These Design Experts Are Committed to Induction Stovetops

Front view of an induction oven stovetop in a small stylish kitchen

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If you're in the process of revamping your kitchen or are designing one from scratch, you'll of course want to pay careful attention to the appliances you select. After all, you're working to create a kitchen that will support your family's day-to-day needs and make meal prep, storage, and cleanup feel less stressful! That means determining what size refrigerator or freezer will best suit your lifestyle and grocery shopping habits, whether or not you absolutely need that fancy ice maker or wine fridge, and deciding upon an oven style, too.

As you begin the oven shopping process, you may come across induction ovens, which are quite popular at the moment for many reasons. Induction ovens start at around $1,000 for more basic models but can cost up to $10,000 depending on the style you select. Many induction ovens fall between $2,400 and $5,000, while traditional ovens are generally priced between $500 and $3,000. What makes induction ovens distinct is that their heat source comes from electric currents.

induction oven in modern kitchen

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

If you're curious as to why these appliances are making waves lately, you'll want to read on for commentary from design experts who share their personal reasons for introducing induction ovens into their homes.

Author and design expert Sophie Donelson has chosen to integrate an induction oven into her home and was drawn to the appliance for a number of reasons. "Initially I decided to switch to induction for health, safety, and environmental reasons," she says. "I wanted to use little or no gas in my home." But induction ovens are also a pro favorite, Donelson learned. "What ended up selling me on it was chefs," she says. "Food professionals always tout how much control they have over the range with the precision controls that induction offers—it’s more precise than a flame! Since they were sold, I was sold." Keely Smith of JD Elite Interiors shares a similar take. "Induction stovetops allow for precise temperature control, making them ideal for tasks like simmering, melting chocolate, or keeping food warm," she explains. But that's not all. Induction ovens can be a major time saver, too. "Induction stovetops are highly efficient and can boil water in half the time of traditional stovetops," she adds. "This is because the heat is only transferred to the cookware rather than being lost to the surrounding air."

black induction oven and purple cabinets

Design: Sophie Donelson / Photo: Patrick Biller

Donelson finds that having an induction oven has majorly changed her cleanup process, too. "And as soon as I started to cook with it, I became a total convert," she reflects. "It’s a wonderful thing to be able to wipe down your stovetop moments after cooking up a storm—it holds no residual heat." This has made Donelson more comfortable cooking alongside her children, too. "I love using it with my kids as the surface doesn’t heat up—only the pots and pans get warm," she explains.

Hilary Matt of Hilary Matt Interiors also believes that an induction oven's layout is a game changer. "The smooth ceramic glass surface makes it easy to wipe away messes without having to disassemble burners and grates," she comments. "Induction also helps keep their kitchen cooler while cooking."

Induction ovens come in a mix of colors and styles, so there's truly something for everyone. "From an aesthetic perspective, induction stovetops are highly desirable," Smith says. "They have a sleek and modern look that can enhance the overall design of a kitchen, and they are available in various colors and styles, making it easy to find a model that complements any kitchen design."

Donelson opted for a sleek black oven by Fisher & Paykel. "Obviously I care about looks, and I tend to like a traditionally styled range...since it’s the focal point in most kitchens," she notes.

induction oven in modern kitchen

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

However, if a stainless steel option is more in line with your aesthetic, Matt is a proponent of the Wolf Induction Range. "It's a great starting point when it comes to introducing induction appliances into the kitchen design process," she says. "The sleek look and stainless steel finish easily complements marble countertops and creates a seamless, clean look that fits perfectly within many different design styles."