11 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Interior Inspiration

It’s easy to look around our abodes and feel like it’s ready for an update, but figuring out what that update should look like is another story. And it’s one that can be so overwhelming that it often feels easier to forgo change altogether and keep things as they are. But what’s the fun in that?

Fortunately for home decor lovers everywhere, Instagram has become a stellar source of interior inspiration for anyone looking for simple ways to revive and refresh their space.

There are stylish, pared-back designs for the simplicity-loving minimalist; comfortable and cozy spaces for Hygge enthusiasts; and boho-chic designs that will motivate you to hit the nearest plant nursery. The point is, no matter your aesthetic leanings, there are decorative guideposts all over Instagram, and we pulled the very best of the best so you can stop looking for inspiration and start applying it.

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    A beautiful living room interior

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    Inviting, practical and certainly "not fussy," The Spruce offers advice for aspiring interior decorators and home enthusiasts. You'll be impressed by the variety of content on this page, attracting readers from all styles and price points. Browse for inspiration that will leave you feeling like stylish interior decorating is both achievable and fun! 

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    There’s no better place to start your quest for home update ideas than scrolling through the account of interior designer, Emily Henderson. Her feed features stunning home interiors, designed by her, with plenty of tips and tricks you can take home and apply to your space. Plus, her stories are pretty fun and entertaining.

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    For a gorgeous balance of vibrant colors and contemporary aesthetics, look no further than Fiona Michelon’s Instagram account. The lifestyle and interior stylist delivers all kinds of interior motivation in the form of chic yet accessible designs that’ll delight all of your interior-loving senses.

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    Jane Ledger’s stunning images showcase just how rich and layered a neutral color palette can be. While you won’t find a lot of bright colors here, you’ll find an abundance of ways to make earthy neutrals shine brightly with lots of layers, thoughtful styling, and pretty patterns.

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    Making ordinary spaces extraordinary is the name of this feed’s game. Interior designer, Christina Higham, has curated a beautiful collection of home images that feature a perfect blend of the timeless and unexpected.

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    Sometimes the best inspiration comes from seeing how one home evolves, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from this home renovation feed. This small family is taking stylish remodeling into their own hands and offering viewers plenty of tips and DIY goodness along the way.

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    We love the style sensibility of interior designer, Natalie Myers, so we’re not surprised to find that her Instagram account is so awe-inspiring. If you want to learn how to cultivate high-end style with a playful twist, then this is a great place to start.

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    Amy Kim takes the classic black and white color combination and sends it soaring to new, stylish heights. Here you’ll find sleek silhouettes paired with contemporary patterns for looks that are simultaneously timeless and striking in their simplicity.

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    Warm, modern, and comfortable are the first adjectives we’d use to describe the looks by interior designer, Lexi Westergard. Her feed is equal parts pretty and refined, with designs that are as chic as they are inviting. It’s a stellar first stop for anyone seeking a look that’s high-style but still feels homey.

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    The Instagram account of interiors and lifestyle photographer, Monica Wang, is packed full of design tricks and inspiration. You’ll see plenty of stimulating images from places far and wide, as well as gain access to what she does to make her own home so gorgeous.

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    Interior designer Jonathan Adler’s feed is an exciting wonderland of bold colors and compelling patterns, which should come as no surprise if you’ve spent time in any of his funky stores. A little time spent here will leave you with inspiring ways to style and update your home without sacrificing your design’s personality.