Installing a Poke-Through Electrical Floor Outlet

Electrical floor outlet
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    How to Install a Poke-Through Electrical Floor Outlet

    Carlon poke-through floor box kit
    Photo from Carlon

    OK, so you need an outlet for a lamp behind a sofa in the middle of your Great Room. What do you do?

    Running an electrical cord on the floor covered by duct tape to the wall plug is one answer, but a pretty bad one.

    Well, now there is a great product to answer this problem. It's been used in commercial office construction for decades. This product is called a poke-through electrical floor box as shown in the photo above (photo shows a Carlon model E971FBDI).

    Carlon's product is handy because it comes with everything you need for a complete in-floor installation. Plus not only can you use it for electrical power, but it has adapters for telecommunications such as a phone line or computer network cable (do we still use that?).

    Kit Components:

    • Floor box
    • Brass cover
    • Hole saw to cut the hole in the floor
    • Wired electrical receptacle
    • Two-hole low voltage plate
    • Blank plate
    • Mounting screws
    • Wire nuts.


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    Installation of the Poke-Through Electrical Floor Outlet

    Installed Carlon floor box
    Photo from Carlon

    Carlon has made installation fairly easy with the kit they provide. At least they provide almost all the parts you will need. Detailed installation instructions can be found on their website but basically, boils down to these steps:

    • If you have carpeting you need to cut a 2-3/8" hole to access the wood sub-floor;
    • If you have a solid or engineered wood floor, just proceed to the next step;
    • Use a power drill to drill a hole in the floor using the hole saw provided;
    • Running a new circuit or extending a circuit, shut off the circuit's breaker and pull the electrical romex cable (for 120-volt outlet installation) or the phone line or data cable (for phone or data installation) through the floor opening;
    • Connect the power wires to the receptacle (white to white/black to black) or the phone/data wires to the appropriate jacks;
    • Close bottom of the tube and secure wire clamp;
    • Insert box through the hole in the floor;
    • Fasten the cover plate to the floor.
    • Turn the power to the circuit back on and test for proper operation.

    You now have a concealed power source in the middle of your floor and have eliminated any potential trip hazards from extension cords.