Interior Design and Decor Trends to Expect in 2020

Year after year, what's trendy and popular in home design changes, which keeps things fresh and interesting. As we gear up for a new decade, it's time to take a look at what to expect in home decorDesign trends can be helpful for finding inspiration for your next big makeover project or renovation, but that doesn't mean you have to ditch all of your existing decor. Instead, pick pieces and elements that you can easily incorporate into your home to make the style your own. 

Wondering which home decor trends are headed out and which are on their way in? We rounded up our predictions and spoke to home designers to find out what to expect in 2020. 

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    Bar Cabinets

    Wooden bar cabinet

    According to Modsy’s Vice President of Style, Alessandra Wood, it's out with the bar cart and in with the bar cabinet. A bar cabinet gives you even more storage space and you can use nearly any cabinet to create your own version.

    Though more difficult to move from room to room, a bar cabinet feels more deliberate and creates a gathering space in a dining room or a corner of the living room to serve drinks and mingle with friends and family.  

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    Cement Vanities

    Bathroom with cement sink

    dalydigs / Instagram

    Next year we'll find more unexpected materials used throughout the home, especially in the bathroom. From cement sinks, like this one from dalydigs, to full-blown cement vanities in the bathroom, cement is becoming a more and more popular material to use in the home. It's a great material to create a modern but rustic vibe in your space, and a lovely diversion from a standard wood or marble vanity.

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    Upgraded Kids' Rooms

    Kid's room with tents and suitcases

    littlepforlittlepeople / Instagram

    From camouflage to geometric accents, Philippa from little P is expecting nurseries and kids' rooms to go even bigger and bolder in 2020. A kids' bedroom is a great place to get creative and channel your inner child in your home decor. While we still love a great hygge-friendly kids' room, this year we think its time to play with bolder colors and wilder textures (think animal print, camouflage, and faux fur) in the nursery. 

    Engage your children as you pick out furniture and set a theme for the space and you'll create a perfect escape that fosters your child's imagination.

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    Baskets as Decor

    Living room with baskets on the wall

    styledbydi / Instagram

    Nothing beats a great basket when it comes to storage throws, dog toys, or really basically anything, but we expect to see more woven pieces as artwork in the coming year. As seen in this lovely living space from styledbydi, baskets can make a great alternative to the typical gallery wall

    Check flea markets or vintage shops to find shallow baskets that create a lovely, worldly vibe when hung on the wall. Look for colorful patterns and handwoven pieces that can double as artwork. Bonus points: When you get tired of the look on your walls, you can reuse them as storage around the house. 

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    Navy Is the New Gray

    Bedroom with navy walls

    ruffs_androots / Instagram

    This is a trend that has been slowly creeping up on us, but it's finally arrived with a bang. Navy itself isn't new, but according to Mary Maydan, principal and founder of Maydan Architects, it's starting to replace neutrals like gray and beige in residential spaces. 

    We expect to see bolder, darker colors used in place of neutrals in the home in 2020. Colors such as navy or hunter green can offer a sense of calm and tranquility, while still feeling traditional enough to use in dining rooms or living areas. 

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    The Comeback of the Formal Dining Room

    Formal dining room

    ourtxnest / Instagram

    Open floor plans have been big for years now, but expect to see more and more homeowners embrace the formal dining room this year. A formal dining room doesn't have to be completely closed off from the rest of the house, but it should feel purposeful and delineated, like this one from ourtxnest

    A true formal dining space gives you a space to entertain that feels removed from the other areas in the home and helps encourage family mealtime. 

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    Colorful Kitchens

    Kitchen with blue appliances
    Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath

    Jenny Rausch of Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath thinks we'll see even more pops of color in the kitchen this year. White kitchens replaced the natural wood look in the '90s, but over the past year, we've seen more home designers experiment with color in their kitchens.

    Whether you decide to use bright, bold paint on your cabinets or you opt for retro-inspired appliances that offer a burst of color, straying from neutrals can add an energetic and welcoming feel to nearly any kitchen space. 

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    Layered Patterns

    Living room with ocean waves on the wall
    Don Freeman

    If you're always trying to match patterns in your home, Kevin Isbell of Kevin Isbell Interiors says it's time to stop. Instead of sticking to minimalist and neutral colors, Isbell predicts more homeowners will mix and match textures and patterns to offer more visual interest. Maximalism is eclectic and playful, and when done right can give your home a personalized and intimate feel. 

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    Secondhand and Sustainable

    Bedroom with vintage accessories

    houseonchestnut / Instagram

    With more and more focus on climate change and sustainability, expect to see more secondhand items used throughout homes, according to Helena Brana of BRANA designs. Designers are starting to take an active part in reducing waste, and home decor is shifting to reusable and sustainable materials. 

    Shopping secondhand is not only eco-conscious, but it can allow you to customize and personalize your home to a far greater degree than most big box shops. Look for well-made pieces in good condition or items with great bones that can be restored to their original beauty. 

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    All Shades of Blue

    Blue living room

    melanielissackinteriors / Instagram

    Navy isn't the only blue hue getting a moment in the spotlight next year. From muted aqua shades to soft pastel blues, expect to see a lot of these tranquil tones next year. Blue has always been a go-to paint color, but try using it in textiles, wallpaper, or even large furniture pieces (who doesn't love a navy velvet couch?) for a splash of color that's peaceful in nearly any shade. 

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    Bringing the Outdoors In

    Dining room with grass wall covering
    Jenn Verrier

    According to Annie Elliot of Annie Elliott Interiors natural materials like reclaimed wood and grasscloth wall coverings are going to get even bigger in 2020. Not only are these materials more sustainable than manmade options, but they also help lend a sense of calm to your home. 

    A running theme we've seen across numerous designers' predictions is that many of them are aimed at transforming the home into a tranquil escape from the busy world. This year, spend some time making your home a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle. 

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    Oversized Light Fixtures

    Blue bedroom with oversize light fixtures

    Dawn D. Totty Designs

    Recessed lighting had its moment to shine, but it's time to go oversized. Dawn D. Totty of Dawn D. Totty Designs has seen more and more clients request statement lighting pieces all over the home. While you may be used to chandelier-style lighting in a dining room or an entryway, don't be afraid to swap out simple fixtures for more elaborate ones in bathrooms, bedrooms or even dens. 

    Pro tip: An upgraded light fixture is an easy way to change the look and feel of a room with very little effort. 

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    Bring Back Brass

    Bathroom with brass and gold fixtures

    Amy Kartheiser

    Designer Amy Kartheiser expects homeowners will continue to embrace brass throughout the home. From kitchen cabinetry to light fixtures to bathroom vanities, brass is a lovely way to give a space a vintage feel and add character to nearly any room.

    But to ensure it doesn't look dated over time, Kartheiser recommends mixing metals, which can keep the look modern and add visual interest.

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    Smaller Rooms

    Small bedroom with two twin beds

    Amy Kartheiser

    Another shift from the open concept floor plan, Amy Kartheiser also predicts an emphasis on the individual room in 2020. While homeowners may have turned up their nose or knocked down walls in small dens or office spaces before, many are now embracing a sense of quaintness and leaning into smaller spaces. 

    Not only can a small space actually be easier to decorate (yes, it's true!), but it's a great place to experiment with bold patterns and colors. A busy wallpaper may be too much in a large, oversized room, but can easily transform a smaller space into a statement of design purpose.

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    Natural Stone

    Bathroom with natural stone shower
    Stacy Zarin Goldberg

    Allie Mann of Case Design/Remodeling also thinks we'll see a shift from manmade to natural materials throughout the home. From countertops to vanities to bathroom tile work, more homeowners are choosing natural materials like limestone, onyx, and sandstone to create not only a more environmentally conscious space, but a more unique look as well.

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Glass

    Floor to ceiling glass windows in a house

    Rill Architects

    A nod to the trend of embracing the outdoors, Jim Rill of Rill Architects predicts homeowners will go even bigger with windows in 2020. Floor-to-ceiling glass not only increases the amount of natural light your home has, but also provides a sense of indoor-outdoor living, even when the weather turns too cold to dine al fresco.

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    Bold Wallpaper

    Laundry room with door open to a bathroom with wallpaper
    Stacy Zarin Goldberg

    According to Annie Elliot of Annie Elliott Interiors, bold wallpaper is not going anywhere in 2020. Mural wallpaper has started to creep up in home decor, but expect it to get even more popular next year. Bold wallpaper not only creates endless visual interest, but it also can replace expensive artwork and act as a focal point in a room, especially when used as an accent wall.

    If you've shied away from wallpaper in the past because of the cost, it's becoming easier to find budget-friendly options.

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    Peaceful and Tranquil Paint Colors

    Kitchen with pastel shades

    While 2019's Color of the Year was Living Coral, expect to see even more soft muted colors in 2020. From soft pink hues to pastel green shades, many paint designers picked neutral-inspired tones as their 2020 paint colors. While bolder choices like navy and hunter green are still on the rise, muted colors are quickly creeping in throughout the home.

    Plus, a pastel or muted paint color can be a great way to replace standard white or gray tones without going over the top with color.