Review of 'Indulgence' Carpet from Bliss by Beaulieu

Beaulieu Bliss Indulgence Carpet

Cheryl Simmons

Indulgence is a new line of carpet offered by Beaulieu of America under their Bliss label in the United States, and by Beaulieu Canada in Canada. Introduced in 2013, it features a collection of high-end nylon carpets.

Beaulieu claims that Indulgence is “the softest carpet with the ultimate in performance." It is made of 100 percent PermaSoft, Beaulieu’s solution dyed BCF nylon fiber. It features several looks in cut-pile saxony carpets, including patterns.


One of the most notable features of Indulgence is the set of warranties it carries. The warranty offering is quite impressive and features some of the longest warranties in the industry. It includes:

  • Lifetime No Exclusions Stain Removal Warranty
  • Lifetime Soil Resistance Warranty
  • Lifetime Fade Resistance Warranty
  • 25-year Durability Warranty
  • 25 Year Texture Retention Warranty
  • 25 Year Manufacturer’s Defects Warranty
  • 10 Year No-Wrinkle Warranty
  • 45 Day “No-Questions-Asked” Promise


Nylon has a long-standing reputation for being the most resilient residential carpet fiber. The 25-year texture retention warranty offered on Indulgence is evidence of Beaulieu’s confidence in the durability of the carpets in the collection. The Indulgence line features cut-pile styles with an average face weight of 60 ounces. The short, dense piles and high twist levels make the Indulgence carpets very resilient, and likely to perform well over many years.

Stain Protection

The lifetime “no exclusions” stain warranty that is offered on Indulgence is very impressive, especially for a nylon. Typically, nylon carpets are more susceptible to stains because the fiber is more absorbent than other types of fiber. However, Indulgence features solution-dyed nylon.

Solution dyeing means that the color goes all the way through the fiber, as a result of adding the dye pellets during the manufacturing process (instead of producing a “greige” fiber and dyeing it post-production). Solution dyeing provides the highest level of stain resistance possible because there are no open dye sites (spots the post-production dye didn’t fill) in which the stain can embed itself. Additionally, solution dyeing provides excellent color fastness, making the fiber highly resistant to fading—as such, Indulgence features a lifetime fade resistance warranty.

In fact, the solution dyed Indulgence fiber is so color fast that Beaulieu recommends cleaning it using a simple solution of 50 percent water to 50 percent bleach. While I am not particularly a fan of using such harsh chemicals on the carpet, the bleach and water mixture would certainly be effective in removing stains, and would not harm the carpet.

Note: Do not attempt to clean non-solution dyed fibers or carpets of unknown fiber type with a bleach and water mixture. In fibers that have not been solution dyed, the bleach will cause much more harm than good.

Soil Resistance

Indulgence’s lifetime soil resistance warranty is also noteworthy. Often, over time the carpet fibers lose their ability to repel soil, and thus become soiled, giving the appearance of stains. Beaulieu is confident that Indulgence’s ability to repel soil will not decrease, thus warranting lifelong protection.


One of the key messages Beaulieu wants to impart regarding Indulgence is its softness. Indulgence is made from 100 percent PermaSoft, Beaulieu’s patented nylon fiber. According to the manufacturer, Indulgence carpets feature yarn with a denier per fiber (dpf) count of 4. Denier is a measurement of fineness, with a smaller number equaling a finer yarn.

Finer yarn in a carpet amounts to a softer feel. In the Indulgence brochure, Beaulieu writes, “Each 2-ply fiber in indulgence products contain 720 separate strands.”

Having looked at (and touched) many samples of Indulgence, I agree that the fiber is very soft. However, because the carpets in the collection are constructed with short, dense piles, they do not provide an immediate, overwhelming sensation of softness. The fibers themselves are very soft to touch, but they lack the lushness created by longer, looser piles, such as those in the Mohawk SmartStrand collection, for example.

In order to capture the feeling of luxuriance that SmartStrand offers, the carpet needs to be constructed of long fibers that are not as densely tufted, giving you the opportunity to literally run your fingers through it. A denser pile, like Indulgence offers, has the fibers so closely packed together that you can really only run your hand across the surface of the pile.

So, when you first feel a sample of Indulgence, don’t expect to be immediately blown away by the softness. It is soft but soft in its own way.

Wrinkle Guard

Indulgence offers a 10 year “No Wrinkle” warranty, meaning that, when properly installed, the carpet will not buckle or wrinkle. This is due to Beaulieu’s Wrinkle Guard, a woven carpet backing that provides increased dimensional stability to help the carpet lay flat.

Magic Fresh

The Indulgence collection features Magic Fresh, Beaulieu’s built-in odor-reducing treatment. The treatment is applied to carpets at the end of the production process and then locked into the fibers by heat setting. According to the manufacturer, Magic Fresh neutralizes odors that come into contact with the fibers, by breaking down the odor-causing molecules.


Indulgence is priced to compete with other high-end carpets of equivalent quality. It is priced comparably to Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk collection of triexta carpets – surprisingly because nylon is a more expensive fiber to produce than triexta. The majority of the carpets in the Indulgence collection sell for approximately $4 to $5 per square foot.

The Bottom Line

Indulgence offers just about everything a consumer could want from a carpet: durability, easy maintenance, softness, and competitive pricing. What is unfortunate, however, is the lack of any component that makes this fiber eco-friendly. Whereas most manufacturers are making big advancements in eco-friendly carpet technologies, using recycled content and renewable resources in fiber production, Indulgence does seem to be a bit of a step backward.

Indulgence is well-suited for high traffic residential uses, such as stairs, hallways, and family rooms. With its high level of color fastness, it is also ideal for sunrooms and other areas exposed to high levels of direct sunlight.