15 Ways to Use Baby's Breath in Wedding Decor

Flowers on wedding ceremony
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Baby's breath is an affordable and chic option for wedding day flowers. This light and airy bloom, typically used as filler, makes a beautiful element to incorporate into bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decor, and boutonnieres. The white flower lends a sophisticated feel to any wedding decor, as it pairs well with wedding fashion, food, and sparkling cocktails.

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    Baby's Breath Centerpieces

    Baby's breath centerpieces
    Brittney Melton

    Fill a glass globe with baby's breath, then add this centerpiece to each dining table at the reception. This simple, yet elegant, table decor makes a show-stopping statement. You can also house a baby's breath bouquet in an antiqued birdcage or a wooden or vintage box to lend personality. Finish off the ensemble with a glass of pink rosé at each table setting.

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    Baby's Breath Bouquets

    baby's breath bouquets
    Brittney Melton

    A bouquet made of only baby's breath won't detract from an elaborate wedding dress. In fact, the subtleness of the arrangement will only add to the fashion statement. Decorate the entire wedding party in baby's breath by incorporating matching bridesmaid bouquets, as well. And if you don't want to go white, consider spray painting your bouquets in a lovely golden or tonal hue. If you're on a budget, you can even make your own bouquets.

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    Baby's Breath Hanging Arrangements

    Hanging Baby's breath vessels
    Hanging small vessels with sprigs of baby's breath makes for an ethereal look. Laura Ford

    For an ethereal look, decorate the reception area with hanging arrangements made of baby's breath. Rustic weddings look great adorned in votive glass jars filled with white blooms and then hung with thread from above. You can also decorate the back of each chair with a hanging ensemble to give an extra touch to the earthy atmosphere.

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    A Baby's Breath Crown

    baby's breath crown
    Rebekah Westover Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

    A baby's breath flower crown provides a touch of whimsy style to a bride's presentation. A crown also highlights the woman of the hour by adding an extra dose of feminine beauty to her bridal hairdo. Pair a crown with an updo or a braid for the best look.

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    A Baby's Breath Veil Accent

    Baby's breath veil
    Tessie Reveliotis

    In lieu of a crown, adorn your veil in baby's breath. This way, you add extra detail to your wedding ensemble without overdoing it or looking like a flower girl, rather than a bride. A few sprigs of flowers attached to the veil's comb will provide a nice accent to this hairpiece.

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    Baby's Breath Jar Accents

    Baby's breath
    Mekina Saylor

    Small colored Mason jars filled with baby's breath can act as both a centerpiece (arranged among candles) or as accents for table and a buffet. Wrap twine around the jars for a rustic look or add clear glass beads to the inside for an added touch.

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    A Baby's Breath Cake Decoration

    Baby's Breath Cake Decoration
    The McCartneys Photography

    Baby's breath can also be used as a simple and sophisticated addition to your wedding cake. Hire a baker versed in incorporating flowers into her decorations. Then, instead of opting for expensive roses, have her use baby's breath to decorate each cake tier or as a garland around the base.

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    Baby's Breath Monogramed Artwork

    Baby's Breath Initial Monogram Decor
    Love Joo Kim

    Baby's breath looks great made into an arrangement that bears the initials of the bride and groom. A piece like this can be displayed on or above the head table. You can also use it to decorate an altar or a dessert buffet, complete with slices of wedding cake and cups of coffee.

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    Baby's Breath Kissing Balls

    Baby's Breath Kissing Balls
    Cuppa Photography

    Create DIY baby's breath kissing balls to hang around your ceremony or reception. They are easy to make yourself, too. Just buy foam balls at a craft store, adorn them with heaps of blooms, and then fasten on a delicate ribbon for hanging. Use them to decorate the aisle at the ceremony, windows of the reception hall, or, for an outside wedding, hang them from trees.

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    Baby's Breath Aisle Decor

    Baby's Breath Aisle Decor
    Dear Pearl Flowers

    Baby's breath can also be incorporated into the ceremony without making the decor overbearing. Create small bouquets that fasten to the sides of the chairs aligning the aisle. Or, use a draping garland to decorate the last row of chairs at the gathering.

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    A Baby's Breath Garland

    Baby's breath garland
    Via Deer Park Flowers

    A baby's breath garland can also be used as a table runner or draped off the end of a serving table for added decoration. Incorporate roses into the garland for a spring wedding or eucalyptus for an earthy fall gathering. Garlands can be hung over a welcome sign or incorporated into a wedding alter, as well.

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    A Baby's Breath Wreath

    Baby's Breath Wreath
    Rustic Wedding Chic

    Enlist the help of your mother and aunts to make DIY baby's breath wreaths which can be used for aisle or reception decor. Hang a large wreath on the front door of the church, either end of a reception tent, or behind your dessert table. You can also use smaller baby's breath wreaths to decorate the bride and groom's chairs at the reception.

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    Baby's Breath Boutonnieres

    baby's breath boutonnieres
    Alaska Knit Nat

    Any black-tie wedding can benefit from baby's breath boutonnieres which add to the black and white detailing of the event. Use black ribbon to fix a few springs around a pin. Or, for a more casual wedding, use brown twine in the same fashion. Then, dress the groomsmen in linen outfits and flip flops to complete the laid back feel.

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    Baby's Breath Flower Girl Baskets

    baby's breath basket

    Flower girl baskets adorned in baby's breath add a subtle cuteness to the flower girls' task. Fill the basket with white or light pink rose petals, then have the girls sprinkle them along the aisle until just the baby's breath remains on the basket. This way, the baskets still look decorative as the youngsters patiently wait out the ceremony.

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    Baby's Breath Escort Card Display

    baby's breath escort card display
    Sue Gallo Designs

    A box filled with foam and decorated with baby's breath works perfectly as a makeshift reception escort. Place it on a welcome table alongside the guestbook so that attendees can find their name, choose their card, and then usher themselves to their designated table.