Staging Your Home With Inexpensive Decor

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    Decorate Your Staged Home With DIY Artwork and Furniture

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    Many home sellers think staging your home has to cost a fortune, or you have to hire a professional home staging business. On the contrary, decluttering, borrowing furniture, and making your DIY decor could be just as attractive. Take a look at these tips to gain buyer appeal without spending a fortune.

    Borrow Furniture From Family or Rent Furniture

    If your home has a few rooms that look sparse, consider whether your family members may have spare furniture, like unused items in their attics, basements, or garages that would work great for staging your home. They may be eager to get rid of some of it. Some people have too much stuff to display at once or they might like to rotate what they do have. Either way, see if you can borrow their “extras.”

    Decorate With Wall Artwork and DIY Projects

    Do you have any empty frames? Do you have a few that allow you to easily pop out and replace the existing photos? If so, find some new images for them. Where can you find photos and pictures that would work for staging? Take a look at these DIY art ideas.

    • Cut out nature photos from magazines or calendars.
    • Pull out photos from books that you no longer read and plan on either tossing or donating anyway.
    • Find images or pages from books you find at garage sales or frames with great photos already in them.
    • Take your photos, especially those of nature, animals, local landmarks, areas of the neighborhood, or parks.
    • Search your attic or basement for vases or candle holders that are out of style. Update them with a fresh coat of spray paint. Now you can display flowers and candles.
    • Find extra throws in other rooms or stored blankets you don't need regularly. Distribute them throughout the house, depending on the colors and materials that look good in each space.
    • Replace your shower curtain by using a regular curtain for the front and then hang a liner behind the more attractive curtain. You can easily find inexpensive clear or white liners.

    You don't need to spend a fortune when finding decor for staging your home. If you aren't coming up with ideas, enlist the help of a family member or friend who is creative or good with DIY projects.

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    Save Money on Decor Items at These Creative Places

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    Where can you get ideas for repurposing or reusing your items, those of family and friends, or garage sale finds? These ideas can help you think outside the box and save money on your home staging.

    • Window shop at your favorite stores.
    • Visit open houses.
    • Look through books, magazines, or even those paint chip pamphlets at home improvement stores.
    • Visit garage sales for inexpensive decor.
    • Watch your favorite decorating shows or study the rooms of the “homes” of your favorite sitcoms.
    • Request catalogs from your favorite manufacturers and uses the ideas as inspiration.
    • Visit your favorite retail stores and do the same.
    • Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration.

    See if you can find a way to recreate those ideas you like in your way, using cheaper materials. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with. Here are a few ideas you can try.

    Recreate These DIY Decor Ideas in Your Home

    • Are you lacking a headboard? Hang a tri-fold screen on the wall behind the bed. Another idea is to hang a curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible and hang two or three panels (depending on the size of your bed) for a quick, inexpensive headboard.
    • Want to minimize that TV on the wall? Incorporate it into a display of frames so it looks like yet another frame. Another option is to find a piece of wall art that is the same size or slightly larger than your TV. Hang it with specific hangers that allow the art to sit a few inches off the wall. Hang the photo up when showing the home or having an open house, and take it down when it’s time to watch TV. You can also find rolling hardware so you can slide the picture over the TV for showings and slide it away to watch TV.
    • If you need to cover open storage space, such as a cabinet without doors, or the bottom of a bathroom vanity, use a tension rod to hang a curtain that has a modern color or style that goes with that room's color scheme.
    • Consider turning an unused space like a closet into a craft room or multipurpose area for creative home buyers.

    Whether you need artwork or need to make your own decor, these helpful tips will open your imagination and help you save money. Home staging shouldn't be expensive, it should help buyers see the potential of your home to be theirs!