14 Open Closet Ideas That Will Make You Forget About Closet Doors Completely

A modern white open closet with lots of shelves.

brizmaker / Getty Images

Open closets are on trend, which is great news for people with small spaces. These highly organized clothing storage systems are great for displaying your wardrobe, making your room feel larger, and eliminating ugly closet doors. They’re an obvious choice for those who live in tiny homes or minimal apartments, but even those with ample closet space are embracing this trend. 

There are plenty of ways you can style your open closet to make it feel more organized and more like you. Consider building your own wood elements for a more rustic feel or paint everything white for a bright look. Beware that open closets can get messy quickly, so careful curation and style is key—luckily, you can take inspiration from these pretty and practical open closet ideas.

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    Dressing Room Style

    A fun open closet with a hat stand.


    Transform your open closet into your very own personal dressing room by adding fun elements like this hat stand and a stylish mirror. Use shelving to display your favorite items and make the space more fun with a splash of color or some cute wallpaper.

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    Mid-Century Modern Closet

    An open closet with a mid-century wood dresser.

    A Beautiful Mess

    Open closets can fit any aesthetic. If you have a mid-century modern look in your space, find a dresser that fits your style and make it the feature piece of your open closet, like this DIY open closet from A Beautiful Mess.

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    High and Low Storage

    A tall open closet with high and low storage.

    Homemade by Carmona

    To maximize the storage space in your open closet, you can add storage solutions (shelves, clothing rods, hooks) both high and low. Not only does this save space, but it also makes your closet more dynamic and visually interesting.

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    DIY Shelving

    DIY wood shelves holding laundry supplies.

    Bitter Root DIY

    Building your own shelves is actually easier than you think, but you do need a few power tools and some basic woodworking skills. DIYing your open closet is budget-friendly and allows you to customize your pieces to match your style.

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    Natural Features

    Bedroom with lots of wood elements.

    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    If you’re going for a relaxed vibe, an open closet can make your bedroom feel more natural and cozy. Opt for wood materials that offer plenty of storage while giving your room an open and unrefined look. Building your own open closet by incorporating individual objects, like old wooden crates, can save you money (try shopping secondhand) while keeping your wardrobe organized.

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    Clothing Rods at Different Heights

    An open closet with various clothing rods and lots of clothes.

    Mariakray / Getty Images

    Install the clothing rods in your closet at different heights so you can fit each piece of your wardrobe (yes, even long pants). This gives each of your items its own proper place to keep your open closet looking organized.

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    Multiple Storage Systems

    A big walk-in closet in a modern home.

    IP Galanternik D.U. / Getty Images

    When it comes to open closets, there are endless storage possibilities. With no restrictions on where you can install shelving or drawers, open closets are perfect for those who want a variety of storage systems to organize their wardrobe.

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    Shoe Cubbies

    Nine pairs of shoes in separate square wood cubbies.

    cerro_photography / Getty Images

    Keep your shoes organized by placing each pair in its own cubby. When you go to grab one before a night out, you won’t have to search high and low.

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    Bright White Closet

    A large open closet with white cabinets and shelves.

    jodiejohnson / Getty Images

    Paint your open closet white to brighten up your whole bedroom. As a bonus, the minimal color will make the space look more clean and tidy, even when it’s a little messy.

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    Cute Storage Hooks

    A white wooden entryway piece with hooks.

    Tetiana Soares / Getty Images

    There’s something so simple and chic about basic hanging hooks. Installing a few of them into your open closet will give you a great entryway-like spot to hang your purse, hat, and other accessories when you walk in the door.

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    Shelving Galore

    A modern white open closet with lots of shelves.

    brizmaker / Getty Images

    The more shelves you have, the more organized your wardrobe will be. Fill each shelf with an accessory or two, or even a whole clothing rack like the one in this open closet.

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    Symmetrical System

    A dressing room open closet.

    onurdongel / Getty Images

    Outrageously classy and stylish, symmetrical open closets add aesthetic value to your bedroom.

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    Folded Clothes

    Clothes folded neatly in drawers.

    Rike_ / Getty Images

    To get your entire wardrobe to fit inside your open closet, perfect your folding skills. Fold each piece as small as you can to save on space and make it easier for you to find your favorite tee when you open your drawer.

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    Chests of Drawers

    Open drawers in a white bedroom.

    Ziga Plahutar / Getty Images

    If you already have a dresser or chest of drawers that you love, you can incorporate it into your open closet for more clothes storage. Paint your whole system one color to make it look seamless and built-in.