Installing Patio Pavers

Plus Tips on Choosing Them, Designing With Them

You may not think of this fact when installing patio pavers (unless you are prone to daydreaming), but when you lay down these solid materials to create flat surfaces upon which to entertain, walk or drive, you are following in the footsteps of the ancients. The Romans built their roads with stone pavers because the smoother, more durable surface made travel easier. Today, we pave our roads with asphalt and concrete, saving stone work for such areas as the patios around our houses.

In this article, we'll touch briefly on the different kinds of patio pavers, how to install patio pavers, and design options with them. Please follow any of the links for more in-depth information on these topics.

Choosing patio pavers. Before installing patio pavers, you will have to sift through the multitude of types from which to choose. They vary in size, shape, color, texture, cost, and ease of installation. Whatever project you are undertaking, from entertaining areas to pool decks, there is at least one kind suitable for your project. The most common types come in concrete, brick and stone materials, and they can be used to build, for example:


Installing patio pavers. Although there are many kinds available, the techniques for installing patio pavers of all types are quite similar. For those that are dry-laid, that is, installed without mortar, the process generally consists of installing a base of crushed stone and a setting bed of sand or stone dust.

For some projects, you may want to install your stone or brick pavers with mortar. These need to be installed over a solid concrete slab. Consult this article on how to install pavers for more information.

Designing with patio pavers. When making a design for your patio paver project, there are three main questions to answer: What is the function of the project?

What will it look like? How much will it cost? Whether you're planning to build an elaborate entertaining area or a simple walkway, read this article on patio paver design for more information.