23 Ingenious IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks

These inexpensive furniture pieces can transform a room

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    Nothing Works a Room Like BILLY

    Billy Bookcase upgrade
    BILLY Bookcase. Ikea

    When it comes to hacking great storage, no other IKEA product works a room like the BILLY bookcase. The BILLY bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right out of the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great. Take a look at 23 of the best BILLY bookcase built-ins ever.

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    Epic BILLY Storage Hack

    billy bookcase wall door mega storage
    Scrap Hacker

    The BILLY bookcase is one of those IKEA products that you buy for your dorm room and hold onto for years after graduation. The ScrapHacker had four BILLY bookcases left over from his poor student days, but they were not a good fit for his grown-up apartment. Did he kick them to the curb? Nope. Learn how this DIYer used them to create a brand-new floor to ceiling storage unit. 


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    BILLY Becomes a Dresser

    IKEA Billy Bookcase to Drawer Hack

    Becky, the DIY blogger who pens "Infarrantly Creative" was faced with a challenge: Create something super unique using a BILLY bookcase. Knowing that the unit was a trim 11-inches deep, learn how she transformed it with scrap wood and paint into a small dresser perfect for tight spaces. 


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    Penny Pinching BILLY Hack

    billy bookcase craigs list ikea hack

    Thanks to new-and-improved production methods, the BILLY bookcase costs less today than it did when it launched in 1979. However, savvy penny-pinchers like Noz Nozawa know you can buy these affordable shelving units at bargain basement prices in gently used condition on Craigslist. She saved $100 when she created her customized BILLY wall unit. Learn how she made it.

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    BILLY Bookcase Curio Cabinet

    BILLY Bookcase Curio Cabinet
    via Ikea Hackers

    Stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel sell glass-front bookshelves for thousands of dollars. Erik Linn was able to create several curio cabinets for his abode using BILLY bookcases and GRYTNÄS glass doors for significantly less. The GRYTNAS glass doors are not sold in the U.S., but no worries. IKEA sells glass doors specifically for the BILLY called MORLIDEN. 

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    BILLY Kitchen Storage Hack

    billy bookcase kitchen island storage hack

    Peruse the photos of the work by Amy at 11 Magnolia Lane, who used a BILLY bookcase to transform an unloved eat-in counter into a functional kitchen island with much-needed storage space. She loved the final result so much it inspired her to makeover the entire kitchen.

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    BILLY Hides an Eyesore


    Mara Greenwald from Design Evolving had an eyesore air conditioner in the middle of her living room. One day she realized her BILLY bookcase was big enough to conceal it. Take a look at the transformation.

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    BILLY Closet Hack

    BILLY Closet Hack

    If you have a lot of stuff, then adequate storage is a must when you live in a small space. Without it, your home's doomed to become a big disorganized mess. Look how you can use a few ​BILLY bookcases to build a closet in a room without one. 

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    Expansive BILLY Built-in

    Expansive BILLY Built-in

    When it comes to good-looking storage solutions, nothing is dreamier than a custom built-in. El Granto and Kristin, the handy DIYers behind "Storefront for Life," share how you can create beautiful customized storage for only $400 using BILLY bookcases and molding. Here's how.

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    BILLY Library Ladder Hack

    BILLY Library Ladder Hack

    What's the point of having floor to ceiling storage if you can't easily reach all of your stuff? Kelly from "The Lilypad Cottage" blog thought the same, so she came up with this built-in DIY library ladder that rolls in front of her BILLY bookcase. 

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    BILLY Built-in Bench Seat

    BILLY Built-in Bench Seat

    Jaime, the DIYer behind the "Southern Revivals" blog used BILLY bookcases to make the most of two walls in her home office. The wall features a cozy bench seat. Take a look at the entire office makeover.

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    BILLY Fireplace Built-in Hack

    BILLY Fireplace Built-in Hack
    Crane Concept

    Rita Crane, who pens the blog "Crane Concept" created these striking fireplace built-ins by stacking tall BILLY bookcases on top of BRIMNES cabinets. Afterward, molding was added to create a seamless appearance. ​Review the tutorial for the nitty-gritty details.

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    BILLY Media Center Hack

    BILLY Media Center Hack

    View photos of the build of this media center along a bedroom wall using several BILLY bookcases. It comes complete with "bow-chicka-wow-wow" lighting. 

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    BILLY and BESTA Hack

    Billy bookcase brass lighting
    Censational Girl

    See how Kate from the "Centsational Girl" blog used two tall BILLY bookcases and components from IKEA's BESTA collection to create lovely, free-standing storage. The unit was topped off with molding for added dimension. She also added brass lighting and pulls. 

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    Billy Entryway Hack

    Billy Bookcase Built in French Doors
    The Accent Piece

    Vertical storage gave Suzie's entryway a much-needed décor lift. Her husband used three BILLY bookcases to get the job done. Find all the details in a four-part post on their blog "The Accent Piece."

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    The Cat's Meow Hack

    billy bookcase cat tree
    Ikea Hackers

    You can whip up the ultimate jungle gym for your kitty using a tall and slender BILLY bookcase. You'll find more photos of this project by Cave Lion on IKEA Hackers

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    BORGSJO Hack Using BILLY

    BORGSJO Hack Using BILLY
    Avery Street Design

    Laura Irion, the interior designer behind Avery Street Design, used pieces from IKEA's discontinued BORGSJO series to make this storage masterpiece. The good news is that the Swedish retailer has added lots of new components to the BILLY series so that you can still recreate Laura's design. Check out the tutorial.

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    BILLY Murphy Bed Hack

    billy bookcase murphy bed
    Ikea Hackers

    Luxury retailers like Resource Furniture sell Murphy Beds that transform into bookshelf storage for thousands of dollars. This idea spotted on IKEA Hackers illustrates how you can use a couple of BILLY bookcases to build a Murphy Bed for cheap

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    Give Your BILLY Arches

    billy bookcase arches
    Little Green Notebook

    Built-in arched bookshelves are one of those lovely features spotted in multimillion-dollar homes. Interior designer Jenny on her blog "Little Green Notebook" shares how you can create this expensive look using MDF and BILLY bookcases. Take a look at all the details, including her inspiration piece.

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    BILLY Book Bench

    billy bookcase bench hack
    All Things Campbell

    Lovely molding and pink upholstery transformed Lisa's BILLY bookcase into a book bench for her kid. She shares how you can create one too on her blog "All Things Campbell."

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    BILLY Bookcase Tip

    polyfilla billy bookcase

    The BILLY bookcase is both affordable and adjustable. Unfortunately, the holes that make its shelves a cinch to adjust can look off-putting. The "Little Kokomo" blog shares a quick fix that uses a putty knife and Polyfilla. Read all about it.

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    BILLY Console Hack

    billy bookcase dining room built-in

    Right smack in the middle of Linda's dining room was an ugly radiator. She created a cover for it using wood and two BILLY bookcases. Now, she has a stylish console with built-in storage. She shares the project details on her blog, "Make Do And DIY."

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    Floating Billy Bookcase Hack

    floating billy bookcase
    Ikea Hackers

    Furniture can make cleaning floors more of a chore. However, off-the-floor ideas like these floating BILLY bookcases make vacuuming and mopping easier. Even better, it looks cool. You can learn how to do it at IKEA Hackers.

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    Pretty BILLY Bookcase Hack

    billy bookcase fabric makeover
    Ikea Hackers

    Some people think that the BILLY bookcase's simple looks are pretty dull. To give them a boost, work the backing. Sure, you can use peel-and-stick decorative paper to brighten up the backing, but did you know that you can do the same with fabric. You will need Mod Podge decoupage glue to apply.