Ingenuity Washable Play Yard with Dream Centre Review

Ingenuity Washable Play Yard with Dream Centre
Kids II Inc.

The Ingenuity Washable Play Yard with Dream Centre is a full-featured play yard, and its best feature is right in the name. It is the only play yard with fabrics that can be completely removed for washing. That's not all there is to love about this play yard, though! Let's review the features.

Play Yard Features

  • Play yard can be folded with bassinet in place
  • Sturdy changer pivots out of the way when not in use
  • Dream Centre nap area provides a cozy spot for newborns to sleep
  • Dream Centre weight limit - 15 pounds
  • Bassinet weight limit - 15 pounds
  • Changing table weight limit - 25 pounds
  • Play yard weight limit - 30 pounds
  • About $150 (there are different models with various storage features and extras that are priced above and below $150)

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What I Like About This Play Yard

As I indicated above, the washability of this play yard is unique in the play yard world. There's one other play yard that has a washable mattress. All other play yards are spot-clean only. Babies make big messes, so play yards tend to get really dirty over time. With the Ingenuity Washable Play Yard, you can simply unzip or remove all of the fabrics that baby touches, and throw them in the washing machine. The mattress cover. The side panels. The top rail covers. The Dream Centre liner. All of it!

It's also very nice that you can fold the play yard up without removing the bassinet.

Play yards can be a bit of a pain to re-pack into the storage bag, so removing a required step is a big help.

The changing table is designed to fold out of the way when you're not using it. I was a little concerned about how stable that design would be, but as it turned out, my concern wasn't necessary.

The changing table is supported on one side where it pivots, but then it also has two support points on the other side, along the play yard rails. Many play yards have changers that are only supported on one end, and they tend to sag toward the unsupported end as baby gets heavier. You won't have that problem with the Ingenuity Washable Play Yard.

There's a diaper organizer on the end of the play yard, next to the changing table. I like that it is on the outside of the play yard. Some play yards take space from the inside of the play yard frame for storage, which leaves less room for baby to play.

The electronic pod plays 5 songs and some nature sounds for soothing baby to sleep.

What I Don't Like About This Play Yard

Since it's a full-size play yard, the Ingenuity Washable play yard may not fit through doorways in your home without collapsing it partially.

The setup may not be intuitive for some people, either. I did not find it difficult to set up correctly, but I've heard from other parents who felt that it was hit or miss to get the frame locked into place. Other parents have complained that the frame unlocked at random, which probably means they did not set it up correctly. That indicates to me that the manufacturer should make the instructions more clear.

Some parents do not like the angle of the Dream Centre bassinet. It is slightly angled so that baby's head is higher, more like a mini baby seat than a bassinet.

Overall, though, I think this is one of the best play yards available right now. It's inexpensive, has plenty of useful features, and cleans up better than any other play yard on the market today.