Introducing The Spruce Area Rugs

Elevate Your Space

Mid-century modern living room with shag rug

The Spruce / Sarah Reed

The Spruce’s new area rugs are finally here! We’re so excited to bring you this line of beautiful area rugs, available now at Amazon.

At The Spruce, we are always looking for easy ways to freshen up our homes, with little effort but big impact. From the living room to the dining room, the bedroom to the home office, there’s no better way to quickly spruce up your space than with a new area rug.

The Spruce editors hand-picked each piece in our three collections with you, dear readers, in mind: they’re durable, soft, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain—perfect for your busy lifestyle. Each collection features fresh designs that fit your aesthetic: our Summer collection for the transitional, classic home; the Lawrence collection for the boho look; and the Marcella collection for minimalist spaces.

Boho living room with cozy shag rug
The Spruce / Laura Genevieve

Bring Warmth and Style to Any Room

Have you ever looked at a room in your home and thought something was missing? Rugs aren’t always the first thing we consider when decorating a space, but they can make or break a room instantly—just think of them as the handbag or shoes to your interior decorating that you build the rest of the look around. The Spruce area rugs are the perfect finishing touch to your decor that will tie the room together, and beautify any indoor space. 

We know you’ve been stuck inside staring at the same furniture and decor for months, so this is an easy, effortless way to make an impactful update. We carefully curated a selection of 14 rugs in patterns and colors that enhance the room, no matter how you describe your personal decor style. Whether you want a subtle pop of color, a chic neutral, or a stylish pattern, there’s a Spruce area rug for you. Our low-pile rugs are soft and warm underfoot, while our shag rug selections add even more coziness and texture to your space. 

No More High-Maintenance Rugs

Whether you have hardwood floors, tile, or carpet, adding an area rug to your space can feel like just another item to maintain and keep clean. But The Spruce area rugs were designed with your busy lifestyle in mind—no special cleaning required.

Our rugs are durable enough to use in all of the highest-traffic areas in your home. Plus, they’re simple to clean. Our rugs can easily be vacuumed, so you don’t have to worry about adding any unnecessary steps to your weekly cleaning routine. And for messes like spills or pet accidents, a quick spot clean is all you need to get them looking like new again.

Find the Perfect Size for Your Space

When it comes to choosing a rug to upgrade your space, color and style aren’t the only two factors to consider. Choosing the right size rug can also dramatically alter the overall appearance of your room. 

All of our rugs come in two sizes (7’ by 10’ and 5’ by 7’) so you can choose the best option for your home. The smaller size is ideal for smaller spaces, or as an accent piece in your living room or dining room. Our 7’ by 10’ area rugs can be used in larger spaces or open-concept areas to anchor furniture and define different living areas. 

Where to Buy The Spruce Area Rugs 

The Spruce Area Rugs are available now online at Amazon.

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