25 Inspiring Ways to Use Baby's Breath in Your Wedding

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    Baby's breath for weddings


    Baby's breath is an affordable and chic option for wedding day flowers. This light and airy flower that is typically used as filler, but is a beautiful element to use en masse for bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decor, boutonnieres and more for your wedding day. This gallery will show dozens of creative ideas for you to use baby's breath for your wedding day florals!

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    Baby's breath centerpieces

    Use baby's breath in your centerpieces at your reception. Display them in a vessel that coordinates with your theme! 

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    Baby's breath bouquets

    Baby's breath bouquets are a simple and chic choice, not to mention super affordable!

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    Spraypainted baby's breath bouquet

    Want to add an extra touch of glamour to your baby's breath arrangements? Consider spraypainting them with floral friendly paints! 

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    Hanging baby's breath arrangements

    Hanging Baby's breath vessels
    Hanging small vessels with sprigs of baby's breath makes for an ethereal look. Laura Ford

    Hanging small vessels with sprigs of baby's breath makes for an ethereal look.

    Photo by ​Laura Ford

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    Glamorous Baby's breath arrangement

    Baby's breath arrangements aren't just for rustic weddings. We love this glam ballroom look!

    Photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

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    Baby's breath veil accent

    Use baby's breath to adorn your hair or to add an extra lovely detail to your veil. 

    Photo by Tessie Reveliotis

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    Baby's breath and lavender in wine bottles

    Baby's breath with lavender in wine bottles
    Amber Vongsamphanh

    Place a few sprigs of baby's breath in a wine bottle. Lavender is a great choice to pair with your baby's breath, plus it smells amazing, too!

    Photo by Amber Vongsamphanh

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    Baby's breath bouquet

    Baby's breath bouquet
    Chris & Rachel Gochnauer

    Have your bridesmaids carry baby's breath bouquets! Doesn't this baby's breath bouquet make you fall in love with this affordable flower?

    Photo by C&R Creative Studios

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    Small jars with baby's breath

    Baby's breath
    Mekina Saylor

    Use small jars or vessels to make smaller baby's breath arrangements for your centerpieces. 

    Photo by Mekina Saylor

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    Baby's Breath Birdcage

    Baby's Breath Birdcage

     ​This baby's breath birdcage seen on Weddbook is a unique way to incorporate this airy flower into your decor.

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    Baby's Breath Submersible Centerpiece

    Baby's Breath Centerpiece

    Love the look of baby's breath but want something a little more unique? Consider submerging your blooms underwater with floating candles for a chic look.

    Check out the DIY instructions at Afloral.com.

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    Baby's Breath Cake Decoration

    Baby's breath isn't just for centerpieces, it also makes a simple and chic addition to your wedding cake!

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    Baby's breath wreath chair decor

     Use baby's breath to decorate the bride and groom's chairs at the reception for a simply beautiful detail. 

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    Baby's Breath Monogram Decor

    Lay your initials in a bed of baby's breath for a lovely decorative detail near your wedding cake or guest book table. 

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    Baby's Breath Kissing Balls

    Create DIY Baby's breath kissing balls to hang around your ceremony or reception. Use them to decorate your aisle way or hang them from trees for a dreamy look!

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    Baby's breath aisle decor

    Use baby's breath garlands as aisle decorations for your wedding ceremony.

    Photo by Brittney Melton

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    Baby's Breath Aisle Decor

    Baby's Breath Aisle Decor
    Dear Pearl Flowers

    Place some baby's breath in simple paper cones and hang them on the ends of your aisle for an inexpensive way to decorate your ceremony. 

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    Baby's breath hair decoration

    baby's breath hair decoration
    via Elegant Invites

    Baby's breath is a lovely way to add an extra dose of feminine beauty to your bridal hairdo. 

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    Baby's breath garland

    Baby's breath garland
    Via Deer Park Flowers

    This baby's breath garland adds a dreamy touch of whimsy to the middle of the wedding reception tablescape. 

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    Baby's breath wreath

    Put your baby's breath into a beautiful wreath to hang on the front doors of your church or behind your cake table at the reception. 

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    Baby's breath boutonnieres

    baby's breath boutonnieres
    Alaska Knit Nat

    Baby's breath makes a sweet and simple boutonniere flower. Just tie it up with twine or ribbon - so chic!

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    Baby's breath basket

    baby's breath basket
    via PopSugar

    Use baby's breath to decorate your flower girl basket to tie the details together with the rest of your wedding decor. 

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    Baby's breath crown

    Wear a baby's breath flower crown or put one on your flower girl for an added touch of whimsy.

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    Baby's breath escort card display

    Use baby's breath in a basket or box to display your escort cards to let your guests know where to be seated at your reception.

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    Baby's breath altar decorations

    Use baby's breath to decorate your ceremony altar, arch or pergola.