Is CHiP The Robot Dog Toy From WowWee Like A Real Pet?

Wowwee Chip Robot dog
Wowwee / Amazon

Lots of children ask for real pets as gifts for the holidays or their birthday. Some parents are willing to buy a dog immediately, but for others, deciding to own a pet full-time may just not be an option.

As technology advances, especially with toys, robotic pets are an option many parents are beginning to consider.

Could a Robotic Pet be Better Than a Real One?

There are no messes to clean up in the house or the yard.

While there is an initial cost of the toy, it is a fraction of the cost of a real pet. Plus, there is no need to buy bags of pet food or worry about paying for surgeries if the puppy gets sick. Toys can be turned off during family vacations, without the need to pay for a dog sitter or kennel.  Overall, a toy pet certainly has less of a time commitment and no long-term financial responsibility.

CHiP the robot puppy dog toy is pretty amazing. He arrives with a Smartbed for charging, a Smartball for playing fetch, and a Smartband wristband that gives kids an additional way to give CHiP commands and help CHiP find the owner. An iOS or Android smartphone or tablet is required in order to access the CHiP app. 

CHiP has many parents considering a robotic pet in lieu of a real one, because it does many incredible and realistic things, with personality. CHiP is much more than an ordinary remote control toy.

Infrared eyes let CHiP sense when people and items are near him, so he can react spontaneously. Sensors allow CHiP to react to many different touch, sound and voice commands. Bluetooth technology pairs the toy to an app, as well as the included smartball and smartband.

What Can CHiP do?

  • CHiP can guard a room or toy and will bark and react when someone comes near it
  • CHiP can be set as an alarm to wake someone up at the correct time
  • CHiP can return to his SmartBed on his own to charge when his batteries are low
  • CHiP will chase after and retrieve his Smart Ball.
  • After saying, "Hey CHiP," the toy's eyes will turn green, then CHiP will listen for a voice command and perform. He responds to commands, "Come Here," "Love You," "Good Dog," "Fetch, "Wanna Play" and "Yoga!"  
  • CHiP reacts to movement during play, when he is pushed, picked up, shook, kissed, and spun around
  • ChiP responds to petting and patting, reacting differently depending upon the position he is in
  • CHiP can be "fed" from the app any number of foods and silly items like rubber chickens, slippers, oil, bones, and batteries 
  • Through the app, CHiP can also send written messages kids will enjoy reading, like "Yay, you are home" or "Let's Take a Selfie!"
  • CHiP can navigate the home on different carpets and flooring
  • Don't be surprised if you find CHiP waiting in a different spot when you return home
  • Like a real pet, CHiP can be needy. He will move throughout the room, make noises and bark if he has not been given attention in awhile
  • CHiP can be driven and activated like a remote control toy through the app. He can dance, and unlike any other toy, he is able to move in different directions that include sideways and spinning in full circles.
  • Through the app, with a touch of a button, other commands CHiP can follow include being able to shake his head, get up, wiggle his butt, blink, bark, and spin.

What Else Should A Family Know About CHiP?

As a family would make a commitment to a real dog by feeding it, taking it outside and caring for its needs, the family and child will need to vow to be responsible technology owners when purchasing CHiP.

Having the best experience as CHiP's owner is absolutely dependent upon the technology and software being up-to-date and fully charged. As obstacles occur, companies update the software to improve the performance of the toy. Definitely launch the app regularly to look for firmware updates. Should Santa be delivering this hot toy for the holidays, the Elves may want to spend some time updating CHiP's firmware prior to his big holiday debut, so he is able to perform at his best.


It is preferable to load the software onto a phone or tablet the child has permission to use. For example, do not load the app onto s parent's smartphone, which is at work with them all day when the kids are at home playing. While CHiP can respond to voice commands and prompts form the Smartband, the app dramatically enhances the play value of the toy.

The app has directions included in it, with visuals that make it easy for kids to follow. Get familiar with the settings in the app, too. The toy's name can also be customized and changed to something other than CHiP. There are also features to calibrate the movements of the toy over time.

Just as a real dog needs training, it takes time and practice to get CHiP to perform, especially with regard to the voice commands. Parents may need to teach kids the verbal commands he can perform and teach them how to problem solve and be mindful of CHiP's cues. For example, saying "Hey CHiP," waiting of this eyes to turn green, then slowly giving the verbal command at a very close distance. There are many YouTube videos that can also help kids learn about CHiP, too.

CHiP is a great toy for tweens, or a child age 8 and up. There are certainly many features of this toy that will appeal to children ages 6 and up, placing it at the top of their holiday wishlist. Parents know their children best, but it is definitely recommended for a child who has some patience to spend some additional time in figuring out CHiP's commands and actions.

Will CHiP Replace A Real Puppy?

While CHIP is certainly one of the most technologically advanced toy robot pets ever created, it is unreasonable to think that any toy would be a replacement for the companionship a real pet can offer to families willing to make the commitment. There are definitely some playful experiences CHIP can engage in that will be fun to help bond the entire family together during play.

Buy CHiP the Robot Dog on Amazon. The toy is available in white or chocolate colors.

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