2018's Biggest Interior Design Predictions From Industry Professionals

Kimberly Peck Architect/Indira Lourenço
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    Interior Trends for 2018

    Karen Asprea/ Whitehall Interiors

    A new year means a new start, so why not begin in the home? When it comes to the fixtures, art, and materials that are trending in 2018, there are no better experts to ask, than the designers, architects, decorators, and artists working with these very items today. From a moodier color palette and two-tone cabinetry to woven textures and a return to marble, these are the trending updates you should consider for your abode come January.

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    Smart Tech

     " Smart technology can enhance any kitchen renovation today and by relocating backsplash outlets and using LED tape for lighting, we let beautiful Calcutta marble radiate." -Heather Basso, Studio H Interiors

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    Large Format Tile

     “Subway tiles have become a safe material often used for renovations as well as new construction. Recently, there has been a trend towards using larger format tile and even slab-sized porcelain sheets. This shift is not only aesthetic, but one of function, as larger tile has less grout and is both easier to install and maintain.” -Karen Asprea, Whitehall Interiors

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    Bold Color

    French By Design/Pinterest

     "Bold colors are going to make a comeback in 2018 staying inside of the monochromatic trend of 2017. The idea is that you’ll have a bold color like pink, but different hues of the same color." -Randi Lee, Designer

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    Incorporating Natural Surroundings

     “For me, it’s important to design a space that fits within the architecture it resides in and, in some way, reflect the geography of its location. For example, with my current project, residential resort Rock House, the natural Turks and Caicos landscape influenced the design—incorporating the natural limestone and taking advantage of the gorgeous views to set the tone.” -Shawn Henderson, Shawn Henderson Interior Design

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    Forbidden Gardens

    forbidden gardens
    Designer Rugs AU/ Pinterest

     "Prints and patterns will focus on forbidden gardens with opulent grounds and flora and fauna grown in the imaginations of their creators." -Patti Carpenter, Principal and Global Trend Ambassador at Carpenter + Company

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    Entertainment Havens

     “Media and game rooms are now replacing in-home theaters. People want a space to hang out in, not just sit and watch a movie." -Uri Hason, Pinewood Development

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    Colorful Houseplants

     "People are returning to houseplants as décor items because they’re affordable and attractive, and you can swap the pot out to give a plant an entirely different look. Colorful ones—like Red Aglaonema, Fittonia, and Croton (Codiaeum variegatum)—stand out from the others and because they’re scientifically shown to help reduce stress, having a houseplant or two in your bedroom might even help you sleep better." -Justin Hancock, Horticulturist at Costa Farms

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    Street Art

    "Street art is fascinating and global and not expensive. Art is fairly intense and these artists have something to say and know how to say it." -Peter Tunney, Artist and Goldman Global Arts Partner


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    Memphis Revival

     "As Millennials are creating their own spaces, they have a distinct desire to separate themselves from the traditional and a new era of interiors is coming along with them. Raised watching Saved by the Bell, and living in very hardcore '80s and '90s, the retro look for them is not so far back. Designers and artists are evoking these decades with furniture, art, textiles, and decor. The original Memphis era had clashing color combinations and grotesque shapes in furniture and art, but the revival is softer and not so offensive. Materials like terrazzo are tagging along in this comeback style as well." -Cristina Zabala, Co-Founder and Interior Designer of CR Design Studio, Inc.

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    Woven Textures

    Woven Textures

     "With Caroline Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Bermuda, we used woven textures in the lighting, chairs, and hat display. We expect that baskets and other natural, artisan accessories will continue to give homes a bit of international flair in 2018.” -Sarah Hullinger, HBA

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    Nanotech Materials

     "The use of nanotech materials will be more commonly used, like Fenix NTM for kitchen and bath cabinetry and countertops. As seen in the kitchens and bathrooms of 62-66 North Third Street, these opaque, monochromatic, scratch-resistant, matte resin products are also finger print resistant and have a soft touch.” -Kimberly Peck, Kimberly Peck Architect

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    Brass Fixtures

     “I see a continued affection for mixing metal finishes in all areas, from furniture, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures to lighting, cabinet hardware, and accessories. Copper, bronze, brass, satin brass, gold, and black nickel now all work together and are interchangeable.” -Juliet Gold, Juliet Gold Design (50 West and The Residences at Prince)

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    The Return of Marble

    "Marble has made a comeback and will continue to be highlighted in the design world. The material represents luxury and glamour and pairing marble with gold, rose gold, or bronze will make the pieces cutting edge and classic at the same time. The spontaneous grain of marble also reminds me of 'Wabi-sabi' or the art of imperfection, that delivers an inspiring and fresh way to view your home. Marble allows you to take advantage of scratches or flaws and is an appealing material for families with children and a great investment to impress your guests too." -Niki Cheng, Co-Owner of Calligaris NYC

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    Two Tone Cabinets

    two tone cabinets
    The Inspired Room/Pinterest

     "Two tone cabinetry is trending now and our designers are choosing contrasting colors for the upper and lower cabinets, or opting for kitchen islands in deeper hues for greater impact." –Jessica McRae of SwatchPop

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    Victorian Design

    Lonny Magazine/Pinterest

     “A darker color palette and darker woods will be big in '18. Think murky greens, teal blues, and VELVET VELVET VELVET! Take a victorian chair and recover it in an unexpected bold stripe or moss green mohair and ebonized woods are perfect for old tables and chairs as well." -Bradley Odom, Dixon Rye

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    Ball Pillows

     “Round ball pillows are a bit unexpected and can have a more stylish appeal than the usual square. They can be used in a playful way such as accent pillows on a sofa in a kids hangout space or on a formal living room sofa or even on a master bed! The circle is one of my favorite shapes in design because it's organic and eye catching and adds a funky flair. Plus, circles are known to be celestial and timeless with no beginning or end.” -Cara Woodhouse, Cara Woodhouse Interiors