Israeli Couscous Recipes

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    Israeli couscous Ptitim with vegetables
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    This is a simple and fresh Israeli-style salad made with pearl couscous (also called Israeli couscous), tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh parsley and lemon juice. If you're not eating vegan, you might like to crumble a bit of feta cheese on top. If you like tabouli, you'll like this similar vegetarian and vegan salad. Although the recipe is quite dependent on the fresh chopped parsley for flavor, I might try this with fresh chopped cilantro, or perhaps a blend of herbs as well. Experiment,...MORE taste, and enjoy!

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    Israeli couscous risotto with spinach and Parmesan cheese - vegetarian - pearl couscous
    Israeli couscous risotto with spinach and Parmesan cheese - vegetarian - pearl couscous.

    Israeli couscous makes a fine if slightly less creamy risotto. This simple vegetarian recipe is made with spinach and Parmesan cheese and prepared with a splash of white wine. If you like local or artisan cheeses, this recipe is a great place to use them. Try another hard cheese in place of the Parmesan, or try a local goat gouda or even a small amount of a sheep's milk cheese.

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    Tabbouleh salad with bulgur and feta cheese
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    Jennifer, The Spruce's resident cheese expert suggest taming the bursting flavor of fresh mozzarella cheese with the light flavor of pearl couscous in this Caprese salad-inspired dish. Jennifer says, "Although chives and parsley are suggested in this recipe, you can also make this Israeli couscous salad using basil, the fresh herb more traditionally paired with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes." I'm sure it's delicious, either way! What an elegant and lovely vegetarian side dish...MORE or starter plate!

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    Vegetable couscous salad
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    For simplicity (or for picky eaters!), you really can't beat this basic recipe made with Israeli (pearl) couscous, green peas, olive oil or butter, and a bit of salt and pepper. Vegans might want to add a bit of nutritional yeast to boost the flavor a bit, or Parmesan cheese, if you're not eating dairy-free. A simple vegetarian Israeli couscous side dish.

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    Couscous salad
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    Another gourmet twist on Israeli couscous from Jennifer, this one combining the flavors of mint and feta cheese for a delicious salad or pilaf. The combination of flavors, Jennifer says, is "bright, bold and unique". Give it a try.

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