This New Candle Trend Is Perfect for Reaching New Year's Resolutions

Intention candles are the new way to reach your 2023 goals

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Candle Trends for the New Year

Spruce / Kevin Liang

Prepare to crush your New Year's resolutions with just one simple purchase: a candle. We've been seeing "intention candles" all over the internet that encourage you to set an intention before lighting, subsequently "sparking" inspiration, relaxation, or creativity.

Intention candles may include a positive phrase, help set a relaxing space for brainstorming resolutions, or inspire action in reaching a goal in the new year. We love any budget-friendly home goods that contribute to a positive feeling or create a comforting space, especially when approaching the unknown of a new year. All resolutions are welcome! Trust us, there's a perfect intention candle for you.


House of Intuition

I Am Beautiful Affirmation Soy Candle, $45; House of Intuition

Lighting a candle can quickly become part of a ritual. Add positive self-affirmations to this daily ritual as you enter 2023 with new goals with House of Intuition's affirmation candles, which affirm everything from "I am strong" to "bless me with eternal love." No matter your resolution, positive self-talk can help, or in this case, positive candle-talk.

If you don't have a specific intention in mind, ward away negative thoughts and energies with your candle. Latina-owned candle brand Albisa collaborated with The Artroom to create a "Todo lo malo echa pa' ya" candle which tells darkness to "move to the other side" with pleasant notes of woody spices and musky cedar.

Homesick Candles Memory Candles

Homesick Candles

Memory Candles, $38; Homesick Candles

For more specific resolutions such as moving to a new state, starting a new hobby, or getting married to the love of your life, Homesick Candles can help set your intention. The brand's memory candles celebrate an important moment in your life. Instead of looking towards the past at a memory that happened, set an intention with a "road trip" or "new home" candle based on a goal you have for your year. Light up a cinnamon-scented candle that reads "new job" as you send in applications or warm up next to a "lake living" candle as you browse properties. Not only are you making your home smell beautiful, but you're also creating a constant reminder of a goal you want to reach.

Etsy Custom Intention Candle


Custom Intentions Candle, $85; Etsy

If you don't see one that speaks to you, look to Etsy for its endless options for manifestation, restoring calm, and even personalized options for setting your own intentions for 2023 and beyond. The Etsy shop TripleWickGoddess will work with you to choose the scent, the color, the wax design, the included herbs and crystals, and even a corresponding moon phase that recommends the best time to light your candle and plan your goals.

Another popular option on Etsy features angel numbers, which are repeated number sequences that are said to have different meanings depending on what you see frequently in your everyday life. For example, 444 is meant to symbolize clarity, while 333 symbolizes guidance. Based on what you need to start your new year off right, choose a candle with an angel number that speaks to you.

We love candles for every space all year round, but now's the time to be more intentional about your purchase as we enter the first few days of 2023. Use this simple home method to help set a new goal, create a positive or relaxing vibe, and inspire you to do amazing things this year.