Wedding Rings, Italian Style--Great Gallery of Designs

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    14 Made-in-Italy Rings . . .

    Diamonds Everywhere
    Chimento 18K white gold and diamond engagement ring.

    If you're shopping for a well-made and aesthetically amazing bridal ring, you should definitely look at some that are designed by Italian-based companies. After all, the art of goldsmithing is part of the longstanding history and culture of this western European nation. While you can find many engagement and wedding ring designs with the Made-in-Italy stamp at different prices, luxury is where the Italian brands really shine--and, because of that, most times, they're in 18K gold, but often you can buy them in any of at least the three colors of gold: yellow, white, and rose. Here are 14 designs from ten of today's best Italian ring brands--jewelers I follow 'round the world in my quest to bring you the best in bridal. In a word? Bellissima!

    This dazzler from Chimento in 18K white gold and diamonds is truly in a class of its own. It mixes many fancy cuts of colorless diamonds: pears, marquises, and rounds. Headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, this is a brand that makes luxury rings for a bride with discriminating style.

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    Elegant in Emerald . . .

    Emerald and diamond engagement ring.
    Luigi Chiatelli emerald and diamond engagement ring in 18K gold.

    How about this true fantasy engagement ring by Luigi Chiattelli! It has a 9.56-carat Colombian emerald, surrounded by 2.37 total carat weight of full-cut white diamonds--all set in a combination of 18K white and yellow gold. MSRP: $35,000.

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    White-in-White Beauty . . .

    Band of White Diamonds
    Antonini Gioielli white diamonds in 18K white gold band, from its "Volcano Collection.".

    Milan-based brand, Antonini, makes this explosively beautiful diamond wedding band--it's from its "Volcano Collection." In 18K high-polished white gold, it's bursting with full-cut white diamonds, and will look great as a wedding ring worn alone on either hand. 

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    Pave Diamonds in an Oval . . .

    Pave Diamonds in an Oval
    Marco Bicego's engagement ring in 18K gold.

    This petite 'n pretty engagement ring is from the "Diamond Siviglia Collection" of Marco Bicego, which is one of the most popular fine Italian jewelry fashion lines in the U.S. especially. In 18K yellow gold, it has 0.21 carats of brilliant-cut white diamonds.

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    Black and White Intertwining . . .

    Black and White Diamonds Crisscross
    Roberto Coin's bridal band in black and white diamonds.

    Like lovers whose lives intertwine, so, too, do these bands of black and white diamonds! From the Roberto Coin "Fantasia Collection," the ring is positively dazzling in 18K white gold with full-cut pave diamonds (approximately 1.91 total carat weight). MSRP: $7,300.

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    Round Dazzle in Rose Gold . . .

    Round in the Round in Rose Gold
    Mattioli Gioielli diamond engagement ring in 18K rose gold.

    Set in blushing 18K rose gold, this engagement ring by  Mattioli Gioielli has a very high-style look. It's for a bride-to-be who tends toward sophisticated style. The precious center stone is bezel-set and extra-secure with four prongs.

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    Princess Cuts in Color . . .

    Floral Wonders
    Bizzotto Gioielli engagement rings in 18K gold with princess cut colored gemstones.

    This is one really gorgeous group, isn't it! From Bizzotto Gioielli, the rings are from the design brand's"Fiori Collection." (FYI: Fiori means flower in Italian, as if you wouldn't have guessed!) 

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    Black Spinel in Sterling Silver . . .

    Black Spinel in Sterling Silver
    Trio of Dada Arrigoni Gioielli sterling silver wedding bands, each with a black spinel.

    I've followed the work of this Bergamo, Italy, jewelry brand for awhile, particularly because of their unusual edgy creations. And this trio of wedding bands from Dada Arrigoni Gioielli is exactly what I mean. Well, they're called the "Mania" rings, so enough said! Each is in sterling silver (two are plated) and has a round black spinel. (I find that Italian companies often feature black spinel in their jewelry--about as frequently as they use black diamonds.)

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    Blue Sapphire Center . . .

    Antonini Gioielli one-of-a-kind blue sapphire and diamond ring.

    Unlike most of their rings, this particular Antonini Gioielli design is a one-of-a-kind. The Milan-based brand's "Extraordinaire Collection" has bridal rings like this with precious diamonds, blue sapphires, emeralds, or rubies.

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    Dazzling White-in-White . . .

    Dazzling White in White
    Matttioli Gioielli white diamond bridal band.

    From Mattioli Geioelli comes this beautiful band of white diamonds in high-polished 18K white gold metal. It's oh-so-refined.

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    Sea of Blue Gemstones . . .

    Sea of Blue Gems
    Roberto Coin ring with mix of blue gemstones and diamonds in 18K white gold.

    Such a sparkling mix of blue gems with white diamonds on this show-stopper from Roberto Coin. Formed in a bulbous architectural shape--very feminine--the blues are sapphire, aquamarine, and blue topaz.

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    Swirls of Diamond Sparkle . . .

    Swirls of Diamond Sparkle
    Garavelli white diamond and 18K white gold wedding band.

    Swirls of pave diamonds distinctively define this Garavelli wedding band. In 18K white gold, it's one of the brand's avant-garde bridal ring designs that uses traditional precious metal and gems.

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    A Potpourri of Precious . . .

    A Potpourri of Precious
    Antonini Gioielli wedding band with mix of precious gemstone colors and cuts.

    I think this 18K white gold ring has to be one of my favorite wedding bands--it's so unusual, yet it still keeps things classic. From the Antonini Gioielli "Tethys Collection" (named after an ancient Greek sea goddess), white diamonds mix with purple, pink, and blue sapphires in fancy shapes of rectangles and ovals with rounds. The sinuous silhouette makes it so sensual.

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    Precious in Pink Gold . . .

    Precious in Pink Gold
    Pasquale Bruni blue chalcedony and diamond ring in 18K rose gold.

    Certainly, this is for a woman who loves blue gems. And it's in very on-trend rose gold, too. From high-fashion jewelry brand, Pasquale Bruni, it's from their signature "Bon Ton Collection." Featuring a uniquely shaped blue chalcedony center stone, the ring has a halo of white diamonds that are repeated in a pave marquise-shaped cutout on the shank.