Feng Shui in the Southern Hemisphere

Is Feng Shui Applied the Same Way in Both Hemispheres?

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A house that is not in harmony with its immediate environment cannot possibly nourish you or create good feng shui energy. So, if you know that the strongest Fire feng shui element energy comes to you from the North direction, and not from the South, then, of course, it is wise to reverse the feng shui bagua.

Practicing in the Southern Hemisphere

We know that no matter where on earth one is located, the sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. However, in the Southern hemisphere, the sun moves through the Northern skies to set in the West, while in the Northern hemisphere the sun's route is through the Southern skies.

Here is more from Wikipedia: "The shadow of a sundial moves clockwise on latitudes north of the subsolar point. During the day on these latitudes, the sun tends to rise to its maximum at a southerly position. Between the Tropic of Cancer and the equator, the sun can be seen to the north, directly overhead, or to the south at noon dependent on the time of year. In the Southern hemisphere, the midday sun is predominantly at North."

In the Southern hemisphere the strongest, most fiery energy of the sun—the midday sun—is in the Northern skies, opposite to the strongest sun energy being in the Southern skies in the Northern hemisphere. It is a reverse, mirror-like expression. You can also look into the Coriolis effect; because it, all, of course, depends on your point of reference.

The strongest, Yang/Sun/Fire element energy comes to you from the North, not from the South, as compared to China where feng shui originated from. It is wise—and excellent feng shui—to always respect and listen to your immediate environment.

Closing Thoughts

There is so much feng shui information out there that uses intimidating notions and Chinese terms that add very little to a successful, practical application of feng shui. Trust yourself, listen to the natural rhythms in your surroundings and experiment to discover what truly feels right to you and your home.

Feng shui evolved as a study of one's immediate environment, a study of man's place and connection to universal energies—the land, sea, sky, and whole cosmos. The immediate environment, though, will always come first, because it has the strongest influence on you.

Your environment, the Southern hemisphere environment, obviously has different rhythms as compared to the Northern hemisphere; honor them and adjust any general info accordingly. This especially applies when you practice feng shui because feng shui is all based on the ancient wisdom of honoring nature and nature's rhythms.​

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