8 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas to Consider

The box with a bow lies on tulle
Victor Dyomin / Getty Images

Going to a wedding seems to mean automatically spending a lot of money—from travel and transportation to what you will wear. But none of it causes as much anxiety as the wedding gift. Will your friends think you are cheap if you buy them an inexpensive wedding gift? Or are there good solutions that the happy couple will love, never knowing how cheap your wedding present was?

Inexpensive wedding gifts can be wonderful, creative presents that show the bride and groom how much you were thinking about them and what they would like. Most couples will have registered for presents that span many price ranges. You may be surprised to find something you can afford there. Otherwise, consider making something. Your friends will appreciate the time and heart you put into your wedding gift.

Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

  • $20 to $30: Take a few kitchen gadgets, serving spoons, or a few gourmet ingredients. After all, most newlyweds need kitchen basics like mixing bowls, kitchen towels, and slotted spoons. Tie them together with a pretty bow.

  • $5 to $50: Frame their wedding invitation. Buy a pretty frame, and ideally a mat as well. You could also consider framing a favorite poem about love or marriage, or one of their wedding readings. This is a gift they'll see and appreciate often, and it works well for gifts for second weddings.

  • $15 to $100: A bottle of wine or a bottle of liquor. Talk to your wine merchant about a bottle of wine that will be at its best in 10 or 20 years time. Tie a note to the bottle saying that it is meant to be shared on their 10th or 20th wedding anniversary.

  • $5 to $35: Ingredients for a romantic dinner. This could be a couple of candles tied with a pretty ribbon, a jar of high-quality spaghetti sauce and a box of pasta. If that gets too expensive for you, some nice candles with a note about the romantic dinners they'll enjoy together will work well also.

  • $10 to $75: Towels can be an incredibly useful and inexpensive wedding gift. And, they fill up a big box, making your gift look a little splashier. If a set of towels is out of your price range, why not get one big luxurious bath sheet and a bottle of bubble bath. You might even throw in a few votive candles to make the gift extra romantic.

  • Around $30: If they are going to a beach on their honeymoon, a beach blanket, some sunscreen, and a frisbee packaged in a low-cost bag can be a thoughtful and fun gift. Just make sure they open it before they buy these essentials for themselves.

  • $10 to $40: Newlyweds are often looking for cheap date ideas. Why not give them a movie night? Buy a romantic comedy or another favorite movie, add in some microwave popcorn, and perhaps a blanket to cuddle up under or a big bowl to serve the popcorn.

  • $8 to $50: Magazine subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving. You might choose a homemaking magazine like Real Simple or Good Housekeeping, a crowd-pleaser like National Geographic, or a magazine that is particular to their interests.