Inexpensive Art For the Bathroom

This may be stating the obvious, but a bathroom is a room and should be decorated as such, which means that all bathrooms should have a little art. But art for the bathroom must be chosen with care. After all, most artwork may not be able to stand up to toothpaste splatters and high humidity given off during long, hot showers. These inexpensive and DIY ideas for art for the bathroom provide a simple way to dress up your bathroom and make it feel like a true part of your home.

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    His & Hers Towels

    Photo © Bees Knees Bungalow

    This cute idea for marking your towel's turf comes via Bees Knees Bungalow and is fashioned from hanging letters and old frames. Take a look at the link because Bees Knees also framed the toilet paper. Now that's art!

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    Good Hygiene Reminders

    Photo © Wallfry

    These colorful bathroom prints by Wallfry on Etsy make general hygiene fun and are great reminders for kids large and small about the importance of the little things. Six different graphics or sayings are available in a variety of colors at a very affordable price.

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    Tattoos for Your Tile

    Photo © 2Jane

    Tile is art too, and the fun designers at Mibo have made a way for you to dress up boring or dated tile while adding a bit of art to your bath. These would be great for rental properties since these tiles adhere with water yet remove easily with no residue. Plenty of styles are available at 2Jane on white or clear backgrounds for 4-inch or 6-inch tiles.

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    Gallery Wall Display

    Photo via High Street Market

    This bathroom wall idea shared by High Street Market turns an ordinary bathroom into an art gallery. Simple, inexpensive frames highlight monotone black and white photographs. Need something for your frames? Check out the wealth of free printable artwork at the Library of Congress.

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    Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    Photo via Elegant Abode

    Mirrors make wonderful art for bathrooms because they also serve several purposes. They are useful for applying make-up or shaving - along with other standard bathroom activities - plus mirrors can visibly enlarge a bathroom, especially a small one. Mirrors also reflect light, making your bath seem brighter (again, great for those standard bathroom activities) and more spacious. Install an inexpensive mirror into an antique frame painted a bright color (like in this photo via Elegant Abode), or...MORE go bold with black, or try a regal look with silver or gold leaf.

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    Wall Decals for Fun Decor

    Photo © Dali Decals

    Wall decals, like this fun one from Dali Decals, make great bathroom artwork since most vinyl decals can weather a bathroom's humidity factor well. They are also wonderful for rented abodes since they usually remove easily and won't leave holes in the walls. (Check with the decals manufacturer for installation and removal instructions, as well as the water-resistance feature of their decals.)

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    Shower With Your Art

    shower curtain
    Photo © Deny Designs

    A shower curtain is a great way to add a pop of color and artwork into your bathroom. These shower curtains from Deny Designs are created by artists especially for this purpose. Want an original? Deny Designs will even let you create your own shower curtain with a personal photo or print.

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    Whose Is Whose in the Bath

    Photo © Timber and Lace

    What a fantastic idea that Timber and Lace came up with for a kid or family bath. Stop all fighting over towels with this framed photo idea that doubles as artwork. Framed photos are especially wonderful for little ones - and big ones - who thrive on visual stimulation and order.