21 Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

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There is just something about exposed beams, rustic brick, and steel that—when it all comes together—looks elegant, sophisticated, and fresh. Industrial design is not a new concept, but it has definitely caught wind lately and become a big trend in the world of home decor. This style looks both composed and organic at the same time, making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to achieve—even for the novice decorator. 

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    Industrial Decor in the Bedroom

    bedroom with rustic side table and frames
    Grillo Designs

    This bedroom from Grillo Designs is a beautiful example of how to mix modern and industrial designs to create a fresh, updated vibe that feels warm and inviting. You just have to love the way the brush-and-ink prints look next to the distressed mid-century nightstand. Do not be afraid to combine stylistic elements when testing the waters with industrial design. 

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    Embrace Contrast

    industrial style bedroom with black wall
    Tamara Magel Studios

    So much of industrial decor is about contrast; old next to new, recycled next to DIY, and even light beside dark. This bedroom from Tamara Magel Studios combines the neutral, slightly raw look of bare white brick with a stark black accent wall to create dimension and depth. If plain brick walls feel too cold for your taste, experiment with a bold alternative.

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    A DIY With Pipes

    bedroom with piping for shelves
    Oliver Thorton

    Industrial design typically includes exposed beams and piping, but if you do not want to call in an architect, you can fake it with a clever DIY like this shelving unit by Oliver Thorton. At once stunning and unique, this unit uses copper pipes to create a rustic, exposed look that is both visually appealing and practical. If this look is too much for you, try a simpler copper DIY that does not involve soldering metal. 

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    Industrial-Inspired Bunk Beds

    bunk beds in an industrial style bedroom
    Prodigal Pieces

    Blogger Prodigal Pieces wanted to give her teenaged sons an industrial-style bedroom that felt masculine and mature. A mix of thrift store accessories, faux-brick, and an easy DIY bunk create a warehouse-style vibe in a small space.

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    A Wood Pallet Bed

    bed on a palette bed frame
    jellinadetmar / Instagram

    Home decorators have been utilizing wood pallets in their DIY projects for years, but this pallet bed from jellinadetmar on Instagram takes the look to the next level. The unfinished, salvaged wood gives the room a loft-inspired vibe while the whitewashed floors and concrete walls really bring the industrial look together.

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    White Brick Walls and a Black Metal Bedframe

    bedroom with white walls and black frame bed

    industrialhomeinc / Instagram

    If you start to research industrial design, you will come across a whole lot of exposed brick. And this bedroom from industrialhomeinc is all the proof you need that it is one of the strongest elements of the industrial look. Brick adds texture and warmth while allowing you to scale back on wall decor without the room feeling unfinished. 

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    Steel Barn Door in a Bedroom

    bedroom with large steal barn door
    decorcrush / Pinterest

    Another common trend among industrial-style rooms is the smart use of steel. Though you may not traditionally think of steel as a bedroom-friendly material, this practical and pleasing barn door spotted on decorcrush (via Pinterest) proves it can add unexpected warmth to the space. Steel-framed accent chairs or clothing racks are other great ways to bring this look into your bedroom.  

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    Bedroom With Edison Lighting

    bed with pedant lights hanging on either side
    a daily something

    When you think industrial style, you cannot help but picture soft lighting and a beautiful, exposed Edison bulb. These caged side lamps from a daily something lend an industrial vibe to the modern bedroom. You can find similar lanterns on Amazon or Etsy—simply add an Edison bulb and voilà. 

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    Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Bookshelf

    bed with rustic bookcase at the bottom
    Lucy Call

    Another hallmark of the industrial style is the use of reclaimed and salvaged goods. Reclaimed wood is one of the most popular materials in home decor, and this stunning bookshelf from Lucy Call is will make you want to head to your local lumber yard ASAP.

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    A Simple, Neutral Color Palette

    bedroom with industrial style
    love create celebrate

    This monotone bedroom from love create celebrate maintains a soft white color palette throughout the room. Industrial design often utilizes neutral and earth-tone color schemes. Add a metal pendant lamp like the one seen here, and you will end up with a warehouse-like room you will never want to leave. 

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    Exposed Brick Wall and a Wooden Bedframe

    bedroom with brick wall

    girlandtheworld / Instagram

    Though a lot of our favorite industrial-style bedrooms feature white brick, keeping things natural—like in this room from girlandtheworld—can be just as beautiful. The rich, exposed brick pairs nicely with the pallet bed frame; just add a few black-and-white prints and your room will feel complete without a lot of work. 

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    A Stunning Modern Loft Bedroom

    loft bedroom

    homesbyrobyn / Instagram

    When you think industrial style, a warehouse loft probably comes to mind. This loft bedroom spotted on homesbyrobyn's Instagram is the perfect mix of modern and industrial. The black metal-framed window panels are a common industrial feature, but the Scandinavian-style furniture lends a mid-century modern vibe.

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    Industrial Bedroom With a Platform Bed

    bedroom with industrial style

    alexanderdesignbuild / Instagram

    This bedroom by alexanderdesignbuild is probably the most "industrial" space on our list. It has exposed brick, creatively used steel elements, and a stark-yet-warm vibe that feels effortlessly chic. When it comes to industrial design, less is usually more. 

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    Cork Flooring in a Primary Bedroom

    pallet bed
    Pallet List

    This industrial-style pallet bed from Pallet List is wonderful, but it is the interesting cork flooring that is the real eyecatcher. Using concrete, reclaimed wood, or cork for your bedroom flooring may seem odd, but the nontraditional materials create a gorgeous look that does not even need an area rug. 

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Black-and-White Prints

    bedroom with a white brick wall and large black and white images

    druiventuintje / Instagram

    Another way to make your bedroom feel a little more industrial is to swap out your colorful artwork with chic black-and-white photography, as seen in this space from druiventuintje. The simple art lends a clean, sophisticated feel to any space.

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    Exposed Beams and Pipes in a Bedroom

    bedroom with tall ceilings and industrial design
    Laura & Wolf

    Industrial design often features exposed architectural elements such as ductwork, piping, and beams. This loft-like bedroom from Laura & Wolf does not look unfinished but rather feels polished and fashionable with its exposed, rustic elements. 

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    Cool Colors in a Primary Bedroom

    bedroom with blue comfortable

    mywarehousehome / Instagram

    If you want to add a pop of color, cool tones such as blues and grays are widely used in industrial decor. This well-designed bedroom from mywarehousehome features a pale blue bedspread to give the otherwise neutral room a boost of color, while still maintaining a cohesive look. 

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    Recycled Materials in a Bedroom

    bed with a weaving behind it

    wonen_bij_chantal / Instagram

    Whether you find some old steel stools or attractively weathered shutters—like in this room from wonen_bij_chantal—giving aging materials a new lease on life is a great way to achieve an industrial look. Next time you are scanning the racks of your local thrift store, do not be afraid to repurpose the old or offbeat. 

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    Industrial Bunk Beds

    bunk bed with industrial pipes
    Cherished Bliss

    This industrial bunk bed DIY from Cherished Bliss ditches the traditional and uses metal piping as a ladder and railing. It is not only industrial-friendly but also super practical and durable. 

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    Bedroom With Oversized Fixtures

    industrial bedroom with brick walls

    When it comes to industrial design, sometimes it is all about mixing in bold pieces that catch the eye and still work seamlessly with the rest of the design. This bedroom from InsideOut has the standard exposed brick walls and metal-framed windows but also features a couple of unlikely metal pendant lights that take the look somewhere unexpected.

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    Warehouse Style Bedroom

    warehouse style bedroom with rustic walls
    SF Girl

    When you think "warehouse," you probably do not use the words "warm and inviting" to describe the style—but think again. This bedroom from SF Girl gives off an old artist's loft vibe but maintains a sense of comfort by incorporating rich linen textiles.