Bedroom Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Funky bedside lamp

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If you’re in need of refreshing your bedroom, consider these easy and cost-efficient ideas to add a little life to your space. Even the smallest, most inexpensive (or free) changes can have a big impact and give the space a whole new feel. Try one or stack several of the following ideas to add a little oomph to your bedroom without feeling a pinch in your wallet.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

For the biggest impact with the least expenditure, give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint. It's easy to stay in your budget thanks to numerous paint brands. The key is choosing the right paint color. Whether your style is clean and white, tranquil and neutral, bold and bright, or contemporary and dark, there’s a paint color to please your decorating sensibilities while barely touching your bank account. Painting is a perfect project for all levels of DIYers, and you can typically finish your room in a weekend.

Make Over Your Bed

Since your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, cover it in beautiful bedding and then layer it like a pro to look like a designer bed. You'll find the most luxurious brands for less from discount retailers. A new quilt, comforter, bedspread, or duvet cover makes a colorful or textural statement, but learn the subtle differences so you can choose the best option for your needs. Freshen up your bed with new soft or crisp sheets.

Plug in a New Lamp

Lamps are worthy accessories that transform a room. Even a small chandelier can make your bedroom feel immediately sumptuous once you ditch the basic overhead bulb. Instead of a too-small bedside lamp, get creative with a lamp base and shade that shines a light on your style. If you can't find the perfect base, customize your own by filling an empty glass base with favorite shells or other items. If you're stuck with a white shade, make it sizzle with a little DIY treatment using paint or refurbish it with trims and fabric.

Update Your Hardware

With the simple turn of a screwdriver and a few dollars, update the look of your bedroom furniture by switching out hardware, such as old knobs, drawer pulls, and plates for updated versions. Find sleek chrome, old-fashioned glass, rustic metal, hand-painted ceramic, polished wood, or creative shapes to bring your furniture back to life.

Grow Some Easy Greenery

A potted plant or two adds life, color, and texture to your bedroom, and it also helps purify the air. You don’t need a green thumb to get the benefits of houseplants; just choose easy ones like Chinese evergreen, pothos, or a snake plant. Know which plants are best for sunny windows or shaded spaces so your plants thrive. Indoor pots come in all colors, patterns, and textures, so choose the prettiest ones for your plants that coordinate with your bedding.

Wake up Your Floor

Even if your bedroom has wall-to-wall carpet, layer on an accent rug for extra softness and color. Place a small rug along the side of your bed or size it up so your bed and bedside table sits on top of the rug. Even a smaller 4-foot by 6-foot or a 5-foot by 8-foot area rug will create a cozy effect in the bedroom because it will efficiently fit under the lower two-thirds of a double bed.

Toss in a Touch of Whimsy

Brighten up your bedroom decor all year round with a string of twinkle lights. String lights can add a romantic touch to your bedroom. Place them around your curtain rod, headboard, or create works of art with these inexpensive accessories. Other touches of whimsy include hanging a brightly colored paper lantern from the ceiling. Or, surround your bed with netting or tulle draped from a simple canopy frame.

Wrap up With a Finishing Touch

Arrange decorative pillows on your bed as a finishing touch to your bedroom. A throw tossed at the foot of your bed or on a bench achieves the same effect in a bedroom. If you practice the Chinese art of feng shui in your home, you can finish your bedroom with a well-placed piece of artwork or a mirror.

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