Learn to Love Jagermeister With a Great Cocktail or Shot

The Herbal Liqueur is Not Just for Jager Bombs

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Jagermeister is a popular addition to any bar and it can be used to make some impressive cocktails. Getty Images for SOBEWFF® / Getty Images

Jägermeister is an herbal, bitter liqueur from Germany made of a secret blend of over 50 herbs, fruits, and spices. It is a popular spirit and one that you will be able to find in almost any bar and liquor store you walk into

In the past, Jager (as it's popularly known) gained a notorious reputation because it can get you very drunk, very fast. This is due mostly to its use in shooters, especially the infamous Jager Bomb.

Jägermeister's reputation is one of those love-hate perceptions that come with many of the stronger distilled spirits which are often abused (just look at tequila's reputation).

However, Jägermeister does have a place in many "fancy" cocktails and it will add a complex, herbal profile to your drinks. As more and more drinkers realize that it can be used to make great tasting drinks, the liquor is finding a new home in the bar.

How is Jägermeister Made?

Jägermeister is made from a secret recipe of 56 ingredients which include cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, and star anise. That is about as much as the distillers will tell the public.

We do know that whatever the mixture is, it is macerated for 5 months in alcohol and water. This concentrate is blended and filtered, then stored in oak for a year. After that time, it is blended with sugar, caramel, and more water and alcohol before bottling.

It is likely that the mysterious parts of the process have led to some of the intrigue surrounding the spirit.

Jägermeister Cocktail and Shooter Recipes

The distiller recommends drinking Jägermeister well-chilled, however, I have found that it is far better mixed into the "fancy" cocktail. Yet, it's still recommended to enjoy Jägermeister in moderation, as with all drinks.

There is something about the herbal mixture that seems more intoxicating than other spirits.

  • Bed of Roses - Jager is the star of this sweet and sour cocktail.
  • Colt 45 - Another, slower way to drink Jager and Red Bull.
  • Fright Night in the Grove - Tequila and grapefruit make a very interesting Jager cocktail.
  • German Vacation - Things get a little tropical in this rum, ginger, and orgeat mix.
  • (The) Inside Scoop - It's like a Root Beer Float with Jager.
  • MasterMix - Jager martini style? This recipe may surprise you.
  • Surfer on Acid - A favorite drink with coconut rum and pineapple.
  • Widow Maker - Vodka, coffee liqueur, and grenadine... it's intriguing.

Beyond the Jager Bomb, the liqueur makes an appearance in a number of other party shots. When it's time for a shooter, give one of these popular recipes a try.

The Jägermeister Story

Jägermeister was first produced in 1935 and inspired by a 500-year-old recipe. It is still in the same distinct, square, green bottle as it was then. The label is inspired by the name because Jägermeister translates from German to "Master Hunter" and St.

Hubertus, whose symbol is the antlered stag, is the patron saint of hunters.

On the label, you will find the German inscription "Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild, Daß er beschützt und hegt sein Wild, Weidmännisch jagt, wie sich’s gehört, Den Schöpfer im Geschöpfe ehrt." Roughly translated: "It is the hunter’s honour that he protects and preserves his game, hunts sportsmanlike, honours the Creator in His creatures."

In 2013, Jagermeister released a second liqueur to their portfolio. Jagermeister Spice is a little lighter in both flavor and alcohol and focuses on cinnamon and vanilla. It is typically available during the fall and winter seasons.

Despite the rumors, Jägermeister does not include deer blood, opium, or any other "nasty" ingredient.

  • Produced and bottled by Mast-Jägermeister AG in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.