Top 5 Infant Car Seat Covers for Winter

Shower-Cap Style Covers Don't Interfere with Car Seat Safety

A winter infant car seat cover is a great way to ensure that baby stays toasty when you venture outside the car. The shower-cap style infant car seat covers offer the best combination of convenience and warmth, plus they don't interfere with the harness system on your baby's car seat. You don't have to fuss with extra blankets or coats, and when you're inside, you can just unzip the top of the car seat cover, or pop it off entirely, to allow access to baby.

Remember, though, that...MORE babies can get very warm inside their car seat cocoon! If you'll be using a cover over the car seat, even in the coldest winter, check often to be sure your baby isn't overheated. These winter infant car seat covers are the shower-cap or simple drape style ​and come in a range of prices and styles to meet your needs.

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    Itzy Ritzy Cozy Happens Muslin Car Seat Cover
    2016, Itzy Ritzy

    The breathable muslin fabric on the Cozy Happens cover is supremely breathable and also looks fantastic. Available in 5 modern patterns, this car seat cover attaches to the handle of the infant car seat by fabric-covered Velcro flaps. There's no elastic to hold the edges around the car seat, but the fabric drapes nicely over the edges without any struggle. Muslin is lightweight, so you could even use this cover in the summer to keep ​the sun off your baby or to help protect against light...MORE rain or insects. It rolls into a tiny bundle that won't take up much space in your diaper bag or stroller. There's a thicker cotton version available, as well, with a minky reverse, that can also double as a tummy time mat.

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    Summer Infant Carry and Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

    The Summer Infant Cover and Carry is a really basic infant car seat cover. It's made of sleek cotton with an elastic edge and a front opening that makes it easy to get baby in and out of the car seat. The peekaboo opening also means it's quick and easy to check on baby without any extra snapping or zipping sounds. This budget-friendly car seat cover attaches to the car seat with a Velcro arm pad at the top of the handle. Best of all, the cover rolls up into that arm pad when it isn't...MORE in use, so you don't have to find a spot to store it.

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    The Nuzzler Infant Car Seat Cover

    Nuzzler Infant Car Seat Cover
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    If you live in a place that gets really cold, this is the winter car seat cover for you! The Nuzzler is made of thick fleece, so it's very warm but not too bulky. There's an opening that goes the full length of the front of the car seat cover, but you can also zip the whole thing up, even over baby's face, if you really need a lot of protection from the cold. This infant car seat cover is a very basic, trim shape, and comes mostly in solid colors. You can also have the Nuzzler car...MORE seat cover embroidered with baby's initials.

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    Copper Pearl 3-in-1 car seat cover

    The super-stretchy rayon blend of this all-season car seat cover means it perfectly fits any infant car seat in a flash. No straps or loops required. You can also stretch it around you and baby for feeding sessions as a nursing cover, and it fits on most shopping carts to keep little hands and mouths off the potentially germy surfaces. This cover comes in several modern unisex designs.

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    JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy

    This shower-cap style car seat cover is made of a lighter weight fabric, and creates a little tent of warmth for your baby. Since the fabric is breathable, you can use it in slightly warmer months to keep rain or sun off of your baby, too. The top of the car seat cover loops around the handle of the infant car seat, and the whole front comes open when you want to take baby out. The bottom edges are elasticized, though, to keep the whole thing in place. The front opening has a Velcro closure,...MORE which is great if you're in a very windy place, as it keeps the cover securely closed. If your baby wakes easily, though, the noise when you open it could be too loud.