8 Interiors With California-Cool Style

Color, Patterns, and Vintage Look of Surfer Chic

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    Surf's Up: 8 Interiors With California Cool Style

    A popular home decor trend features surfboards. Their popularity has grown over the years with Beyoncé making a risqué term out of the word, Kelly Wearstler turning Pacific Coast boards into works of art, and surf stores opening up in unlikely places, like New York City.

    The boards are a nod to California surfer-style which is all about being effortlessly cool. And these spaces are just that. Surfboards act as the ultimate statement piece in each room. 

    For example, take this black and white living room. A surfboard is used in a unique way, carrying the color palette scheme via a decorative object. Standing in the corner of this space, the surfboard is used to add a casual note to this classic interior. 

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    Office Space

    Surfboards can be spotted in some of the coolest interiors. Here, this office features a large surfboard in a sophisticated white that goes well with the black and white decor of this space. The lines of the skeleton cubicle frame combine well with the curves of the board and the geometric art on the wall; the result is a room that exudes structure.

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    Small Room

    Surfboards can also make a great statement piece in the smallest of spaces. A small nook takes on a sporty vibe with this interior featuring a black surfboard and skateboard in the corner. 

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    Splash of Color

    Surfboards are great for adding a little color, too. Surfboards come in many sizes, colors, patterns with design styles as unique as Hawaiian, tie-dyed, geometric, and more. For example, a mix of a pink flamingo board and a navy blue board adds to this living room's color palette. The serene collection of pastels in the rooms is dialed up with the pretty boards as statement pieces. 

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    Dining Decor

    A surfboard in the dining room? Well, why not! Here, it works well in a cool, seafoam green that adds to the relaxed, outdoor vibe of this dining area. 

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    Make an Entrance

    There are many fun ways to display surfboards at home. Sometimes, they are tucked in the corner or just hanging out behind a sofa or chair. Here, this paneled entryway has made special room for boards to be stored. The open cubby style allows them to be on display and makes it look like a cool part of this home's decor. 

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    Fun With Patterns

    Polka-dot surfboard anyone? Boards in fun patterns can be displayed at home to add a little whimsy to a room. This black and white surfboard melts into the room's color palette and fits with the sophisticated sports vibe of the space. The white polka dots add a fun and unexpected touch to the decor.   

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    Vintage Chic

    An old, vintage board can be just what a room needs to pull together a theme. This black and white board with a hint of red complements the display of Life magazine photographs in this bedroom. This room is a perfect example of surfer chic.