25 Inspirational Modern Fireplace Ideas

White modern fireplace in middle of living room with branch-like chandelier

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

No matter what room your fireplace occupies, it's sure to be the focal point. And if you carry modern design throughout your home décor, why wouldn't you apply the same touches to such an important part of your space? While fireplaces are technically meant to be warm and cozy, there's no reason they can't also be cool and contemporary. 

To keep things cohesive with your current décor style, we've rounded up 25 modern takes on the traditional hearth that offer the best of both worlds: Homey yet sleek and decorative yet functional. Whether you're looking to update an original structure or add one to your contemporary build, here's proof you don't have to sacrifice cozy vibes in the name of clean lines.

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    Clean and Minimal

    modern fireplaces

    Design: Sandra Fox Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

    Clean lines and minimal decor are the touchstones of modern decor. This super simple fireplace carved into a bright white wall is textbook modernism.

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    A Modern Update

    modern fireplaces

    Photo: Amy Bartlam

    If you're working with an outdated hearth, a couple of simple updates will modernize its look. A subway tile facade and glass doors feel fresh and look right at home in contemporary spaces.

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    Outside The Box

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Devon Grace Interiors

    Fireplaces have long donned a simple square design, so switching things up instantly makes it feel contemporary. This shorter, narrow shape that doubles as a credenza feels like an upgrade from the basic fireboxes of yesteryear.

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    A Stone's Throw

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Devon Grace Interiors

    A white and black marble with graphic veins running throughout is the most modern material you can find in nature. Incorporate it into your contemporary living room in a big way, like the marble fireplace in this beautiful space.

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    Work of Art

    modern fireplaces

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    You wouldn't buy a work of art that doesn't boast depth and visual interest, so why settle for a fireplace that lacks those exact elements? This sculptural mantle fits into this space like another piece of art.

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    Feeling Flushed

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Devon Grace Interiors

    We love the no-fuss elements of modern design, and this fireplace embodies the best of its minimalistic charm. Fitting this glass firebox flush into the wall makes a statement without all the frills. 

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    Achromatic Atmosphere

    modern fireplaces

    Design: JDP Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

    There's no color palette more modern than the achromatic pairing of black and white. If you're working with an older chimney, you'd be surprised by the impact a can of paint can make. Give your whole room and mantle a fresh white coat and accessorize with black accents for a contemporary upgrade.

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    Flaunt It

    modern fireplaces

    Design: Yael Weiss Interiors

    If your fireplace is the focal point of your living room, make it look like one. The slatted wall surrounding this chimney makes it a beautiful centerpiece for your entertaining space.

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    Get In Line

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Pulp Design Studios

    If geometric shapes and interesting angles are your design aesthetic, lean into them in a way that feels modern. Opt for a beveled frame around your fireplace rather than a straight boxy type.

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    Cut It Out

    modern fireplaces

    Design: Abitare Studio, Photo: Koe Van Damme

    If you blink, you might miss it—but in the best way. This fireplace in this living room is carved out of this architectural configuration using negative space for a take on an indoor fire pit.

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    Paint job

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Cathie Hong Interiors

    When in doubt, paint your existing traditional chimney with a fresh coat of matte black paint. The result will be contemporary, and the best part is it'll camouflage all traces of smoke. It's a win-win.

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    Big and Tall

    modern fireplaces

    Charbonneau Interiors

    If you're lucky enough to have high ceilings, we say, use them to your advantage. Why cut the potential of your fireplace short (we mean this literally and figuratively) when you can elongate the structure to reach your high ceilings? Visually, it'll make your room look taller and your chimney more modern.

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    Tile Takeover

    modern fireplaces


    A chevron-pattern tile framing your minimalistic fireplace makes an original chimney look modern, especially in this mix of dark gray tones.

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    Concrete Jungle

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Charlie Interior Design

    What better way to juxtapose a warm and cozy fire than with a cool concrete overlay? This cement living room melts our modernist hearts to stone.

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    Seeing Double

    modern fireplaces


    There's nothing like a dual-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed in two rooms at once. This minimalist design is carved out of a single wall with openings on both sides, making it visible from each one.

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    Minimal Mantle

    modern fireplaces

    Laura Brophy Interiors

    The decor around your fireplace is just as important as the design of your fireplace itself. This minimal setup, including an oversized print, and graphic, black mantle shelf only make this mantle look even cooler.

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    Take Up Space

    modern fireplaces


    While it's common for some to camouflage their fireplaces, this one unapologetically takes the focus by way of negative, making it look even more incredible. Refraining from hanging up art or styling a mantle makes this living room look super modern and minimal.

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    Coming Up Short

    fireplace designs

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Most fireplaces mantles hit about eye level, but this modern design makes a shorter mantle height look totally contemporary. Using the space above the mantle to fit an oversized canvas is a smart design move.

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    Keep It Open

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Devon Grace Interiors

    Fireplace doors and screens can make the look of your design feel outdated. Rather than covering up your modern fireplace, keep it open and exposed for a more contemporary feel.

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    Having a Ball

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Chelius House Of Design

    Burning firewood is so last year; these days, ceramic spheres are all the rage in the contemporary home decor space. Not only do they look cool, they provide a modern flare while also being eco-friendly and fire-safe.

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    modern fireplaces

    Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    The truth is designing your dream home comes with its restrictions. Whether it be structural constraints or layout limitations, you can't always have a fireplace positioned smack-dab in the middle of your space. Not to fret—this living room is proof a firebox in the corner boasts the same effect. 

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    Electric Slide

    modern fireplaces

    Courtesy of Laura Brophy Interiors

    Wood-burning fireplaces can be dangerous, messy, and difficult to maintain. Try a modern electric version that lights with the flick of a switch sans smoke and flames. And if heat is your main concern, these produce the warm and toasty feel of the real thing. 

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    Make it Multifunctional

    fireplace ideas

    Courtesy of Will Brown Interiors

    If you have a wood-burning chimney placed in an awkward part of your space, build around it and use it to your advantage. This custom build doubles as a room divider for this open-concept modern loft.

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    Go Big

    modern fireplace

    Courtesy of Laura Brophy Interiors

    Just because your fire is confined, that doesn't mean you can't play with the proportions of your fireplace. While the burning area is limited, you can still experiment with the size of your fireplace opening, like the extra-large alcove in this space.

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    Shine On

    modern fireplaces

    Design: Leclair Decor

    Installing a high-shine stone from floor to ceiling further establishes this fireplace as the living room's focal point. Furthermore, pairing the stone with the black fireplace makes it feel totally at home in its little built-in alcove.