iPad Moving Apps For Your Next Move

Using Moving Apps to Help You Move

Here is some welcome assistance for making your next move even easier. These moving apps cna be downloaded onto your iPad or other tablet and will help you to organize your move with ease. Apps like these are especially handy for those of you planning to Move Yourself.

Perhaps the most important and useful tool these apps pack is the ability to create A Moving Budget and A Home Inventory List. Budgeting will ensure that you're not caught short, and an inventory will allow you to check off items room by room so you can have a record all tidy in your handheld device without worrying about pens and messy papers, when your hands (and head) are already full with so much else.

Apple's iPad has been revolutionary for many people, and now with these free moving apps, you can be even more versatile when it comes to moving. Here are three of the better apps that are free and easy to use:

Applosophy's moving app primarily assists you in calculating a moving estimate, and can help you gauge how much stuff you have in your household. This way you'll be prepared for what it'll take to move it all. It is reasonably easy to navigate. You click on "Start Moving" on the screen and you'll come to each room in the house, including a section for outdoor items. Tap a room and that room is added to your list at the bottom of the screen. To change the name of the room, simply tap and type the corrected name.

Next, tap "Start Moving," and you're ready to select a room and start packing up your stuff. There is a column on the left that gives you a comprehensive list of the regular items you have in a move, like appliances, different sized boxes, electronics, furniture, and miscellaneous items.

When you are done with organizing, you can request a moving quote via email, or email the report to a mover of your choice.

This moving app created by insurance company State Farm includes very comprehensive to-do lists sketched out along a timeline. And if you've checked out my moving site, you'll know that I like Moving Timelines. Other useful features on this app are an online label creation tool that creates labels that are scannable via smart phone, an inventory tab, and a few moving tips.

To use, select "Pack Up" on the menu and you'll come to a screen with an icon of an open moving box, with each room of the house listed across the top. Choose a room and drag any of the room items listed at the top into the box.

Even big pieces of furniture can be dragged and dropped into the box - if moving could be so easy. "Tape Up This Box" by clicking at the bottom of the screen, and the box is closed and moved into your inventory. Your moving is virtually done.

This app by moving company Allied Van Lines, while not nearly as versatile as the other two above, nevertheless offers options to track your shipment as well as request a quote. It seems to be geared more towards earning and keeping your business. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. I just found the other two a little more useful.

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