How to Propagate a Jade Plant: 3 Effective Methods

jade plant

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Project Overview
  • Working Time: 30 mins - 1 hr
  • Total Time: 2 - 3 wks
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $0

Propagating a jade plant is super easy. Since it's common for succulents to drop leaves, you're often left with a spare leaf to start propagation. And a fun fact about resilient jade plants: if a leaf detaches from your plant, it could start rooting in the soil without you even noticing, therefore propagating itself.

If you have a jade plant of your own and want to find out how to propagate it, keep on reading.

Before You Begin

It’s best to propagate jade plants during the warmer months, as they’ll generally root faster. You can propagate a jade plant using either the stem or the leaf, and you can do it using water or soil. We’ve broken the process down so you can start growing little jade babies with ease.

The Best Methods for Propagating a Jade Plant 

The best way to propagate a jade plant is with a stem cutting. This is a particularly great method if a branch of your plant falls off or if you want to gift a baby plant to someone else. Jade plants are often in need of pruning, so make sure to save your cuttings and pop them into some water or soil. 

If you have ample time, try propagating your jade plant using a leaf cutting. The key to this method is making sure you have a full leaf: you can root your cutting in either soil or water, but if you’re going to use the leaves, soil is the easiest option. If you’re using the stem, you can also root it in water. It’ll generally take about two to three weeks for your jade cutting to grow roots.

Propagating in water is probably the most common way to propagate plants. People love it because it’s quick and you can see the progress as more and more roots grow. 

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Snips or pruners


  • Jade plant
  • Potting soil
  • Container


How to Propagate Using the Stem

  1. Choose Which Branch to Cut

    Make sure you have a stem that is at least 3-4 inches long so there’s enough space for the cutting to sit in water. 

  2. Make the Cutting

    Ensure you’re using clean clippers or scissors to take your cutting. 

  3. Remove Some Leaves from the Stem

    Next, you’ll want to remove some of the leaves from the stem. Remove anything that may touch water (if using that method). The nodes, where the leaves are attached, will be where the roots grow from.

  4. Let the Stem Cure

    Because a jade plant stem is thick, you want to let it dry out before you propagate it. This will help prevent it from rotting.

How to Propagate Using the Leaf

  1. Pick your Leaves

    You need to carefully break off each leaf you want to use from the stem, ensuring that the entire leaf is broken off. The leaf should have a little pointed bit that you remove directly from the stem. If you don’t have this part, it won’t root.

  2. Prepare Cuttings for Soil

    When you’re propagating in soil, using rooting hormones is a great idea. Lightly dust the stem of your jade clippings or the end of the leaves that were removed from the stem.

  3. Prepare the Container of Soil

    Use a well draining soil to propagate your Jade plant. You can mix your own by adding sand, potting soil, and perlite together or you can opt for succulent soil mix. Once you have your soil ready, fill a small container with it.

  4. Add the Stem or Leaves

    Make a small hole in the middle of the soil with your finger and then place the cutting into the hole. Lightly pack the soil around it so it doesn’t shift. If you’re using a leaf all you need to do is lay them over the top of the soil.

  5. Avoid Watering and Mist Regularly

    You actually don’t want to water the soil until your plant has roots. You can tell if it has roots if there is any new growth. Mist the plant so it gets some humidity and keep it in bright, indirect light.

How to Propagate Jade Plants in Water

  1. Allow Stem Cutting to Heal

    Remember to let the stem cutting sit for a couple of days so it can callous over to avoid rot.

  2. Remove Extra Leaves

    If you haven’t already, be sure to remove any leaves that may end up touching the water. 

  3. Fill a Glass or Vase with Water

    You can propagate your cutting in just about any glass or vase, just make sure you use clean water.

  4. Pop in Your Cutting

    Simply add your cutting to the water and you can watch as it grows roots.

  5. Regularly Switch out Water

    If you want to keep your cutting in the water long after it has grown roots that are several inches long, you can. Be sure you’re regularly changing or topping up the water to help it stay healthy. 

  • Can you root jade plant cuttings in water?

    You can definitely root jade plant cuttings in water. It’s a lot easier for stem cuttings as leaf cuttings are hard to keep upright and if it falls into the water it will rot.

  • Is it better to propagate a jade plant in water or soil?

    You can propagate jade plants in both water and soil. If you’re using a stem cutting you can use both methods with ease. If you’re using a leaf, it’s best to stick with soil.

  • Where do you cut jade plant for propagation?

    If you’re using the leaf, make sure you have the entire leaf, including the part that’s attached to the stem. For stem cuttings, they should be at least 3-4 inches long.