Is a Curved Sofa Right for You?

Experts Weigh in on If (and How) You Can Try One of 2022’s Top Trends at Home

Room with slightly curved sofa by Alvin Wayne

Alvin Wayne

As far as 2022 trends go, there’s one we’re still on the fence about: It seems curved sofas are on the rise, and while they look gorgeous in the right space, are they really all that practical? More importantly, can they fit into the average living room?

We turned to some of our favorite designers and experts to ask: How can you figure out if a curved sofa is right for you, and what do you need to know before bringing one home?

Meet the Expert

Curved Sofas Take up More Room

“[A curved sofa] takes up more room than you might anticipate,” warns Stephanie Lindsey of Etch Design Group.

Before you buy, Lindsey suggests doing more than just measuring your space to see if the sofa will fit. “Make sure that you map out the configuration in your room using blue tape or another method to ensure it’s the right [choice],” Lindsey says.

Curved Sofas Can Cause Blank Space

While a traditional sofa can slot into a space easily—especially if it’s lining any of your walls—a curved sofa might present a trickier conundrum.

“The curve can create pockets or holes in the overall design of the room,” says Lindsey. “So be careful to measure it out and make sure your room is calling for a curved sofa before making the investment.”

Decorist designer Sarah Ramirez agrees. “The spacing can be odd behind and directly around the sofa if it is placed against a wall. Although this is not always the case, it is something to be aware of! They can also be hard to pair with other seating, and they’re simply not going to create or allow for maximum seating.”

They Can Be Awkward With Rugs

Joanna Mahserdjian, founder of Upstate Rug Supply, notes that pairing an area rug with a curved sofa can be a struggle—especially if you have (or want) an antique rug.

Antique rugs, in general, were only made in rectangular shapes,” she says. “If you're looking to mix things up with a curved sofa, keep the lines looking clean by anchoring the sofa entirely on your rug.”

Curved Sofas Are Automatic Focal Points

“A curved sofa is typically a statement piece in a room and a big part of the design,” explains Ramirez. “You’ll want to be sure the room can support it as the focal point.”

This means that a curved sofa is an instant eye-catcher. “It definitely creates interest, so if you're looking for a focal point for your room, a curved sofa will do the trick,” adds Lindsey.

Curved sofa in living room

Cate Black Photography / Etch Design Group

They’re Perfect for Large Rooms

If you have a room where blank space isn’t a problem, a curved sofa could be the answer. “They are a great option when the sofa is floating in the middle of a room,” says Ramirez. “Their unique shape is visually interesting from all sides.”

Lindsey says they also lend an instant air of glamour to a room. “If you have a more elegant or glam aesthetic, curved sofas are perfect,” she tells us. “They bring a regal quality to the space, especially perfect with a velvet!”

Open floorplan great room with curved sofa at center

Etch Design Group

Their Shape Should Speak for Themselves

If you’ve always wanted a bold sofa in a lively print, a curved style might not be for you. This is because the shape of the pattern might not form to the shape of the sofa very well.

“Patterned fabrics can get really tricky with curved sofas, so it might be best to stay with a solid fabric,” warns Lindsey. “[That is,] unless you have an upholsterer that has confidently mapped out how the patterned fabric will adjust to the curve.”

interior of modern living room with curved sofa
zhudifeng / Getty Images

They Feel Different Than Traditional Sofas

“[Curved sofas] are going to feel different than a traditional style sofa when sitting,” warns Ramirez. “I always recommend my clients sit on different curved shapes, seat depths, and back heights when considering this type of sofa.”

Curved Doesn’t Mean Cozy

“While there are still many comfortable [curved] options, this may not be the right direction if you’re dreaming of a place to curl up and really get cozy,” Ramirez tells us. “A room that is planned for a slightly more formal gathering is often where one would make the most sense.”

 They’re Perfect for Odd Spaces

If you’re feeling down about your dreams of a curved sofa, Ramirez assures us that there are times they’re the perfect answer.

“Curved sofas allow for a unique furniture layout that can solve tricky design dilemmas,” Ramirez says. “A curved sofa is ideal for spaces that might have an odd shape or spacing. I love seeing an asymmetrically shaped sofa fill up a once unusable area of a room, creating a unique look and solution.”

Curved Sofas Can Help High-Traffic Spaces 

 "A scenario where there are a lot of paths of traffic through a room can really benefit from a curved sofa,” says Ramirez. “[They] can be tucked into a corner at an angle instead of the traditional placement of a straight sofa or sectional.”

Curved Sofas Are Surprisingly Dynamic, Style-Wise

“Typically, contemporary, modern, mid-century and glamorous aesthetic styles are well-suited to a curved sofa,” says Ramirez. “Within these broad styles, you can easily find the right mix of pieces to express your own personal style, even if you don’t clearly fall into one of these categories.”

Despite their tricky nature, Ramirez is still team pro-curved sofa. “Don’t shy away from considering a curved sofa—there is certainly a way to incorporate one into your home, no matter your style!” she says.