New iPad Toys and Games

iPads can help kids learn to code, fly drones, and control robots

Just because you have bought an iPad tablet, iPod touch or an iPhone does not mean the only fun you can have involves using apps to play games, text and listen to music. 

There are at least a dozen new iPad toys and games that let families and children creatively work together. Many of these toys have added benefits, because they encourage a lot of educational learning through play.

With these awesome toys, older school age children are now able to launch the apps in their devices to help them...MORE program their own personal robots that move throughout their home. During this process, kids  are developing the foundational skills for designing games by learning to code. Many app-enabled toys are STEM toys. They aim to teach children principles of science, technology and engineering at an early age, in the hopes that children choose these careers as adults.

The first iPad and iPhone toys were accessories that allowed players to place their phone in a driving wheel, fishing pole or blaster toy. Many of these newer toys are more than just remote controls, aiming to really provide a fun, learning experience for children and families of all ages and interests.

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    Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot
    Wonder Workshop

    Meet Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop! These adorable little robots teach children about programming and coding using free apps on the iPad and iPhone.  Kids can teach Dot to play games, while they also program Dash to dance, play hide and seek, and speak in their own voice. You will be more amazed watching children use their imagination to design obstacles, racetracks and courses for their robots using cardboard blocks and other construction toys.

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    Rev Air by Wowee

    So what if your iPad or iPhone could fly a drone and a maneuver a race car while firing virtual missiles and playing a game of attack at the same time? Meet R.E.V. Air. Whether you choose to be the drone or the car, the technology allows the other vehicle to fly or drive on its own, all by itself!

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    Sky Viper Streaming Drone
    Skyrocket Toys

    A drone is a flying toy that can also be used to take video footage. Recommended for older tweens and teenagers, kids will not only enjoy learning how to fly the drone, but they can use it take footage of their activities with friends like sporting events or imitating their favorite Dude Perfect trick shots toys. The Sky Viper Streaming Drone is able to stream live to a smart device and take 360 panoramic shots. Hobby grade drones like this are under $100.

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    OSMO Gaming System iPad

    The Osmo Gaming System is a unique way for kids to play games in real time with their iPad. After launching the game apps, kids can use letter tiles and tangram shapes on the table in front of them to play games, create drawings and problem solve puzzles by themselves or with friends. Look how cool the Newtown game is. Kids get their own toys, markers and paper,  and place it in front of the iPad screen to solve physics puzzles.

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    Sphero Star Wars bb-8 app enabled droid
    Sphero / Amazon

    Who does not love Star Wars toys, especially cute robotic droids? Using a bluetooth device as a remote control, the Sphero BB8, maneuvers over flat surfaces like carpet, tile and wood, inside and outside. By downloading the free Spark Lightning Lab app, players can customize their robot which teaches kids about coding, robotics and programming all in hopes of instilling more love for STEM fields and even more learning opportunities.

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    MiP Robot Toy

    MiP is a cool robot who can be controlled with a smart device to maneuver a room. Don't be surprised when he shows you his dance moves if you listen to music! MiP is super smart and also able to be programmed to move and follow commands with hand gestures and sounds. 

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    Edwin the Duck
    pi Lab / Amazon

    Edwin the Duck is no ordinary rubber ducky. This cute, soft, squishy smarty pants duck can give toddlers and preschool aged children commands and actions through the iPad app. Kids then use their hands and body actions in real life to follow the instructions, by tapping, shaking and moving Edwin. Once they master the commands, players use their real toy Edwin to play games on their iPad where they are prompted to help him sort laundry, count by catching balloons, and swim in the big duck race. 

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    Anki OverDrive

    Lots of smartphones and tablets are used as remote controlled devices for racing cars against friends, fast. While Anki OverDrive might just look on the outside like another car racing game, the magic of this system is in the versatile magnetic track system. Cars can make navigate ramps, launch off jumps and spin around 360 degrees to go in the opposite direction.

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    Tiggly Words

    Tiggly toys are small rubberized pieces that are placed on the iPad and recognized within different educational apps. Tiggly Math allows kids to learn about counting skills, as well as basic addition and subtraction. Tiggly Words encourages kids to build their vocabulary as they learn how to spell simple words with vowels. Tiggly Shapes playfully teaches kids to explore with shapes by designing pictures and creating stories.

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    By drawing lines and paths with different color combinations on paper and on a tablet, Ozobot is able to teach children about coding. These  tiny moving robots can memorize up to 500 movements. Ozobots will travel along color-coded cards paths and mazes that children create for them. Add more than one Ozobot to the path, and the whole dynamic changes!

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    Disney Infinity 3.0 Yoda
    Disney Infinity 3.0 Yoda Figure.

    Disney Infinity toys and figures are generally used on video game platforms like WiiU, Playstation and XBox One. Fans collect toy figures that can be teleported into game play which give players a way to build strategy and customize their gaming experience. These Disney Infinity figures, which include popular characters from all Disney movies, even Star Wars and the Avengers, can also be used to create their own Toy Box worlds through a free app on the iPad.