Inexpensive Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

Chocolate Cake. Linda Larsen

Don't skip celebrating Valentine's Day because you're pinching pennies. You can still serve your sweetie, or your family, a delicious and festive dinner for not much money. This inexpensive Valentine's Day dinner menu is proof!

Look for sales and specials at the grocery store, and be flexible in your planning. If there's a fabulous sale on fish fillets that makes them cheaper than chicken, substitute those for the chicken in the recipe (just don't pound them!).

Or you can make them with pork chops, or even with sausages! Be flexible, think outside the box, and be sure to check prices when you're shopping.

Make sure that you wrap leftovers well and refrigerate them promptly so you can enjoy them the next day. Remember that food waste is a big part of a budget. If you can't eat these recipes within three or four days, wrap them up and freeze them, then thaw in the fridge overnight and eat them whenever you want.

You can make this menu even more special by making your table very pretty. Use pink china, if you have it, or your favorite fancy plates. Add pretty crystal stemware (yes, even if you are feeding kids!) and put some flowers on the table. Add candles if you'd like, and some nice music to accompany dinner.

Serving your family a delicious and hearty meal is one way to keep spirits up during tough times. Have a wonderful meal with your family.

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

  • Roasted Lemon Chicken
    A roasted chicken is a beautiful thing. This recipe is super simple but super flavorful and very easy (and inexpensive) to make.
  • Stovetop Rice Pilaf
    This mild pilaf is a great side dish to the crisp chicken and mustard sauce. You can make it with brown rice - just increase the cooking time to 35-40 minutes.
  • Seasoned Breadsticks
    Refrigerated breadstick dough is very inexpensive, and it's fun to use. Let your kids make this one while you prepare the chicken. Use the seasoning that your family likes. Add more herbs, or make the recipe simpler.
  • Crockpot Glazed Carrots
    Use large carrots and slice them for a side dish that will serve six people for about 80 cents. Everyone loves carrots cooked in a sweet and delicious sauce.
  • Simple Chocolate Cake
    This super easy cake recipe is moist, delicious, and very inexpensive. It makes a big pan of rich chocolate cake you can eat for days. Enjoy!