InSinkErator "Evolution Essential" Garbage Disposal Review

Overall Assessment

Insinkerator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal
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The InSinkErator "Evolution Essential" represents legitimate innovation and improvement in garbage disposal waste food processing and reduction of noise. At around $200 it is the new standard in garbage disposal value. So you may want to consider removing your old garbage disposal and replacing it with this new unit.


The garbage disposal (or food waste disposer as they are formally known) is the workhorse of the American kitchen.

It reduces landfill use and makes everyday kitchen clean up easy and fast. Generally, a disposal is easily repaired and very reliable.

In this product evaluation, I'll review the entry product from the InSinkErator Evolution® product line called the InSinkErator Evolution Essential®. The Essential is a powerful 3/4 HP disposal with stainless steel internal components. Let's take a look at what makes this unit a reliable kitchen appliance.

  • Features Overview
  • • 40-ounce grinding chamber with stainless steel construction.
  • • Powerful 3/4 HP motor results in fewer jams and smoother operation and finer pulverization of the food waste.
  • • Significantly quieter operation than standard disposals.
  • Improved waste food grinding technology including multi-stage grinding versus standard single stage grinding.
  • The unit can grind difficult waste food items including chicken bones, fruit rinds, and coffee grounds.
  • Six-year warranty for parts and labor
  • Excellent overall value for about $200

Disposal Type and Motor Size:

Feed Type
The Evolution Essential is a continuous feed type disposal that turns on and off with a wall switch.

The disposal uses a powerful 3/4 HP single phase, 120 Volt, 60 Hz motor that draws an average of 8.1 amps and spins at 1725 RPM.

It has a manual reset overload button. The motor also has upper & lower bearings that are permanently lubricated to minimize maintenance requirements.

A 3/4 HP motor is on the upper end of what you find in food waste disposals, as they come most commonly in 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP and 1 HP. Beyond that, you are getting into commercial disposal motor sizes. The higher horsepower rating of the motor results in fewer jams and smoother operation and finer pulverization of the food waste. That results in less clogged drain lines and less stress on your city's waste water system and better performance with a septic system.

Features / Size / Warranty / Price

Food Grinding Chamber
This model boasts a fairly large 40-ounce grinding chamber capacity to handle a decent amount of waste food volume. InSinkErator used to have a 50 ounce grinding chamber with their 555ss model but the newer Evolution series has reduced that to 40 ounces when they totally redesigned their grinding technology now called "MultiGrind Technology®". The grind chamber is constructed from stainless steel for better reliability and also has stainless steel grinding components for improved durability. (Less expensive disposals can use a grinding chamber made of glass filled nylon but stainless steel is much preferred).

The new MultiGrind Technology® is a major innovation from the previous 555ss model which used two stainless steel 360° swivel lugs (impellers). This new grinding technology uses a proprietary grind-shear ring and two or three stages of waste processing (the Essential model uses two stages, only the top of the line Essential Excel model uses three stages). The three stages shear, shred and grind the waste food. The Insinkerator Evolution Essential uses the grind-shear ring but does not have the tri-action fixed and swivel lug system of the Evolution Excel model for increased grinding.

Insulated outer shell for reduced noise when in operation. Also anti-vibration tailpipe and sink mounting.

Overall Height: 12-5/8"; Diameter: 8-3/4"

Dishwasher Compatible
Yes, the unit has a dishwasher drain connection

6-year in-home parts and labor

Approximately $200 - $250


  • Stainless steel grind chamber and components;
  • Excellent value for dollar;
  • Two grind stages versus one stage as with standard disposals;
  • Improved sound insulation of 30% to 40% reduction from standard disposers;
  • 6-year warranty for parts and labor.


  • Reduced grind chamber size from 50-ounce (previous model 555ss) to current ​40-ounce capacity;
  • Does not come standard with a power cord (this is an accessory);
  • Reworking of existing plumbing connections may be required due to size;
  • Sink baffle which reduces noise can also slow water flow into unit;
  • Works a bit longer to grind food with its finer cutting blades.