Inexpensive Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Funky bedside lamp

Hero Images / Getty Images

If you’ve been feeling blah towards your bedroom lately, it might be time to add a little life to the space where you spend a third of your hours. Maybe you’re bored with the colors or the bedding, or the room just needs a little pop of something lively. Maybe you’ve been reading those glossy decorating magazines and your inspiration is high, but your budget is low. Many of us would love to redecorate, but money is tight, and a full room makeover is out of the question. Well, don’t give up entirely. You’d be amazed at what a big impact even small changes can make. For $100 or less, you can give your bedroom a whole new feel. Try any one—or several—of the following ideas, and add a little oomph to your bedroom without feeling a pinch in your wallet.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

For the biggest impact with the least expenditure, give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint. You can buy a gallon of paint, rollers, brushes and other painting necessities for around $100 if you stay away from the most expensive designer brands. Painting is easy enough for even beginning DIYers, and you should be able to finish your room in a weekend. Whether your style is clean and white, tranquil and neutral, bold and bright or contemporary and dark, there’s a paint color to please your decorating sensibilities while leaving your bank account unharmed.

Make Over Your Bed

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so make sure it stands up to scrutiny. It’s true that for $100 or less, you aren’t going to be able to purchase designer brands or the fanciest merchandise, but you can find beautiful bedding in a bevy of styles and colors at HomeGoods, Target, Walmart or similar stores. Choose a new comforter or duvet that makes a statement, or if you already like your topper, go for a new set of sheets.

Light up With a Gorgeous Lamp

Why settle for a boring bedside lamp, when stores like Lamps Plus, Target, and HomeGoods are overflowing with terrific-looking lamps at discount prices? If your lamp base is attractive, just change the lampshade. Go for a bright color, a bold pattern or an interesting texture instead of plain white.

Spring for New Hardware

With the simple turn of a screwdriver, you can update the look of your bedroom furniture. Switch out the old knobs and drawer pulls for updated versions in sleek chrome, old-fashioned glass, rustic metal, hand-painted ceramic or polished wood. Home improvement centers have a wide range of hardware or visit sites like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, or Etsy.

Get Growing

A potted plant or two not only adds life, color, and texture to your bedroom, it also helps purify the air. You don’t need a green thumb to grow easy houseplants like Chinese evergreen, pothos or snake plant, so give one (or a whole container garden) a try. Choose a pretty pot for your plant to add to the effect.

Don't Forget the Floor

If you don’t have an area rug in the bedroom, you’re missing out on an easy way to give color and interest to the space. Plus, you can find great rugs at rock-bottom prices at HomeGoods, Home Depot, Target, and similar stores. If your bedroom is carpeted, layer an area rug right on top for a whole new look.

Add Touches of Whimsy

Add a bit of fun and an instant update to your décor with one or two whimsical additions to the bedroom. Weave a string of twinkle lights around your curtain rod. Hang a brightly colored paper lantern from the ceiling. Surround your bed with netting or tulle hanging from the ceiling. None of these costs more than a few dollars, but all add a big impact to your space.

Finish With the Extras

Maybe you just want a few touches of color in your room, nothing major. If so, look for inexpensive, easy items like throw pillows or shams, a toss blanket to fold at the foot of your bed, a picture for the wall, or a great looking mirror to hang over the dresser. Even a decorative alarm clock can perk up your nightstand.