11 Items That Will Help You Get and Stay Organized in 2023

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poketo calendar for products to help you get organized

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Product via Poketo

When it comes to the new year, a lot of us like to set goals — and when it comes to the home, that often involves getting organized. While some resolutions are tricky to maintain, tidying up your space is one that is totally feasible with the right tools.

It’s especially helpful when the items aren’t just a quick fix. If they can help you maintain an organized system in the long term, it’s all the better — after all, your resolution should last at least the whole year (if not longer). Not sure where to start? Here are the items we’re most loving to help you get and stay organized in 2023.

Poeland Desktop Storage Box

Poeland Desktop Storage Box


Give scattered trinkets a home with this storage box. Crafted in a pure white frame with a bamboo accent, its sleek design can easily match any aesthetic. It comes with a large compartment at the back to hold notebooks and tech, as well as three smaller compartments at the front to consolidate pens, remote controls, and more. Already have your desk organized? You can also use this at your vanity to hold makeup brushes, hair accessories, and jewelry.

Cadence Build Your 6

Build 6


We’ve all had a traveling nightmare where the shampoo bottle leaks or the medicine disappears in our luggage. With Cadence’s capsules, you can bid goodbye to those dreaded moments. Specially designed to keep your travel essentials organized and within reach, the bottles are spill-proof and magnetic — so they stick together and don’t get lost. They are even customizable: you can choose the color and label to match with your routine, whether you’re packing up sunscreen, toner, or anything in between.

iDesign + The Spruce Crisp Turntable with Handles

Crisp Turntable With Handles

Pantry or kitchen feeling too crowded? Opt for a lazy susan. It’s easy for items to get lost at the back of a cabinet, which is where a turntable makes life easier. This one spins and features a transparent design so you can see exactly what you need. Plus, it can house plenty of oils, spices, and snacks.

mDesign Metal Lid Holder

mDesign Metal Lid Holder


Tupperware lids in the kitchen are like socks in the laundry: they always seem to get lost and it’s hard to find its pair. To minimize the clutter, this lid holder is the ideal solution. With three compartments to hold different sizes, it keeps all your lids neatly stacked in one place. The depth is perfect to tuck into cabinets or pantry shelves. And the bin is made of sturdy steel wire, so it lasts you all year long.

Poketo Spectrum Wall Planner

Spectrum Wall Planner

If you tend to be booked and busy, or are simply a more visually-inspired person, this pretty wall planner might just be made for you. Set in a giant 30- by 20-inch silhouette with happy hues for each month, this calendar adds a bright dose of joy to any work or home space. The planner is open-dated, so you can start using it at any time. With one glance, you can see what your whole month (or year) will look like instead of scrolling through your phone to figure it out. 

Multitasky Travel Cord Organizer Pouch

Multitasky Travel Cord Organizer Pouch


Say goodbye to tangled cords with this nifty pouch. Complete with elastic bands, roomy pouches, and adjustable tightness, it makes traveling with tech a breeze. Reviewers also love using it for power banks, earphones, and even credit cards, as it’s spacious enough to fit smaller gadgets, too. Choose from black, cream, and blush hues to match with your aesthetic.

Jokari Erasable Food Labels with Markers

Jokari Erasable Food Labels


Pre-made labels can be tricky to use if you don’t have the exact item to match. Instead, opt for erasable labels. They're a great way to distinguish containers — whether in the pantry, craft room, or office. These ones allow permanent marker to be erased as often as needed and are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe — so you can use them again and again... and again.

DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack

DecoBros Pan Organizer Shelf


Pans are another one of those items that can feel impossible to stack neatly. Luckily, this organizing rack takes out the brunt work, providing easy slots to tuck in your cooking vessels so they are always within easy reach. You can place the contraption upright or turn it on its side, depending on what works best for your space.

KonMari Glass Stacking Tray

Konmari Glass Stacking Tray


If you’re looking to get tidy, you can’t go wrong getting tips from the tidying queen, Marie Kondo. This glass stacking tray from her personal product line keeps knickknacks organized and modular, while looking oh-so-pretty at the same time. Its silicone feet make it ideal for slippery surfaces like the bathroom, ensuring that the tray stays in place. Try it out with jewelry or makeup products for a stunning display.

Open Spaces Shelf Risers, Set of 2

Open Spaces Shelf Risers, Set of 2

Open Spaces

Instantly create more room in your kitchen with shelf risers. A tried and true trick to maximize space, this pick from Open Spaces features a solid pine surface and cream-colored steel legs for ultimate durability. They’ll ensure none of your favorite food items get lost. You can use them on counters, cabinets, open shelving, and more according to your needs.

Yamazaki Home Magnetic Wood & Steel Key Storage Box

Magnetic Wood & Steel Key Storage Box
Magnetic Wood & Steel Key Storage Box.


Tend to misplace your keys? Then, it might be time to create a designated spot for them. This Yamazaki system features magnetic hooks to hang your keys — and prevent any potential slippage. It also has a nook on top to tuck in any smartphones, mail, or other items as you head out the door. The sleek design ensures it’s never an eyesore, and you can choose from deep brown and lighter beige tones to your liking. 

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