51 Dining Room Ideas We'd Love to Gather In for a Meal

tropical colorful dining room with cane chairs

Julia Dags for Julia Dzafic

Kitchens get a lot of love and attention, but we tend to overlook dining rooms in lieu of breakfast nooks and island seating. But it's time for a change! Dining rooms are no longer strictly for formal occasions—nor do they need to look ultra traditional and fancy. Rather, it's possible to have tons of fun when decorating a dining room—bold colors, busy prints, and pattern mixing are all welcome in such a space. If you're craving a bit of a dining room makeover, the great news is that you don't need an extensive budget in order to make your space look amazing. Take notes from the 51 gorgeous spaces featured here, which prove that today's dining rooms are full of life.

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    Cheery Coral

    formal dining room modern paint colors

    Joann MacDonald

    Make like Joann MacDonald and celebrate color in your dining space. Pairing traditional elements—like a classic light fixture and a wooden dining set—alongside a hutch featuring bright hues is a recipe for success. Don't forget to zhush up your tabletop with accent pieces such as bold vases and flowers in order to take your dining experience to the next level.

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    Geometric Goodness

    geometric walls modern light fixture

    Erika Conner

    Yes, you can 100 percent turn a boring wall into something showstopping; the possibilities are truly endless. Erika Conner's DIY geometric accent wall is giving us all of the inspo to think outside the box. She skillfully kept accessories simple to allow the design to really pop, and the contemporary pattern looks wonderful paired with a modern globe fixture. Simple decor and some greenery completes the look.

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    Something Classic

    colorful dining room with florals and jute rug

    Kate Dreyer

    A jute rug is always the answer, even if you're a major color lover. Whether you prefer bold hues or neutrals, this classic floor covering is a winner. It provides the perfect backdrop for the bold patterns and hues that Kate Dreyer incorporated into her dining space.

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    A Tried and True Seat

    exposed brick dining room wishbone chairs

    Danielle Moss

    Wishbone chairs, which Danielle Moss used in her dining space, are always in style and look super chic—and they can be sourced quite affordably, too. In this space, the chairs pair wonderfully with the exposed brick in Moss's loft style apartment. If you're looking for something more mod than traditional wooden pieces but don't want to sacrifice comfort, this type of seating is the answer.

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    Farmhouse Feeling

    neutral dining room farmhouse

    Patrice Stephens

    Patrice Stephens' neutral style dining area features subtle farmhouse accents and lots of welcoming greenery. Plants, whether real or faux, are a great way to add warmth to a space while keeping a setup minimal and calming. Cut branches, olive trees, and fiddle leaf figs are some of our frequently spotted favorites.

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    Playing Favorites

    colorful dining room with pattern

    Erin Wheeler

    Cane, MCM, bold wallpaper, oh my! Erin Wheeler's dining room features some of our favorite design elements and patterns, which all play wonderfully together. If you love a number of different styles, don't be afraid to combine them—the results can look super stunning. And we love Wheeler's idea to use a dresser in lieu of a buffet; it provides plenty of room for linen store and contributes to the room's mid-century modern vibe.

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    Lovely Library

    pink and purple rug in dining room

    Miranda Estes for Pallavi Kale

    Pallavi Kale designed this colorful eating space which demonstrates that there's no need to paint the walls when you can have fun with your windowsills and floor. Book lovers, this one is for you! If you're lacking space for your precious reads, use your novels as decor (we guarantee there will never be a lull in your dinnertime conversation once your guests spot their favorite titles in the mix).

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    Musical Moments

    boho dining room, rattan light, guitar

    Laurel Stavros

    Laurel Stavros's dining room is a boho chic retreat. Soft pinks and bold blues pair wonderfully together, and a rattan pendant light ties the look together. A record player and guitar encourage guests to kick back and stay awhile. Musical instruments can also make for fabulous wall decor.

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    Calming Combo

    farmhouse and coastal dining room

    Kathy Ann Abell Interiors

    Julie Benitez of Kathy Ann Abell Interiors designed this calming dining room, which features a mixture of predominantly coastal and farmhouse styles. Keeping wall decor minimal allows the room's shiplap to speak for itself.

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    Think Pink (and Black)

    pink and black dining room

    Tiffany Barino

    Tiffany Barino proves that pink and black is a color combo worth keeping on our radar, and no, it doesn't solely give off retro vibes, we promise. Fun dishware, table linens, and vases are all you need to create a similar setup in your own space.

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    Plant Happy

    boho dining room plants

    Ana Isaza

    Ana Isaza's boho dining space transports us to a lush greenhouse. Plants serve as the main pops of color in this neutral room and provide tons of intrigue (not to mention, they're built in conversation starters when entertaining). If you don't have a green thumb, it's ok to go faux or do a mix of live plants and plastic ones. If you shop for the right types of pieces, they'll look pretty convincing.

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    Grandmillennial Goals

    chinoiserie dining room, modern fixtures, abstract art

    Aimee Mazzenga for Jennifer Lake

    Jennifer Lake's dining room is a grandmillennial's dream and full of extremely elegant touches. Modern light fixtures and a soothing abstract keep the setup from looking at all dated—when designing, a mix of antique and new finds is a go!

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    Sunny Spot

    modern farmhouse, orange and yellow dining room, chandelier

    Heather Thibodeau

    Heather Thibodeau's modern farmhouse space is warm and welcoming and proves that traditional touches, like a crystal chandelier and high back cane chairs can blend with a number of styles. And how fun is her yellow patterned rug?

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    Cozy Curation

    cozy dining room, farmhouse

    Erin Francois

    Erin Francois' dining room is cozy and full of personality. Don't be shy about styling a bookshelf in your eating space; it's a great way to enhance your home's storage capabilities while showing off some of your favorite titles to guests who stop by. Dining benches, like the one seen here, are a more casual alternative to traditional chairs and are great for kids.

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    Lights That Wow

    mid century glam dining area

    Rittika Chokhany

    Rittika Chokhany's dining area sure is glam. There's no reason you can't combine a classic midcentury furniture set with round, contemporary fixtures—Chokany's draw the eye upward and add plenty of visual interest to this space.

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    Magnificant Mix

    coastal dining room with parisian touches

    Chrissy Marie Serrano

    Chrissy Marie Serrano's navy blue dining room incorporates so many of our favorite things: Parisian touches, rattan furniture, and a show stopping brass light fixture. So, yes, you can have it all. It's common to use one (more substantial) style of chair solely for the heads of the table—if you do this, something armed is the answer.

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    Deep and Moody

    patterned dining room, green built in shelving

    Stephen and David St. Russell

    Green built-ins frame Stephen and David St. Russell's dining room, which dazzles on its own. There's no need to tone down a space just because the rest of your home is already filled with color and pattern galore—the more, the merrier.

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    Mod Mix

    modern dining room with black and white touches


    Liz's dining room is full of "wow" moments: from the plant wall to the oversized abstract canvas, the space is filled with style. Can't find a piece of art that speaks to you? You can always create your own with a blank canvas from the craft store. The colorful rug keeps the space from feeling stark warms up the room's tile floors.

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    Nothing But Nature

    nature wall mural, bunny plates, dining space

    John Neitzel for Courtney McLeod

    When in doubt, add a wallpaper mural. No, seriously, how amazing is the nature scene in this dining space by Courtney McLeod? Hunt Slonem bunny plates make for a fitting addition (more animals!) and add welcome texture.

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    Dazzling Display

    blue and white china on wall

    Katie Vail

    Have a beautiful plate collection that deserves to be in the spotlight? Hang some of your favorite pieces on the wall in an arrangement like Katie Vail's. Your favorite pieces deserve to be admired every day, not tucked away in the back of a cabinet. You can also recreate this look by shopping your local thrift stores to find various plates that strike your fancy.

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    Artistic Touches

    moody blue walls, gallery wall in dining room

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp for Arlyn Hernandez

    Gallery walls are an excellent conversation starter no matter where they're placed, but they're especially fun in the dining room. Arlyn Hernandez thoughtfully compiled some of her favorite pieces and arranged them to really stand out against her moody blue walls. By including a mix of photographs, drawings, and word art, she really did create a museum-like look at home.

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    Dreamy Designs

    dining room with swirly wallpaper and artwork

    Bethany Nauert for Oh Joy! 

    Use built-in shelving or a credenza to display pieces of your favorite artwork like Joy Cho did in her dining space. The more colorful and peppy, the better. Artful wallpaper is the cherry on top.

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    Stay Golden

    brass round table and chairs in blue dining room

    Michelle Gage

    This dining space by Michelle Gage seamlessly mixes boho, industrial, and mid-century style all at once. A round pedestal table never goes out of style and is excellent for a smaller nook. If you want to add even more color to the space, you can always just plop down a table cloth.

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    Royal Treatment

    mural in dining room

    Sue De Chiara

    Why not make your dining room feel like a dreamy getaway? Sue De Chiara designed a glam space right out of a fairytale, complete with soothing floral wallpaper, classic furnishings, and a glitzy chandelier fit for a queen.

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    Playful Pastels

    tropical colorful dining room with cane chairs

    Julia Dags for Julia Dzafic

    Celebrate a love for pattern like Julia Dzafic did in her happy hued dining space. Tropical elements and brightly colored photographs are bound to make guests feel like they're on vacation all year long. And any entertainer knows that a stocked bar cart is a party essential—let yours stand out by placing it in a corner like Dzafic did and outfitting it with colorful bottles and accessories.

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    Wicker Wonderland

    wicker dining room

    Leah Hook

    Leah Hook designed this farmhouse style dining room that proves yet again that one just can't go wrong with wicker and jute. Their lighter hues allow the architectural details of the home to pop. Brick, beams, and other features of this kind are truly special and deserve to stand out.

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    All the Layers

    colorful rugs layered over jute in dining room

    Leslie Biggley

    If you can't resist color, why not pick out some fun accent rugs to layer atop a larger piece? We love Leslie Biggley's innovation when it comes to placing bright runners over her jute area rug. Paired with white Eames style chairs, the purple and pink hues really shine.

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    The More, The Merrier

    boho dining room pendants

    Olivia Watson

    Why install just one pendant above your dining table when you can have two times the fun? Olivia Watson's space looks well curated and complete with the two boho fixtures complementing her neutral setup. We see wishbone chairs make an appearance in this space, too, demonstrating how seamlessly they move between styles.

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    Charming Upgrades

    dining room with layered rugs

    Erica Van Slyke

    Erica Van Slyke majorly transformed her dining space by DIYing a shiplap wall. And to take things a step further, she covered the room's popcorn ceiling with beadboard planks, which made a stylish statement while contributing to her farmhouse aesthetic. While such upgrades take time and skill, they will dramatically alter your home for the better, no extensive renovation required. Time to head to the hardware store!

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    Lucious Drapes

    pink and green dining room with curtains

    Carla Hayden

    You can't forget about the magic of curtains—Carla Hayden's green drapes really tie her dining space together. But we're equally obsessed with her fun pops of pink, which prove that formal eating spaces most definitely don't need to be stuffy and serious.

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    Corner Shelfie

    corner built in in a dining room

    Sherry Petersik

    If you have a corner built-in in your dining room, you're in luck, as there are countless decorating possibilities at hand. Sherry Petersik kept her setup stylish and simple, but maximalists may enjoy filling their shelves with colorful glassware and other spunky accessories.

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    Vary Your Art

    dining room with variety of artwork

    Annette Vartanian

    No dining room is complete without art, and Annette Vartanian did an excellent job of incorporating all kinds of different pieces in her space. We spot a portrait, a few fun black and white pieces, and there's even a colorful abstract tucked around the corner. If gallery walls aren't your thing, that's ok—scattering art around a room can make for a more casual, eclectic setup.

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    Round and Round

    dining nook with large windows and round table

    Jesse Preza for Arianne Bellizaire

    Round tables and dining nooks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Designer Arianne Bellizaire's sunny setup makes for the perfect spot to enjoy any meal of the day—there's no reason the space has to solely be reserved for fancy gatherings.

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    Flowery Features

    floral wallpaper and neutral rug

    Viva Luxe Photography for Kathleen Barnes

    Say hello to florals! Kathleen Barnes's dining room is full of glam touches, from her sparkly chandelier to her nailhead chairs to the leaning mirror that allows extra light to flow through the space. Neutral color choices allow the pink flowers to stand out.

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    Lean On Me

    large painting leaning on sideboard

    Haeley Giambalvo

    Leaning a large piece of art can be just as effective—if not more—than hanging it, as seen in Haeley Giambalvo's home. This is great news for renters who may not wish to make permanent holes in the wall, as well as for those who like to redecorate often and may not be able to commit to placing a painting in just one spot. If you're struggling to find just one larger piece that you like, you can also layer a couple of smaller canvases for a laid back design.

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    Family Moment

    family photos in black and white in dining room

    Aicha Balde

    Your dining room is a place for the entire family to gather, so why not display everyone's photos on the walls? Aicha Balde's sophisticated black and white photo display adds a sentimental touch to her eating space and is easy to replicate in just a few hours. Plus, if you opt for do-it-yourself framing, it's easy to switch photos out whenever you'd like (or when certain relatives are coming over).

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    Color Lover

    boho dining room with pattern mixing

    Stephanie Watkins

    Pattern mixing continues to be on trend, and Stephanie Watkins nailed it in her dining room, which features a zig zagged rug alongside abstract wallpaper. Red curtains finish off the bold, eclectic look.

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    Musical Chairs

    dining room with mixed styles of chairs

    Lesley Myrick

    Not feeling a matching chair set? There's no need to commit to one style of seating when you can have fun alternating different styles and colors of chairs in your space, like Lesley Myrick did. Acrylic ghost chairs, yellow industrial seating, and classic Windsor chairs may not seem like they'd go together, but they happen to look quite nice grouped together. A comfy accent chair in the corner is perfect for winding down with a cup of tea after dinner guests leave.

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    Date Night Ready

    moody romantic black dining room

    Gwen Hefner

    Gwen Hefner's moody black dining room gives off major romantic vibes that rival any date night restaurant. A touch of leopard print keeps the space looking playful and modern. Why go out when you can stay in and admire your own home?

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    Thrifty Tweaks

    dining room DIY

    Kristine Franklin

    Kristine Franklin redid her dining room on just a $200 budget, putting her DIY skills to work. She refinished the table, dip-dyed chairs for a contemporary look, and freshened up her nook with artwork and a pendant light, all without breaking the bank. Go ahead and admire her skills before you rule out fixing up a space due to budget constraints.

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    Green Machine

    green dining room with natural touches

    Sarah Gibson

    Green walls, cowhide, and natural touches make for a lovely grouping in Sarah Gibson's dining room. If you're feeling a peppy wall color, why not go for it? Green looks wonderful when styled with cane or rattan pieces and, of course, plant life.

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    Perfectly Preppy

    preppy coastal dining room blue and white

    Mackenzie Horan

    Mackenzie Horan's calming, coastal dining room is full of charm. She made use of empty wall space by styling a bookshelf that serves as storage for favorite trinkets that contribute to the room's preppy theme. A skirted table makes for a stylish serving station, while an oversized mirror above it lets light in.

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    DIY Dreams

    board and batten dining room

    Linda Braden

    If you're handy and want to dramatically change your dining space, adding board and batten to the walls is an excellent choice. Linda Braden drastically transformed her space doing just this, and you won't believe how different it looks from the before version of the room.

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    Homey Hutch

    wooden hutch in dining room

    Daniel Kanter

    Not sure how to fill that empty corner? A classic wooden hutch like Daniel Kanter's will add instant personality to a dining room, whether or not the piece is antique. The extra storage space doesn't hurt, either!

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    Friendly Faces

    dining room with wall art

    Kate Pearce

    Who doesn't love a dining room with a theme? In Kate Pearce's home, that means portraits aplenty! If you have a collection you'd love to display, go for it—guests will love learning more about your favorite pieces, and there's no reason you shouldn't be able to admire them every day. Portraits are easy to source online, via antique stores, and at flea markets. Various landscapes and nature scenes can also look gorgeous grouped together within one room.

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    Opposites Attract

    orange and blue dining room

    Antar Hanif for Saudah Saleem

    We see orange paired with yellow quite frequently, but it's ok to separate that color duo and try something different. Saudah Saleem's design proves that contrasting shades like orange and blue can look stunning together. So if you're craving something bold like purple and yellow, there's no reason not to execute your vision. You'll thank yourself later.

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    A Bit of Everything

    pink and green with leather chairs

    Jessica Brigham

    Jessica Brigham's dining room demonstrates that leather pieces and neutral furnishings can look amazing when paired with a touch of pink and green. So if you love a number of styles and just want to combine them all, let this be your sign!

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    Awesome Accent

    dining room with accent wall

    Carly Moeller

    When in doubt, try an accent wall! Carly Moeller opted for a red and pink wallpaper pattern couldn't be more cheerful and fun. Keeping the print to just one wall prevents the look from being too overwhelming.

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    Classic Colors

    black and white dining room

    Monica Benavidez

    Monica Benavidez made over her dining room without spending more than $100, and the results couldn't be more impressive. Sticking to a largely black and white color scheme helps the small space feel nice and airy, and we love her idea of using a dining bench rather than four chairs.

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    Something Blue

    blue dining room with antique pieces

    Kevin O'Gara

    Kevin O'Gara designed a cozy blue dining room with plenty of charm and soul—both modern and antique pieces pair nicely together in the space. Cushy seating ensures guests will never want to leave.

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    Festive Fringe

    boho mirror dining room windsor chairs

    Tiffany DeLangie

    Tiffany DeLangie spruced up her dining room in a few easy steps while sticking to a low budget, and her makeover shows us that new linens can take a worn dining table from so-so to beautiful, while a fun mirror provides unbeatable visual interest—so easy!