Jewelry Hacks You Need to Know

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    7 Ingenious Jewelry Hacks

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    Check out some of these must know jewelry hacks that will help you clean, store, and secure your most precious jewelry. Have a jewelry hack of your own? Let us know on our Facebook page. 

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    Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

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    Clean dirty gold jewelry at home by mixing together a few drops of mild dish detergent with club soda. Let the jewelry sit in the solution for 10 to 20 minutes. If needed, scrub away grime with a soft bristled toothbrush. When finished, pat dry with a lint free cloth. 

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    Untangle Stubbon Knots in Chains with Baby Powder

    Good Housekeeping

    According to Good Housekeeping, the best way to untangle a chain is to sprinkle it with a little baby powder.  Be careful not to use too much, because then you will have the added work of cleaning out all of the powder from the chain crevices. Once you have worked the baby powder into the knot and tried to pull it apart gently with your hands to loosen it, use a pin to finish the job. 

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    Fasten a Bracelet With a Paperclip

    Good Housekeeping

    This is another great jewelry hack brought to us by Good Housekeeping, and the good news is, you no longer need the help of your significant other to wear your favorite bracelet! Take a large paperclip and unfold it so it looks like the shape of an S. Hook one side onto the jump ring of the bracelet and hold the other side of the S with your fingers. Take your free hand and wrap the bracelet around to fasten it. 

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    Hidden Jewelry Storage Behind Artwork

    Old Town Home

     Alex and Wendy from Old Town Home walk us through how they built hidden jewelry storage into a wall in their master bedroom. Generally I prefer safes that are secure and tamper proof, but this just isn't feasible for most people. This built-in is inconspicuous, and I prefer it to the store bought jewelry storage photo frames and mirrors because it is not something a burglar would be looking for specifically. Be sure to get the proper jewelry insurance for all your valuables. 

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    DIY Book Jewelry Box

    Uncommon Goods

    One of my best friends used this jewelry hack at her wedding. Instead of having a ring pillow, she took an old journal, carved out the pages with an x-acto knife, glued them together, then put the rings inside. This works not only for a wedding, but for an inconspicuous place to leave your rings and other jewelry you wear everyday. Not feeling crafty enough to take on the DIY project yourself? Find one already crafted and ready to go at Uncommon Goods

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    Buttons as Earring Holders

    Real Simple

    I never know what to do with those extra buttons that come with my sweaters, so they are all stashed away in my junk drawer. This hack puts them to use! Real Simple came up with this clever notion to use spare buttons as place holders for earrings so they don't get lost from one another. Whether you put these buttons within a travel bag so you're less likely to lose them, or place them inside your jewelry armoire or safe, it is a great way to prevent loss!

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    Ice Cube Tray for Jewelry Storage

    Pop Sugar

    Pop Sugar has a brilliant and inexpensive idea for on the fly jewelry storage. If you have a set of drawers or a safe that isn't organized, head to the Dollar Store and pick up some ice cube trays for some inexpensive jewelry storage options. Another bonus? They stack! Want to save even more money? Use old egg cartons.