pool is indoor/outdoor, which means guests can swim into the living room to join the conversation or swim outside when things heat up.

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    Pine Lake Indoor Pool

    Pine Lake Indoor Pool
    James Haefner Photography

    A modern knife-edge pool at Pine Lake, near Detroit, features an integrated spa neatly sitting inside the pool. Designed by DesRosiers Architects, the indoor pool room features frameless glass walls, Fon-du-Lac stone walls, a granite waterfall backdrop, aluminum sliding panel walls with hidden panel storage, and a travertine floor. Other features include a nearby laundry room for towels, a see-through fireplace, exercise room, and changing room. 

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    Indoor Pool With View of the Woods

    Indoor Pool With View of the Woods
    James Ray Spahn

    The owners of this home asked Rill Architects of Bethesda, Maryland, to create a pool and workout space that would be fun and make them feel like they were exercising in the woods. Now, the homeowners enjoy swimming and working out all four seasons and can open the sliding doors during the summer for fresh air. 

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    Griffin Island Indoor Pool

    Griffin Island Indoor Pool
    Peter Vanderwarker

    Hammer Architects has updated several modernist homes originally designed by Nathaniel Saltonstall, an architect and one of the founders of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art. The homes, on Griffin Island in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, were built in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Hammer updated this home to include an indoor lap pool built into the hillside on the lower level and accessible via a large deck and the primary suite. A solar array on the roof provides heated water for the pool and an adjacent shower.

    About This Term: Primary Suite

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Suite") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

    Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge to make The Spruce a site where all feel welcome.

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    Indoor Pool and Patio

    Indoor Pool and Patio
    Holloway Pools

    An indoor pool and patio has the look and feel of being outdoors: there's landscaping, lounge chairs, an umbrella, and a lovely garden to enjoy. Designed by Holloway Pools, the owners of this home in Tampa, Florida, don't have to deal with humidity, mosquitoes, and other pleasures of summer weather. Mosaic tile on the pool and custom spa is from Trends USA; precast coping and decking is by Holloway.

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    Subterranean Pool

    Subterranean indoor pool designs

    Tanby Pools

    A subterranean swimming pool, built four levels down, was part of a redesign of a Mews property in the Mayfair district of London. Designed by Tanby Pools, the entire length of the pool features quartz from the ceiling to the pool floor. The centerpiece is a bronze statue of an elegant diver. The mood can be set with color-changing LED lights.

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    Woodstock Indoor Pool

    woodstock indoor pool design
    North River Architects

    The Catskill Mountains have long been known for their resorts (think Dirty Dancing and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). A home designed by North River Architecture in the hills outside of Woodstock, New York, was built among towering trees of the Catskill forest and is 2,000 square feet but only 18 feet wide. Indoors is a 60-foot lap pool, spa bathroom, meditation room, and a covered deck with steps that lead to the forest. North River's design opens the building to the outdoors while remaining energy efficient. 

    In colder months, triple-pane glass doors allow natural light while conserving energy. In warmer months, the bifold doors open to allow fresh air in, more like a deck or terrace. Airtightness and insulation reduce the energy required to keep the building and pool comfortable throughout the years. North River worked on the project in conjunction with Harmony Builders.

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    House at Red Bridge

    House at Red Bridge indoor swimming pool
    Tim Crocker

    A lap pool measuring 39 x 9.8 feet (12 x 3 meters) at a house in London was designed by Smerin Architects with board-marked concrete (a process of patterning concrete that leaves a woodgrain image on the finished face of the concrete) that runs to the base of the pool along the back wall. The surrounding floor and remainder of the pool are finished in Pebbletec.

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    Indoor Pool With Garden View

    indoor pool with garden view
    Andy Marshall

    A rectangular pool has a first-row view of the garden but is under cover and enclosed if rain is forecast, which is highly possible since it's in Oxfordshire, England. Formerly a rectory, the property is respectful of its rich architectural history, but is updated for 21st century lifestyles. The pool building is modern and separate from the rest of the estate. Designed by Yiangou Architects, the pool area connects to a media room and other leisure spaces, all with views of the walled garden.

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    Bright German Indoor Pool

    Bright German Indoor Pool
    Koyer Architekten

    An indoor pool in Bremen, Germany, was designed by Koyer Architekten featuring clean lines and surrounded by white tiles and walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an orange tile wall to complement the blue pool.

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    Smart Indoor Pool

    Smart Indoor Pool

    New Waves

    A smart home in the English county of Kent features an indoor swimming pool with audio and lighting technology by New Wave. In addition to the thermostats, doors, and air conditioners that can be connected to wifi and controlled with a smartphone, pool and spa controls and lighting can be manipulated easily, with spectacular results (the pool turns purple).

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    Indoor Pool with Landscaping

    Indoor Pool with Landscaping

    Amelia Outdoors

    Notice something different about this indoor pool in Jacksonville, Florida? Designed by Paul Davison of Amelia Outdoors, it features landscaping with real plants and soil. Davison says he likes to bring touches of outdoors to interiors of homes. "By adding landscaping inside a screen, it feels like the screen isn't there. It creates another room." For this project, Davison went for a beach feeling by including a sun shelf in the pool, which is a six-inch depth in which you can put a lounge chair. He also added a hole for an umbrella, a pergola that electronically opens and closes, and a flagstone patio.

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    Classic-Style Indoor Pool

    classic-style indoor pool
    JAB Group

    That Greek-key pattern tile on the floor of this indoor pool from JAB Design Group of Penn Valley, Pennsylvania, is reminiscent of the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle. The elegant pool is a classic rectangular shape, surrounded by formal chairs, sconces, and pendant lights.

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    Aspen Indoor Pool

    Aspen Indoor Pool

    Brands & Kribbs Photography

    Aspen is a ski-resort town with beautiful homes that boast rooms and features to keep residents entertained and comfortable during the winter season. Brewster McLeod designed this indoor lap pool that's a nice place to hang out even if you aren't going for a swim. Vintage lifesavers decorate the wall, a mirror elongates the space, and weather- and water-resistant resin-rattan furniture with thick upholstery are a nice place to nap after a workout.

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    Indoor Pool With Hard-Painted Sky Ceiling

    Indoor Pool with Hard-Painted Sky Ceiling
    Outvision Photography

    A hand-painted ceiling depicting a blue sky with clouds hovers over an indoor pool in Wilmette, Illinois, designed by Platinum Pool. The coping is constructed of Indiana limestone, which reveals the ivory exposed-aggregate pool finish and beige ceramic tile on the spa dam wall perimeter.

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    Ukraine Indoor Pool

    ukraine indoor swimming pool

    Many spacious halls and open spaces flow into one another at this large house in the Ukraine. Continuing the concept of flowing, the indoor pool is the perfect room in the house to relax for the owners and their guests. Created by Yakusha Design, it features mosaic-tile surfaces along with larch wood decking. The children's modern slide chutes are made of solid Corian.

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    The Longest Pool

    long indoor swimming pool design

    4 Corners

    The all-female firm, Design 4 Corners worked on a project in San Diego that has a long, long pool partially undercover, while the other part is out under the sun. Sound familiar? While this pool is linear and caters to lap swimmers, it has that same sensibility as the home architect Albert Frey designed for Raymond Loewy's house in Palm Springs: blending the indoors and outdoors with a swimming pool. Architect Harold Leavitt often employed the same concept in many of his mid-century designs; celebrity clients included Burt Lancaster and Stephen Spielberg. 

    Note how this pool makes smart use of backyard space: while it traverses the length of the yard, the pool's concrete walls are used as a bar. Everything fits into place.

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    Scenic Indoor Pool

    scenic indoor swimming pool design
    Erik Kvalsvik

    Focusing on elegant custom homes, Vincent Greene Architects of Baltimore, Maryland, designed a traditional home that features an indoor pool room with a small pool and integrated spa, lounge area, and interested alcoves for plants and the focal point, a beautiful landscape painting.

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    Indoor Pool with Water Features

    indoor pool design with water features

    RTK Design Group

    Fountains and scuppers make the pool designed by RTK Design Group a beautiful water feature even when it's not being enjoyed as an all-weather indoor pool.