50 Top Instagram Accounts to Follow for Interior Inspiration

Living room with black and white artwork over fireplace

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

It’s easy to look around your home and decide it's time for an update. But figuring out what that update should look like, exactly, is an entirely different story. Sometimes the act of deciding on a home decor project can be so overwhelming, it often seems easier to forgo change altogether and keep things as they are. But what’s the fun in that?

Fortunately, Instagram has become a stellar source of inspiration for anyone looking for simple ways to revive and refresh their space.

There are stylish, pared-back designs for the simplicity-loving minimalist; comfortable, cozy spaces for Hygge enthusiasts; and creative designs that will motivate you to hit the nearest plant nursery. The point is, no matter your aesthetic leanings, there are decorative guideposts all over Instagram, and we pulled the very best of the best so you can stop looking for inspiration and start applying it.

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    A beautiful living room interior

    TheSpruceMakes / Trinette Reed / Stocksy

    Forgive us, but we can't help listing ourselves first. Inviting, practical and certainly not fussy, our Instagram account offers advice for aspiring interior decorators and home enthusiasts at every price point. Browse for inspiration that will leave you feeling like stylish interior decorating is both accessible and fun!

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    A modern neutral living room

    @em_henderson / Instagram

    There’s no better place to start your quest for home update ideas than scrolling through the account of interior designer Emily Henderson. Henderson's feed features stunning home interiors, with plenty of tips and tricks you can take home and apply to your space. Plus, her stories are pretty fun and entertaining.

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    Dark and moody bedroom

    Andrew Finlayson / @fiona_gould_stylist / Instagram

    For a gorgeous balance of vibrant colors and contemporary aesthetics, look no further than Fiona Gould’s Instagram account. The lifestyle and interior stylist delivers all kinds of interior motivation in the form of whimsy yet accessible designs that’ll delight all of your interior-loving senses.

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    Close up of a living room with a gray couch and gold lamp

    Gathering Light / @janeledgerinteriors / Instagram

    Jane Ledger’s stunning images showcase just how rich and layered a neutral color palette can be. While you won’t find a lot of bright colors here, you’ll find an abundance of ways to make earthy neutrals shine brightly with lots of layers, thoughtful styling, and pretty patterns.

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    Orange and white accent wall in bedroom

    @sun.soul.style / Instagram

    Making ordinary spaces extraordinary is the name of this feed’s game. Interior designer Christina Higham curates a beautiful collection of home images featuring an admirable mix of the timeless and unexpected.

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    warm and plant-filled kitchen

    @biggerthanthethreeofus / Instagram

    Sometimes the best inspiration comes from seeing how one home evolves, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from this home renovation feed. This small family is taking stylish remodeling into their own hands and offering viewers plenty of tips and DIY goodness along the way.

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    Fun and modern pastel dresser

    Marisa Vitale / @nataliemyers / Instagram

    We love the style sensibility of interior designer Natalie Myers, so we’re not surprised to find that her Instagram account is so awe-inspiring. If you want to learn how to cultivate high-end style with a playful twist, this is a great place to start.

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    Gray nordic-style living room

    @homeyohmy / Instagram

    Amy Kim takes the classic black-and-white color combination and sends it soaring to new, stylish heights. Here you’ll find sleek silhouettes paired with contemporary patterns for looks that are simultaneously timeless and striking in their simplicity.

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    Dramatic and bold living room

    John Woodcock / @lexiwestergard_design / Instagram

    Warm, modern, and comfortable are the first adjectives we’d use to describe the looks by interior designer Lexi Westergard. Her feed is equal parts pretty and refined, with designs that are as creative as they are inviting. It’s a fun first stop for anyone seeking a look that’s high-style but still feels homey.

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    Wooden dresser in bedroom

    @monicawangphoto / Instagram

    The Instagram account of interiors and lifestyle photographer Monica Wang is packed full of design tricks and tips. You’ll see plenty of stimulating images from places far and wide, and gain access to her process for building a gorgeous home.

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    Dark gray and gold living room

    @jonathanadler / Instagram

    Interior designer Jonathan Adler’s feed is an exciting wonderland of bold colors and compelling patterns, which should come as no surprise if you’ve spent time in any of his funky stores. A little time spent here will leave you with inspiring ways to style and update your home without sacrificing your own personality along the way.

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    Chic fireplace mantle

    @heywanderer / Instagram

    These BFF bloggers from Nashville, Tennessee are the epitome of western living. Their Instagram feed is a magical collection of photos that will make you feel warm–from earthy color palettes, cozy fireplaces, and string lights to yarn wall hangings with geometric patterns and dream catchers.

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    Farmhouse style living room

    @thejoshuatreehouse / Instagram

    Desert themes only for this husband and wife design team based in Joshua Tree, California. They embrace life on arid terrain with interiors that focus on burnt tones and Moroccan design components. Sherbert-colored sunsets and cactus landscape visuals serve as an added bonus, along with photos of the duo’s vintage vehicles. We’re not sure which one we like more–the “Scout” or “Goldie.”

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    Tropical-inspired living room

    @thejungalow / Instagram

    Justina Blakeney’s Instagram is an oasis for “jungalicious” plant decor, vibrant patterns, and inspiration. She’s an L.A.-based designer and New York Times best-selling author whose worldly aesthetic is all about “feeling free, having fun, and getting a little bit wild.” Seriously, plant porn is all over her feed.

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    White room with wood ceiling beams

    @frenchcountrycottage / Instagram

    In chandeliers and beautiful blooms we trust. You’ll notice that author, designer, and photographer Courtney Allison really loves sparkly light fixtures and fresh bouquets of flowers in every room! She describes her style as “a little bit shabby and French country with a touch of cottage mixed in.” We’re really into how she mixes rustic elements with more sophisticated items—like placing a gilded french chair beside a rustic table with worn paint.

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    Blue and white living room

    @lilypadcottage / Instagram

    Lake life is the best life judging by this blogger’s waterfront home projects in Michigan. There’s no shortage of spaces finished with clean lines and soft blue and white color schemes. A fluffy white dog, adorable family, and picturesque surroundings make frequent appearances—which makes the photo collage even more enjoyable.

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    White and blue dining area

    @theinspiredroom / Instagram

    “Love the home you have,” says Seattle native Melissa Michaels. A charming union of coastal and farmhouse style, her spaces project an inviting aura–made complete by her two fur babies. What’s even better? The focus on budget-conscious design ideas.

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    White and blue kitchen with gold fixtures

    @randigarrettdesign / Instagram

    Neutrals, pastels, and gold embellishments reign supreme here. Home design enthusiast Randi Garrett crafts spaces for everyday living and entertaining with friends and family. Among a sea of bright white rooms, you’ll find perfectly positioned pops of color in the form of ginger jars, vases, and bouquets of peonies. This account is a reminder that fabulous style doesn’t have to come with an extravagant price tag.

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    Neutral dining room

    @citrineliving / Instagram

    As its name (citrine) suggests, this account is a gem. Tamara Anka’s use of subtle, luxe details and eclectic patterns with neutrals is truly soothing. All of her rooms are dazzling, but the dining room is the standout with brushstroke artwork, a crystal chandelier, a vintage-inspired rug, and a mismatched grouping of chairs.

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    Light pink bedroom with rose gold accents

    @summeradamsdesigns / Instagram

    Feeling pretty in pink? Summer Adams is the creator of #swoonworthysaturday on Instagram, and you’ll see why. She pairs neutral colors with slightly posh details to create the perfect balance. We never tire of looking at her white, pink, and gold color scheme. There’s just something really dreamy about it.

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    Neutral laundry room with rustic accents

    @ellivenstudio / Instagram

    Crafting an Instagrammable laundry room isn’t easy, but this style guru sure makes it appear that way. She pulls inspiration from all directions—including sunsets, music, and blooms. We’re particularly fond of her moodboards, which break up the trickle of the usual decor posts on her feed.

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    All white living room and kitchen

    @mytexashouse / Instagram

    There may be a lot of white in this Texan’s home, but it’s anything but bland. Key decorations including rugs, throw blankets, sofas, and benches—in different patterns, textures, and shades of white—add interest to each monochromatic room.

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    Neutral farmhouse style kitchen

    @ourfauxfarmhouse / Instagram

    Take it one DIY at a time, like husband and wife team Brad and Holly. They’ve transformed their spec home into a faux farmhouse while staying within a stated budget. Decorated in a classic black and white farmhouse style, their cheerful home is sprinkled with warm tones and living greens. Large statement pieces and antiques add a lot of character.

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    French farmhouse style white living room

    @dreamywhiteslifestyle / Instagram

    Dreaming of an authentic French farmhouse? You’re in luck. This Instagram feed is littered with exquisite French antiques (think zinc pitchers and ironstone ware), Belgian crates and tack racks. Honestly, we can’t get enough of the French stoneware bowls filled with bright citrus fruit.

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    White and green retro kitchen

    Kaitlyn Bullard / @thefestivefarmhouse / Instagram

    Every nook and cranny in Allison’s nest feels like home. Countless vintage pieces both big and small take center stage in her house. If you’re fond of old kitchen appliances, there’s a stove named Laverne that will make your heart go pitter-patter. Pops of color and clean modern touches tie the look together.

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    Modern style staircase

    @plankandpillow / Instagram

    Is a house ever truly finished? This small-town couple of decorators and builders doesn’t think so. We admire their affinity for modern light fixtures, banisters, and shelving, as well as the traditional aspects of their farmhouse like the porch swing and shiplap accent walls.

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    Close up of a brown and moody study

    @homestoriesatoz / Instagram

    Beauty can come from chaos—just ask Beth Hunter! She’s a creator of interior beauty and urban-cottage comfort. After scrolling through her photos, we want to curl up inside a country-inspired home of our own. Bonus: she sprinkles in shots of her darling horse, Blaze.

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    Contemporary green and white room

    @ispydiy / Instagram

    This DIYer’s home is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin barnhouse with contemporary and minimalist touches. She takes advantage of natural light, thrifted decor, and industrial accents to pull together the perfect modern farmhouse look.

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    Brick accent wall in living room

    @thehouseofsilverlining / Instagram

    Silver lining found. This Colorado interior stylist’s philosophy is “mix patterns, textures, colors, and throw in the unexpected.” She primarily utilizes earthy colors, but it’s the myriad patterns and textures that give her results an extra oomph. Can you spot all the amazing industrial light fixtures? We can’t stop staring.

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    Close up of a neutral living room

    @e.interiors.design / Instagram

    Like mother, like daughter. This account’s cool factor is off the charts thanks to designers Megan and Dawn, who share the same DNA. If you’re a sucker for black details and trim, there’s plenty of eye candy to check out on doors, windows, and furniture. Also, you’ll find desert and coastal themed spaces done in a modern way that’s incredibly satisfying.

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    White, gold, and gray bathroom with double vanities

    @eyeforpretty / Instagram

    Get busy eying everything pretty on Nicole’s page. Her decorating method capitalizes on elements across the spectrums of age and price point. Expect to see old things, new things, high-end things, and discount things. The striking entryway designs will pull you in, along with stunning industrial mirrors and light fixtures.

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    Close up of a modern dresser

    @citysage / Instagram

    Is there anything that Rue Magazine and Light Lab co-founder Anne Sage hasn’t conquered in the design content world? If you’re craving a good helping of photos styled with Mid-Century Modern flair, this is the spot for you. The colors are zen and the artwork and patterns are abstract. Go ahead, indulge.

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    Clean and chic kitchen with wooden cabinets

    Tessa Neustadt / @amberinteriors / Instagram

    Favoring lively, colorful styling and a fusion of vintage treasures and modern pieces, this native Californian’s work radiates an effortless aura. Your soul will find all sorts of design happiness here. In fact, she runs an online sourcebook for laid-back living appropriately titled All Sorts Of.

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    Modern living room with high ceilings and a statement chandelier

    Jessica Kettle / @studiomcgee / Instagram

    Whatever look you seek, Syd and Shea McGee’s interiors will give you a huge dose of house envy and inspiration. You’ll be smitten with everything from the natural finishes to the vases of foraged plant branches in their modern lake house.

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    Dark blue kitchen cabinets

    @sarahshermansamuel / Instagram

    Sarah Sherman Samuel will have you California dreamin’ with breezy, white rooms decked out in playful colors and patterns. We’re crushing over her usage of built-in sofas, half-moon shaped hardware, terrazzo flooring, and graphic wallpaper.

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    Gray dining area with wall art

    @zdesignathome / Instagram

    To all fans of shades of grey (decor)—you won’t be able to resist this Instagram feed. Soft greys and whites are a trademark of stylist Zabrina’s calming interiors. She describes her style as “transitional modern,” composed of clean lines with an eclectic, relaxed feel.

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    Wooden cabinet next to a modern gold bar cart

    @houseofhipstersblog / Instagram

    You can find this Chicago blogger scouring flea markets and estate sales in search of the perfect antiques to place on her shelves. She adds a ton of character to her home by uniting old pieces with new pieces. Her collection of unique portraits, statuaries, and busts is enchanting.

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    Closet mural wall

    @vintagerevivals / Instagram

    First of all, we love that Mandi Gubler is transforming a 1928 mercantile store into a home. Second, her decorating sense is goals. Mandi’s minimalist style is accented by pops of color, geometric shapes, and retro furniture. Ideas like pegboard shelves, hanging brass planters, and paint by numbers murals make for DIY magic.

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    Black and white photo wall for kitchen

    Alyssa Rosenheck / @nicoledavisinteriors / Instagram

    Mod kitchens with white and brass details. Bathrooms with mixed metals. A ranch with refined rustic style. A breakfast nook with a black and white gallery wall. No matter the space or style preference, this Orange County, California designer’s vision is simple and sophisticated. She nails it.

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    Close up of fireplace accessories in home

    @apartment_34 / Instagram

    This renovating and decorating enthusiast is all about a white and black color scheme sprinkled with natural wood details. She's all about placing vintage furniture in her spaces to keep the decor from looking too shiny and new. In short? We dig it.

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    Close up of white bedroom with plants

    @restoring_home / Instagram

    Whether or not you're into neutrals, you’ll appreciate DIYer Angela Mueller’s eye for design. She compliments a plain color palette of white, beige, brown, and black with just the right amount of greenery, accent walls, and wall hangings. Swoon!

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    Tranquil neutral living room

    @designlovesdetail / Instagram

    This Utah-based designer’s approach is alluring and functional with a fresh, airy feel. “Tranquil” is probably the best way to describe her spaces, which feature white walls, soft colors, wooden embellishments, and playful shelves. Speaking of shelves, her #shelfie posts are on point.

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    Close up of of black and white decor on table

    @thesefourwallsblog / Instagram

    U.K. blogger and stylist Abi Dare is an avid proponent of simple and relaxed living. Her gorgeous black and white photography with Scandinavian influence makes for a winning minimalist style. She manages to make something as simple as a black candlestick on a white mantel look stunning.

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    Scandinavian style desk area

    @myscandinavianhome / Instagram

    London-born Niki Brantmark is an author and Scandinavian home guru living in Sweden. Her Instagram feed is like an archive of simple, ethereal decor inspiration from around the world. This is the account to follow if you love minimalism, but don’t want to limit yourself to just black and white.

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    Close up of a decor next to leather couch

    @themerrythought / Instagram

    “Merrythought” means wishbone. What type of home decor do you wish for? This Rochester, New York stepmother and stepdaughter team’s mantra is to go for whatever makes your heart happy. If that happens to be rooms with bright white walls and hardwood surfaces adorned with greenery—then you’re in luck.

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    Close up of a butterfly wall art

    Heather Hawkins / @studioten25 / Instagram

    The bold and the beautiful design, courtesy of Abbe Stanton Fenimore. This color and pattern loving interior specialist is worth checking out if you’d like to add a little whimsy to your home. From butterfly wallpaper and leopard dining chairs to striped sofas and checkered tiles, there are so many unexpected combinations that work.

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    Mixed design style living room

    @hunted_interior / Instagram

    Traditional molding, vintage rugs, and leopard prints are some design elements that Atlanta’s Kristin Jackson is “slightly obsessed” with. We’re a little obsessed with her layering of traditional with modern, mixed with Mid-Century, and more. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

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    Close up of trendy orange and red bedroom

    @kellywearstler / Instagram

    Bow down. Kelly Wearstler is an international design queen who curates a wealth of sensory experiences in every space she gets her hands on. Kelly feels that “honoring history, location, and architecture is imperative to pushing the boundaries and challenging the rules. Judging by what we’ve seen, we can’t help but agree.

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    Blue and white living room

    @cailtlinwilsondesign / Instagram

    Pattern and color are interior designer Caitlin Wilson’s strong suit, especially when it comes to pink, blue, and purple hues. Her design principles are rooted in classic style, and her aesthetic is sophisticated and unique. Don’t be fooled, though, she’s not limited to just one style (or color)—and you shouldn’t limit yourself either!

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    Close up of modern and neat living room

    @alyssakapitointeriors / Instagram

    From swanky apartments to lake houses, New York City's Alyssa Kapito has a knack for designing bespoke interiors with beautiful textures and clean lines. Aside from shots of her grand spaces, there’s plenty of charming home exterior imagery to inspire you.