These Are Influencers' Favorite Plant Products from IKEA

Products Your Plants Will Thank You For

Favorite plant organization products from IKEA

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Jenny Morris

IKEA is one of those places that everyone loves—how can you not? They have so many different things that you can buy. Whether you’ve just moved, you’re looking for some fun DIY projects, or you’re just in the mood for some meatballs, a day at IKEA is a day well spent.

One of the best kept secrets about IKEA: there is an insane amount of products that you can buy that will up your plant game. And we’re not talking about the plants. We spoke to a few influencers who love the store as much as we do to find out their favorite plant products from IKEA. And the answers did not disappoint.

A Drying Rack Transformed Into a Shelf

We first stumbled upon Jenny Morris on TikTok. We saw that she had transformed a drying rack into a plant shelf that looked amazing. “When I moved into my loft, the previous tenant had left IKEA's GRUNDTAL drying rack on a wall near the kitchen," explains Morris. "I decided to take it down, spray paint it white, and move it closer to the window to display my plants! I can keep some on the top shelf and some hanging from plant hangers, and I keep switching it out depending on new planters and plants that I get."

She has a number of plants like pothos, ivy, pilea, snake plants, zz plants, and more on her shelf. “Anything goes and it creates this wonderful plant installation wall effect that I find even more impactful than a large piece of art,” says Morris. 

A Stool Used As a Pretty Plant Stand

Jessie Ruane made a tiny little change to a stool that she found at IKEA. “So I really wanted a plant stand, but for some reason those are a million dollars," explains Ruane. "The MARIUS stool at IKEA is $5.99, and honestly works on its own as a plant stand! But I had a small cutting board that I thought would look cute, and voila,” A small, inexpensive upcycle is a great way to go.

A Plastic Bin to Store Soil In 

It might seem like something really simple, but if you’re a plant parent and you have a ton of potting soil, you need to store it somewhere. Margaret Skiff found a storage option at IKEA. “I downsized from a large apartment with some outdoor space to a much smaller situation. Before, I would leave my bags of soil in a bin on my patio but when I moved I was forced to address the problem of where I was going to store all of my soil,” says Skiff. This can be a common issue for all kinds of plat parents. When you don’t have a lot of space, you have to get creative. “I had to store it in my room, so I wanted something that blended in with the aesthetics of my room, and didn't look like I had a giant trash bin at the foot of my bed."

The solution was at IKEA. "I am an avid IKEA website watcher, so I had seen [the FILUR bin] used for everything from trash to toy storage, so I thought, why not soil as well?” says Skiff. As an added bonus she was able to premix her soil instead of doing it each time she repotted a plant. “This has been the perfect solution for me, it looks nice, is functional, and saves me time,” notes Skiff.

A Glass-Door Cabinet As a Greenhouse/Display Cabinet

Melissa Dragon is an avid plant collector and really loves shopping at IKEA for plant related purchase. “On Instagram and TikTok, you will see plant parents use IKEA glass-door cabinets as a greenhouse hack for their plants. I have plenty of  natural light in my home, so I use mine partly as a greenhouse and display case for my rarer plant,” says Dragon. 

Furniture Covers to Create a Greenhouse

Dragon also keeps some of her tropical plants outside, so she’s utilized some HYLLIS shelves and a cover to create a greenhouse effect. “This is one of my favorite IKEA plant hacks, as I use them for my small tropical plants, succulents, and a place to store my soil amendments," says Dragon. "You can also purchase HYLLIS transparent indoor/outdoor covers. I use the covers as a greenhouse hack to protect my plants and soil amendments when needed. Also, the HYLLIS shelves are easy to assemble and hold up pretty well."