Interior Color Schemes for Global Style

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    Interior Color Schemes for Global Style

    Oriental style room decor

    With the prices of world travel coming within reach of even budget-minded consumers—and with the instant availability of images of exotic places on the internet—it’s no wonder that many of us have caught the travel bug. Our interiors have begun to reflect that.

    World travelers aren't the only ones who want to infuse a diverse, global style into their homes. EBay and Etsy have brought international textiles and global home decor within reach, and many people in search of fair-trade-worthy...MORE lifestyles have adopted a global look in their furnishings and color schemes.

    Contrary to popular belief, global style is not yet a recognized decorating style. It is considered more of a look that you can incorporate into any style of home. The beauty of global decor is its adaptability and workability with any style of interior, be it traditional, contemporary or country.

    Global color schemes and decor lend an eclectic, vibrant look to a space. Regional colors, artwork, crafts and furnishings add flavor to a home and keep a room from looking generic or bland.

    If you want to achieve a global look in your home, check out these interior color schemes based on exotic photos and inspirational places. The colors in the images are available in a perfectly matched paint at your local Sherwin-Williams store, but you could substitute any brand of paint.

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    Global Style Color Scheme: Central America

    © Rita Rivera/Getty

    The warm adobes, rust browns, brilliant blues and rich reds in this color palette wonderfully reflect people whose cultural heritage is just as rich and varied. If you want to widen this color scheme, add a warm deep yellow or rich magenta. Both of these are common Latin American colors.

    This color scheme is typical of many mainlanders. The closer you get to the coastline in Central America, the lighter and brighter the colors become. The main palette remains the same, but more turquoises and...MORE pinks may be introduced.

    These elements help you introduce a Central American global style into your home:

    • Colorful, decorative pottery and tile
    • Colorfully woven or embroidered rugs, tapestries and linens
    • Heavy, yet intricately carved, wood furnishings
    • Plastered or adobe walls with soft finishes
    • Woven and solid leathers and suedes
    • Distressed finishes
    • Dark metal or iron accents
    • Baskets in natural or traditional colors

    Sherwin-Williams paint colors for a Central American color scheme include:

    • SW 6258 Tricorn Black
    • SW 6672 Morning Sun
    • SW 2802 Rookwood Red
    • SW 6885 Knockout Orange
    • SW 6818 Valiant Violent
    • SW 7581 Rosette
    • SW 7598 Sierra Redwood
    • SW 6810 Lupine
    • SW 6823 Brave Purple
    • SW 6864 Cherry Tomato
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    Global Style Color Scheme: India

    © Juergen Held/Getty

    India is an amazingly colorful country, and its people are pure color lovers who display almost every conceivable color in their clothing, architecture and decor. Each spring, the Indian people celebrate a festival of colors. Part of this celebration honors the abundant colors bursting forth in the new season.

    Interiors that are mindful of India are rich and filled with beautiful, handcrafted items in sumptuous layers. Indian interiors, especially those of the upper classes, typically embrace...MORE luxury, so homes are filled with color, pattern and decor. However, nothing should feel ostentatious—instead focus on soft, rich comfort and perfect balance.

    Not all Indians— just like not all of any nationality—can afford to embrace luxury, yet India has a flair for making everyday, utilitarian objects intricately beautiful. India is known for its textiles, and even simple cotton fabrics are usually printed or embroidered. Many decorative objects are often found artfully arranged even in the simplest of homes.

    A great way to save money on Indian furnishings and decor is by shopping for vintage items and scouring estate sales.

    These elements help you introduce an Indian global style into your home:

    • Rich and varied colors, patterns and textures
    • Embellished architectural features such as onion domes, scalloped arches and tall columns
    • Intricately carved furnishings in exotic woods
    • Moorish patterns and prints
    • Layered silks and fine textiles, embroidered and printed
    • Fabric wall hangings, curtains and room dividers
    • Swings and other hanging or roped furniture
    • Animal motifs and exotic animal prints

    Sherwin-Williams paint colors for an Indian color scheme include:

    • SW 6894 Forceful Orange
    • SW 7573 Eaglet Beige
    • SW 6692 Auric
    • SW 2838 Polished Mahogany
    • SW 2837 Aurora Brown
    • SW 6882 Daredevil
    • SW 6969 Indulgent
    • SW 6656 Serape
    • SW 6810 Lupine
    • SW 2840 Hammered Silver
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    Global Style Color Scheme: Italy

    © Slow Images

    This image of warm, lush vineyard hills near Castel Ritaldi in Umbria is filled with color and light, much like the Italians themselves. A home that embraces an Italian style should also be warm, lush and welcoming, full of light and laughter.

    The color palette of an American home that seeks to embrace an Italian look has evolved since the popular Tuscan style decorating of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The recent color scheme evolution is more sophisticated than the strong, vibrant colors of...MORE the older style, although a Tuscan-style blue or green could certainly work well with this scheme. A real Italian would never object to an addition of color!

    The Italian style is one of the foundations for what became known as country style, although it does have its own special characteristics. When decorating in the style of an Italian, choose sturdy materials that look as if they have withstood the test of time. Homes in Italy are homes that have been given—and have given back—much love and use. Nothing should look shiny and new. Nothing should be too precious to use.

    These elements help you introduce an Italian global style into your home:

    • Warmth through colors, textures and natural light
    • Copper and wrought iron
    • Natural materials such as plaster, stucco, terra-cotta and stone
    • Rich, medium-toned woods in natural colors
    • Aging and patina in furnishings and decor
    • Strong architectural details like columns and arches
    • Fountains as water features
    • Colorful, hand-painted pottery
    • Wood or tile floors

    Sherwin-Williams paint colors for an Italian color scheme include:

    • SW 7018 Dovetail
    • SW 7123 Yellow Beam
    • SW 6258 Tricorn Black
    • SW 7524 Dhurrie Beige
    • SW 6216 Jasper
    • SW 6883 Raucous Orange
    • SW 6412 Eminent Bronze
    • SW 2839 Roycroft Copper Red
    • SW 6368 Bakelite Gold
    • SW 6901 Daffodil
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    Global Style Color Scheme: Mediterranean

    © Billy Hustace/Getty

    Interiors that reflect the Mediterranean style are typical of most coastal styles​ in that they celebrate the colors of sand, sun, sky and sea, as well as a love of sunshine and natural lighting. The color white is a common neutral color in the Mediterranean color scheme, but lively coastal dwellers will occasionally throw in a bold red to contrast the coast's natural colors. A warm sunshine yellow makes a great accent color and contrasts beautifully with the blues and greens of the sea.

    When...MORE decorating in a Mediterranean style, think airy colors with grounded furnishings, lots of natural light, and interiors that embrace a fellowship with the sea and sky.

    These elements help you introduce a Mediterranean global style into your home:

    • Colors of the sand, sea and sky
    • Mosaic or terra-cotta tiles
    • Glazed or textured plaster walls
    • Heavy, low furnishings with ornate carvings
    • Metal hardware, lighting and accessories in bronze or iron
    • Natural light
    • White as a neutral
    • Rounded arches and domes
    • Soft, rounded, bullnose edges
    • Water fountains and features
    • Stonework and terra-cotta features and decor

    Sherwin-Williams paint colors for a Mediterranean color scheme include:

    • SW 7008 Alabaster
    • SW 6961 Blue Beyond
    • SW 6965 Hyper Blue
    • SW 6794 Flyway
    • SW 7504 Keystone Gray
    • SW 6258 Tricorn Black
    • SW 7607 Santorini Blue
    • SW 6139 Mossy Gold
    • SW 6058 Likeable Sand
    • SW 6447 Evergreens
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    Global Style Color Scheme: Africa

    © Digital Vision

    African-themed interiors are becoming more popular and because of this, the style has begun to fall prey to cliches. African elements—such as animal prints, artwork and native motifs—should play a beautiful part in this style, but they can easily be overdone.

    To keep your home from looking like a Hollywood set in a low-budget safari movie, keep the animal prints sparse and natural, and use a light hand with the greenery. To keep your rooms from feeling too busy, mix ethnic prints and art with...MORE natural leathers, soft muslins and linens, and natural earth tones. In other words, allow some breathing room into your spaces to achieve a modern, sophisticated look.

    Africans welcome the landscape into their homes, and the colors of the landscape flow effortlessly indoors. Tall draperies in natural colors can separate the indoors from out, and they can also be used to separate living spaces. Deep purple and dark red are rich accent colors in African-style interiors; they blend well with Africa's warm, monochromatic earthy tones. Black is a great basic color choice in an African-style room, where it usually acts as a neutral.

    These elements help you introduce an African global style into your home:

    • Earthy colors such as khakis, mahoganies and terra-cottas
    • Black as a neutral
    • Dark, rich woods, plain and carved
    • Woven and printed textiles
    • Woven baskets and earthen bowls
    • Tropical plants or greenery with large leaves
    • Natural animal prints and leathers
    • Handcrafted artwork such as prints, masks, totems and other native elements
    • Natural animal prints and hides

    Sherwin-Williams paint colors for an African color scheme include:

    • SW 6258 Tricorn Black
    • SW 2863 Powder Blue
    • SW 7610 Turkish Tile
    • SW 7723 Colony Buff
    • SW 6069 French Roast
    • SW 6349 Pennywise
    • SW 6130 Mannered Gold
    • SW 6677 Goldenrod
    • SW 7104 Cotton White
    • SW 6692 Auric